General: 4
Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Sex level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 4

Genre: Paranormal, vampire, werewolves
Menage: MMF MM
Series: yes. book 1
Length: 21,015 words / 64 pages
Published By: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.
Published on: Apr 13, 2012
ISBN # 9781419937606
Author’s blog/website: Website / Blog
Twitter: Lex Valentine
Goodreads: Lex Valentine
Facebook: Lex Valentine


I try to avoid novellas in general. I am into long novel. I like to discover and know the characters and fall in love with them and it is not always possible to do that with novellas. But I must say that I should revise my opinion on this because lately I read really nice ones and I did not feel as if something was missing when I read the last page.

Runaways is one of them.

Lex Valentine is a prolific author. She wrote dozen of erotic stories already. Her bio says that she published her first book in 2008. I did not realize until I read that this story was revised that I read it already. In fact the last few pages sounded familiar.


I loved Ranulf (Ran) and Dante. I was not that fond of Griffin perfectly described as a drama whining queen. I love high maintenance characters to a certain point. I thought that Griffin was lovable at the beginning of the story and annoying at the end.


Short story, so not much development but lot of potential. Lex Valentine decided to portray her vampires differently: going out in daylight, eating food, having babies… relatively human with the capacity to read minds if mated. Werewolves have clan ink marks that seems important. I would have loved to know more about who they were and why Ranulf and Griffin became friend. But maybe this is a MM story that I did not read. I like to read something different and Lex Valentine gave me that.

Sex level:

I thought it was more MM rather than MMF. The MM sex scenes were hot and nicely described. The fact that Griffin was the center of the attention put the heroine, Dante, a bit aside and I felt it was more a MM love story at times. I would have wished a bit more intensity and focus between Griffin and Dante but at the end of the story, I felt the love connection and this is all I was expecting.

Credibility and Originality:

Really good. I enjoyed the mating. It definitely reminded me the hormones that everyone is talking and blaming. I also appreciated that Lex Valentine did not use the twin connection to create another twin menage.

It was a non stop quick read that I enjoyed very much. The path was quick. The love story was there. The sex scenes were hot. I liked this story a lot! 🙂

The story continues with Roul, the twin brother of Ranulf. It is a MF quickie. I totally think he deserves his happy ending too. I am hoping that Dante’s brothers will have their own menage. There is sure some potential there!


Werewolf Ranulf Verlaine and his longtime lover, vampire Griffin Rothschild, have sworn they will fight to stay together if either discovers another is their mate. When Ran meets beautiful vampire Dante Ducoin on a train from Prague to Paris, mating lust explodes between them and Ran forgets the pact. He forgets everything but sinking into and surrounding Dante, who is equally lost in Ran. Newly bonded, the pair run away to New York City.

Griffin chases after his lover, pulled by a metaphysical force. When he finds Ran and Dante, mating lust shifts their bond to a triumvirate. The three can’t keep their hands, or anything else, off one another. But lust isn’t everything. For the triumvirate to thrive, Dante must carve out a place between two men who have been lovers for years, Griffin must share the only man he’s ever loved with a woman, and Ranulf must balance his pack responsibilities with his love for his mates.


Multi-published, award winning erotic romance author Lex Valentine writes across genres from paranormal to fantasy-futuristic to contemporary. She writes M/F, M/M and some menage. Although romance is her preferred genre, she occasionally writes a dark tale or two. All of Lex’s romances contain a Happily Ever After. She just doesn’t do romance any other way.


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  1. Lex Valentine says:

    Thanks for the great review, Mary! Oh, and the clan marks are really explained more in Mating which should be out soon at Ellora’s Cave. Although, it’s a M/F and not a menage.