It hurts to think that people cannot love, marry and just live the way they want and with the person they want and “in the closet” is still used.

So please start your journey HERE

Over 250 authors joined this blog hop and explain why homophobia is such a disgrace.

Remember that your voice is important. Your smile and support is important. No need to be warriors but just carry the message is already a great step!


Homophobic discrimination is a serious issue in every single country on this planet, no matter how big or small. Some countries are more advanced in GLBTQ rights, while in some countries the penalty for being a GLBTQ person is death. All over the world, GLBTQ people are shunned by society, beat up, tortured, raped, and stripped of human rights in various ways. What makes people believe that they have the right to strip someone of their human rights is beyond us.
The Hop Against Homophobia is an attempt by over 250 m/m authors, reviewers and publishers to stand together and create awareness of homophobia. Each participating blog will feature a message on homophobic discrimination in its various forms. The date, May 17th, was chosen in honor of the International Day Against Homophobia and we’re hoping to get people more involved with this day by inviting them to our blogs, where the visitors have a chance to win prizes.
To the side of this blog are links to various organizations and foundations that fights homophobic discrimination. We encourage you to visit these sites and see what they’re all about. Also, if you have more links you’d like to see on that list, please do share 🙂


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