Genre: Contemporary / paranormal
Menage: MMF
Series: no
Length: 52 pages
Published By: Total e-bound
Published on: 2012
ISBN # 978-1-78184-113-6
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Two men and one ex-girlfriend. Can a lovelorn and kinky ghost help these three paranormal investigators find true love with each other?

When lovers and paranormal investigators Martin and Emilio struggle with an especially difficult case, Emilio begs Martin to contact Sophie, a gifted medium who also happens to be Martin’s ex.

Beautiful waif—like Sophie has vowed to hate Martin forever after catching him with their ghosthunting partner — the sultry Emilio — the year before. But Martin convinces her to help a young couple that are being tormented by an aggressive spirit haunting their home. She is shocked to discover that the ghost is not hostile to her at all — but instead is after her for kinky sex!

While the three former best friends work on solving the mystery of this haunting, they find out more than they’d bargained for—that the old Victorian home they’re investigating has quite a chequered past, and that there’s more to their feelings than they are willing to admit. After a final terrifying encounter with the randy ghost, Sophie starts to wonder about Martin and Emilio’s real feelings for her. Will a Spirit of Love teach them that forgiveness can help pave the way to true love and untold physical delights?

Reader Advisory: THis book contains M/M intimacy, anal play, a sex toy and mild BDSM elements.


I love ghosts stories. And when it combines menage and ghosts elements, then it is even better!

What I liked about this story is that I could relate to the heroine’s pain. Not that I may have reacted like her but I could understand how painful it was when she discovered her boyfriend cheated on her.

Now the question is this: is it more acceptable if the boyfriend cheated with a female or a male? I would think that the hurt would be less if it is a guy don’t you think? I mean after all, a woman do not have the equipment right? But in the end cheating is cheating. Plus all the doubt to think that the woman was naive and all the insecurities that came along with this. I am not sure how I would have reacted. do you?

Sophie was the kind of character I could relate. Shared between anger and yearning. It took her a long time to analyze and realize her true feelings which was very credible. When I read a story and everything is forgotten within days, I say: helllooo there, not believable! I am glad that Morticia Knight understood the time factor to make it credible.

For some reasons, I did not fall for Emilio. He was portrayed as a sweet guy with an irresistible personality but somehow he irritated me. He was definitely at fault to accept to start a relationship with Martin but somehow the only one who was wrong was Martin. I did not feel it was right. I thought that Emilio should have apologize way more. So I did not like him much.

Martin on the other hand was very interesting and I liked him a lot. His guilt was true. I felt it. I understood that he was split in two and did not know how to win back Sophie. He may have insisted instead of giving up but overall I understood him.

I loved the ghost character. To be honest, I think I preferred the ghost’s love story than the threesome. I thought that his story was full of passion. I felt as if it deserved a full story in itself, full of drama with a touch of BDSM. I was sad to not read more of him and his lost love! Damn!

So I enjoyed the story. I think what was missing was a bit more intensity between the characters.

So overall, I liked this ghost story and you will spend a good time to read it! 🙂

I need to give kudos to the cover artist here, Posh Gosh. I generally enjoy covers but this one is particularly breathtaking. thumbs up!

Characters: 3
Plot: 4
Sex Heat: 3
Equality Level: 3
Credibility: 4
Originality: 4
Editing (poor/fair/good): good

Overall Rating: 4

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Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy tale, whether it is contemporary, paranormal, historical, ménage, M/M or BDSM – she loves it all! One of her passions is bringing people’s fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor. When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on a three-book series called Uniform Encounters set in the Southwest that features those yummy men in uniform, and a Steampunk horror ménage.


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