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1. Why did you choose to set your ménage stories in historical times?

Aside from my deep lusting after Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice, and my love for Jane Austen, Regency Romances are one of the most best selling romances out there. Just ask Harlequin. I’ve read many Regencies, and there are a lot of plastic story lines–the governess, the wallflower, the scandalous rake. By taking some of these plots and twisting it into a ménage, another layer of complications are added. It’s a fun way of turning Regency Romances on their ear. And so the Regency Ménage Tales were born.

2. Where’s your ideal writing cottage?

By the sea, perfect weather all year long, cabana boys keeping me in drinks, chocolate, and pizza. Plenty of time for me to enjoy the sun, sea, cabana boys, and still bang out (no pun intended) several chapters effortlessly.

3. What do you do when you can’t write?

Go to the movies, out with friends, possibly (horror of horrors) clean the house. But only as a last resort. A very last resort. Play, drink, eat, laugh. Anything to take myself out of the writing environment and give my poor brain a rest.



The truest torment is wanting something you know you can never have. Charlotte Tremaine knew this feeling all too well. She covets the freedom to do as she pleases, but has never let herself dream of being with the man she loves. The problem is, she loves two men.
For the last three years, Charlotte has survived her stifling home life by living through correspondence with two childhood friends now off at war. Once they return, will she be able to summon the courage to tell them of her feelings? Or will she let the convenience of mourning an aunt she despised keep her hidden and isolated?
Fear lurks in the shadows and threatens to keep her cloistered. When William Stanton and Grayson, Earl Warrington return from war, she teeters on the brink of having what’s she has always wanted. Torn between William and Grayson, Charlotte must first learn to trust herself before she can trust her heart and body to them.

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The young widow Mrs. Alexandria Prescott enjoys her untainted reputation. In private, however, her sexual appetites know no bounds. An encounter with Kane Huntington changes that. Alix finds she can’t help herself or her desire to test his notorious reputation and invites him to prove his mettle in her bedroom.
They enjoy their pleasurable games until jealousy’s green eyes come between them in the form of Brent, the young Earl of Rowan. Unwilling to let themselves be bested in this game of passions, Alix and Kane use Brent as a pawn in their maneuvers against each other.
However, Brent has other ideas about his future and what—and who—it’ll involve. He skillfully turns the tables on them and, despite the games they play, creates an image of the perfect ménage. But things never go as planned and when their secret is threatened will the three of them run? Or will they be clever and strong enough, to hide their love in plain sight?  Excerpt

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Lady Laurel Westfield had been brought up to be the most proper of ladies. But when Major Braedon Sinclair sets his sights on the young debutante, propriety is the last thing he wants from her.
Braedon wants a woman with the attributes of a courtesan and the reputation of a fine lady. He wants her to accept his unconventional desires–desires that include another man in their bed.
Ethan Ashmore, Sinclair’s former lieutenant, is the other man in his bed. Now that they’re home from a decade at war, neither wants to give the other up, but both want a woman to share their passions.
They tempt the very proper Lady Westfield with erotic and forbidden gifts that scandalize her as well as arouse her curiosity. But with the ever increasing threat of discovery, will Laurel succumb to their seduction? Or willingly submit to the both of them? Excerpt

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Sabine Stanton has struggled all her life to be the prim and proper English miss. She knows she must marry a man older than her father, but doesn’t want to go to her marriage bed untutored in the ways of sex. When Aiden, Lord Severn, catches her kissing her closest girlfriend, Faith, he offers to show the two of them one afternoon’s worth of erotic delights.Aiden is intrigued with Sabine, her wantonness, her desire to experience life, even the protection and love she shows her friend. One afternoon isn’t enough, but she’s promised to another. Intent on having her, Aiden sets out to destroy the other man and have Sabine to himself.
Faith has always loved Sabine, and with her impending marriage knows she’ll never have the chance to show her closest friend just how much. Jumping at Aiden’s offer of an afternoon together, she realizes she can’t give up Sabine. Vowing to do whatever it takes to keep her friend happy and sated, Faith doesn’t imagine the danger their happy threesome will stir… Excerpt

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About the author

Kristabel Reed lives on the East Coast and loves to explore the steamier side of historical romance. “There are so many sexy situations that didn’t just pop up in the 21st century and my goal is to burst the myth of the prim and proper debutante.” She loves romances but historical ménages particularly which add an element of danger and discovery not seen in contemporaries. Historically speaking, unusual romantic connections put lives on the line-people were ostracized and some even put to the death.

In the coming year, Kristabel is going to try her hand at mainstream historicals with an added element of eroticism, which she hopes won’t be too overt. She loves reading, watching old movies, and anything Cary Grant. And is always interested in talking about erotic romance, so drop her a line: kristabelreed@yahoo.com; or Tweet her @kristabelreed; find her blog: kristabelreed.blogspot.com


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    will you consider a ménage à quatre in the future?


  3. Kristabel Reed says:

    Ohh good question! I’ll consider anything lol. A menage a quatre sounds interesting! I’ll have to think of a good plot to go with that. Any preference time period wise?


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      I like to be surprised but why not end of the 19th century, around 1880/1900. Industrial revolution and such… but please no twins! lol