1  cup hunky man who can’t get enough of his girl
(Add another cup of the same for an extra spicy treat)
3/4  cup sexually adventurous female with some relatable insecurities left in tact
1/2  cup imaginative setting and circumstance
1/2  cup power play folded in as needed
1 lb of stamina
3  tbls of vulnerability
A dash of afterglow

 I suppose like most erotic authors, I write the stuff that turns me on.  A good erotic romance love scene isn’t just about the mechanics, but it isn’t just about the emotion either.  For me, convincing the reader that the characters love each other is a start, but it isn’t enough.  I like to take things a step further.  Circumstance plays a big role in the level of eroticism of the love scenes I write.  The psychology of why they are getting together can be even more erotic than the actual act.

 In Thrills and Chills, a fun little ménage short included in the Etopia anthology, Halloween Heat V, Melanie gets to experience what being scared and being aroused at the same time feels like. While making her way through a haunted house, she’s suddenly snatched and dragged to the side, but something is familiar about her abductors.  The adrenaline rush is as much of a turn on as the feel of two mouths trailing against her skin.  When I read a love scene I want to feel my own heartbeat rise, feel the intensity of the moment.  If I’ve drawn the reader in by the unique slants I put on the sexy moments I write, then I’m happy. Writing ménage always presents an extra spicy dynamic, allowing me to mix it up with several personalities.

 Sex is great to read about, but I’ll never forget the most potent sexual organ is the mind. Without that, a love scene is just undercooked.  I keep it hot by keeping it interesting.  Funny, that seems to work in real life too! 😉

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4 responses

  1. dena de paulo says:

    Thank you for putting sex scenes into that mindset. It’s refreshing to hear it stated as not just the act but what goes into the scene. And I agree the most potent organ is the mind. Thanks for a great blog post.


    • Alyssa Turner says:

      Dena, I’m so glad you agree. I always start with the emotional situation and let the act evolve from there. Thanks for reading and thanks to Mary for having me!


  2. Bebe Balocca says:

    Oooh, I love the premise of being snatched away in a haunted house! Very scary/sexy, indeed. Nice recipe for a hot love scene, as well. 🙂


  3. leamei1981@yahoo.com says:

    I also, totally agree with the mind being the biggest sexual organ!! Also, the imagination plays a good part. Thanks for the ‘recipe’. 😉 Leann leamei1981@yahoo.com