General: 3
Characters: 4
Plot: 3
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 3
Originality: 3

Genre: Menage MMF, Contemporary, Interracial
Series:  NO
Length:  21,252 words / 60 pages
Published By: Naughty Nights Press (NNP)
Published: Apr 11, 2012
ISBN # 9781927415184
eBook given by the author: YES
Author’s blog: Rawiya
Twitter: @rawiyamikembl
Goodreads: Rawiya

At first I was a bit lost because the path is extremely quick. But then, I wanted to give a fair chance to this story and I just focused on the characters and the story.

This story reminded me when I was 18-20. I used to go clubbing and did not care much about the future. I was there to dance and to cruise. In my mind, it was the only place to find love. Oh yeah… I sure was a naive girl at that age! 😀

So I tried to approach this story not as the middle aged woman that I am now but as the young adult I was then, free to experiment and not really caring about the future. I also thought about those young adults trying to pay their studies with a job on the side. Like many young people today, they know what they want and they go for it. Did this changed since I was younger? I am not sure. Sex was very common but it seems to me that I hear more and more about orgies and menage than I used to hear when I was younger.

Anyway. no orgies in this story but the heroine, Mara, is indeed a free spirit. She has a hard time to pay her bills, so she is an exotic dancer. She likes sex, a lot, and she is not shy to go for it. She is living in the present. She is Living in the now.

One male was bi, Bryan, and the other one gay, Damian. Difficult situation when Damian was never interested into a girl and is only willing to accept a girl because he loves his partner.

So the story was about 3 characters with very different personalities that discover that there is a little bit more than sex. However, I was not totally convinced that Damian changed his mind about Mara in such a short time.

I always like to read interracial stories. Each time, I find the heroines real spitfires with a strong characters and that makes the stories more fun to read. I love strong vixen heroines. They makes me smile.

My conclusion

A great fun novella to read. The path is extremely quick to find a permanent relationship after a couple of sex but again young people are more carefree and many long term marriage were built at young age! You will spend a great time to read it.


A story about three people searching for love in the most unconventional way. Bryan Finley and his partner Damien Earley would like a third in their relationship. While Damien is on a business trip, Bryan meets Mara Devine, a sultry sexy vixen who’s insatiable and wants the same. Damien has other thoughts in mind but Mara does everything in her power to turn the tables in her favor.


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4 responses

  1. Sharita Lira says:

    TY Mary for the great review! 😀


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      I spent a great time and cannot wait to read your next coming new menage coming up 🙂


  2. Ray Sostre says:

    Even though the story has a three, I’m willing to give a try and read it myself. From Kharisma’s perspective, I pretty much trust her judgement. She’s able to put out something that i can understand and think.

    However, great job Rawiya. I will buy your book.


  3. Sharita Lira says:

    Thanks Mary and ty so much Ray! That means a lot!