na-cb-unadulterated3121114_0122Genre: Contemporary,
Menage: 5 men, 1 woman. straight
Series: yes, Cowboy Boots 4  – but can be read stand alone
Length:  71,413 words / 220 pages
Published By: Siren Publishing
Published on: December 2012
ISBN # 978-1-62242-127-5
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

She has a secret

Kelly Martin is in bed with the enemy, and she keeps her position until old lovers resurface, demanding answers. Facing an uncertain mission, Colt Candy, Kemper Lox, Brand Marx, Gabe Johns, and Crue Candy meet in Sin City. And it doesn’t take them long to gauge the enormous dangers surrounding the woman they love.

They plan to uncover the truth

Fighting to protect her, the Underground Unit operatives soon realize the threat against Kelly cannot be neutralized when the enemy has a strong hold on someone close to home. To make matters worse, a gambling debt places Kelly in the direct line of fire.

Playing a game no one can win

Several Underground Unit operatives ante up in a high-stakes poker game where winners are only determined if they walk away with their lives. And a dead man’s hand is the least of all worries.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.


Dammit! She did it again!

I was so looking for the next book of this series. Not a single one of them that I did not love and deserved a 5 stars (read my reviews of this series: book #1, book #2, book #3). This is rare. I read tons of menage already over the years and my conclusion is that it is extremely hard to keep up the same level of satisfaction in the same series. I could say it is because once an author gets tons of great reviews from their readers, they tend to copy the same winning story and repeat it again and again. But in the end the series becomes boring because of déjà vu and besides a small group of forever groupies of this author, sells will drop and reviews will be less and less enthusiastic. Logic right?

Well, Natalie Acres definitely found a great inspiration when she created this series. But she did more than that. She certainly not just copied a winning scenario, changed the names and kept the same kind of characters. nope. This is #4 of this series and I can promise you that each and every one of them is unique.

All the ingredients are there for me: they are a group of special forces very dangerous, which generally translate in women readers that the males are extremely hot and attractive. I could call them “legal mercenaries” since they are legitimately approved by the government to kill or search dangerous organization. It is all or nothing with the chicks but when they fall in love, they fall really hard. You know… the kind of love that each woman dreamed in her life to get. The stereotype of the “bad boy” is way more attractive than a geek. The more dangerous, the better and you definitely have it in this series.

In Cowboy Boots and Unadulterated Pleasures, most of them are Doms with different levels of domination. Some do love soft bondage and some love it way harder. One thing that is difficult to portray is to not turn the male characters into cavemen, crude with no respect for the women they love. Here the men are sensitive but males all through and through. Each are lovable and Natalie Acres had her way to put each one of them in the spotlight so I learned to know each one and love them individually and not only as a group… which is very hard to do when the number of heroes in a relationship is over 5. Trust me on that, I read many stories when the number was 3 heroes and some authors were struggling to give them equal attention.

In fact, it is just not possible to not fall in love with them in Cowboy Boots and Unadulterated Pleasures (and in this series in general) and I just wished that those men existed in real life! Damn, they are really incredible!

In this story, I was a bit afraid that 3 out of 5 would not get enough attention and it almost was the case but it turned out that I had to wait the last chapters to admit it was not. Equal attention is my pet peeves as well as non original sex scenes, whining heroine characters or cavemen that call “bitch” and treat what are supposed to be the love of their as if they are only a hole to put their dick in it. See the picture? duh.  I mean you can talk dirty but with a class and respect. All of those, turn me off immediately. All those pet peeves of mine will make the difference for me to choose a 3 or 4 or 5 stars or no review at all since I’ve chosen to do not review anything under 3 stars. It has a huge impact in my final decision… again, none of that with Natalie Acres’ stories.

The heroine, Kelly, is definitely a complicated character. At times, she is a victim, others she is a submissive and when I thought I knew her, she was a very strong deadly woman.

The plot is very quick and take your breath away. In fact, if people were not so prude about menage in real life, this series could be a fantastic TV show. But of course, they would have to turn the menage into a MF relationship and this would change the complete dynamic and story. Not counting the women organizations that would scream from the top of their lungs if they dared to include some spanking or else. Even with a notice, they would not understand the eroticism to receive a spanking and the power to submit.

So I gave all 5 stars except the equality level. A little part in me think that Gabe deserved his love moment and Kemper and Brand needed a little bit more time to be happy regarding the equal love and time. I am not talking about sex here. Sex was just right. I am talking emotional.

Natalie Acres published many stories under this pen name and others. I have never been disappointed. ever. And this is rare. I am not expecting perfection when I love an author. It happens that the magic does not work each time.

Natalie Acres…. I just cannot list one of her releases that was not great and fun to read and gave me the “wow” at the end of my reading. I am not sure if her little voices in her head have the same astral sign as me but I do love them. a lot. And I sure hope that they will rush Natalie Acres to write #5 subito presto!!!!

So….. have I sold this book to you guys? I sure hope so! 😀

Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex Heat: 5
Equality Level: 4
Credibility: 5
Originality: 5
Editing(poor/fair/good): good

Overall Rating: 5

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