General: 3
Characters: 4

Plot: 3
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 1
Originality: 4

Genre: Menage MFM, Paranormal, Bear shifters
Series:  yes. Novikov Clan, book #1
Length:  39,824 words / 127  pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Published: April 11, 2012

eBook given by the author: no
Author’s blog: Alicia White
Twitter: @aliciawhiteBks
Goodreads: Alicia White

How come a book can start with a 100% credibility for a couple of chapters and go down to 0% in no time.

You have no idea how frustrating it is. I can tell that I was totally captivated up to page 33. I thought it was going to be an incredible story full of emotions and all and dang! A couple of words and everything changed.

The story started very well: a woman loose her husband of 5 years in a moto accident. She is totally devastated. We follow her sorrow for 33 pages and I must say that this was totally credible and full of emotions. One month after his death, she receive the visit of a lawyer delivering a letter from her late husband asking her to visit his family which was something he always refused when he was alive. Since it is his last wish, she of course make the necessary arrangement and leave for Alaska.

As soon as she arrives at the family’s mansion, still very upset with her loss and still holding the urn with the ashes of her husband, all her attitude changes.

And here we are. Page 33…

I kindly remind you that up to this very point she is an inconsolable widow who cried and cried for over a month, refusing to eat, holding the urn in her arms day and night.

So here we are the following day, when she wakes up because she fainted the very first minute she thought she was kissing her dead husband but it was his brother:

She put her hand up to the glass and touched him. These other men must be his brothers. They all looked so alike, the similarities obvious to her. She looked around the room once more, searching for the urn. The memories washed through her, and she realized that Conner was in the car. She had made it to his family’s home. She covered her lips when she remembered kissing his brother, and she started to feel ill.
When she reached the front door, she let out the breath she’d been holding. She turned the knob and, looking behind her, she walked out the front door and straight into a wall. Chloe turned her head and found her face against a large chest.
“Going somewhere?” a dark voice whispered to her. Chloe felt her stomach do a somersault, and she shivered. She closed her eyes, wanting to hear him talk to her more. His voice did something to her. Her insides turned liquid, and her pussy contracted, pulling with excitement.
“Talk more,” she said back to him, needing to hear him, loving being close to him.
She could tell that he was smiling, and she wanted to look up and see him, but she couldn’t move, she was frozen in place. “You slept for twelve hours. We were starting to worry. I’m glad you’re awake. Now…I want you to tell me where you’re going.”

uh? what?

She never met the family. Never spoke on the phone or anything. She lost her dear husband and only one month after his death she reacts like that with a perfect stranger?

And this is when Alicia White lost me completely and nothing made sense anymore. 😦

Page 42. The heroine kissed the brother and fainted less than a day, did not speak with him since then…

“After lying in the tub for close to an hour, the bathroom door opened and she sat up straight, bringing her hands up and covering her breasts.
Are you just going to stand there and make promises, or are you gonna come over here and show me how you can ‘help’ me?” She put the word help in air quotes, feeling tough. Putting her hands at her sides, she turned her body so that he could get a better look.
Brandon pushed off the counter. She watched him unbutton his jeans and pull them down, releasing his huge, magnificent cock, glistening with his desire. He pulled his black, cotton T-shirt over his head, and Chloe licked her lips in appreciation as every square inch of perfect skin came into view.
Brandon stepped toward her and got into the tub. He leaned forward and traced his finger over her cheek and across her full bottom lip. Chloe stared at him, panting, enjoying his attention, wanting so much more. The ache between her legs throbbed to the beat of her heart.

soooooo credible! Miracle of miracle. This mansion makes miracle for people who are mourning deeply. So one step in Alaska and women turn in heat?

page 30

For years, he’d been demanding that Conner bring Chloe back home, and for years Conner had told him that she wasn’t ready. Adam had been a part of so many ceremonies that each one made him more restless and angry. The next full moon was in one week. They were running out of time, and he was running out of patience.

no idea why it became so urgent since they waited 5 years for her. Armageddon 2012?

page 102

The next two weeks went by quickly, and they set up a routine
“The ceremony is tomorrow night, baby.
“I’m not making a face.” She denied it instantly. “I’m just surprised. I can’t believe it’s already the full moon.

At the beginning of the story the full moon is in one week and at the end of the book the full moon turned in 2 weeks. Is it this difficult to be consistent when an author write a story of 120 pages? What happened with the beta reader supposed to rectify those major errors?

I will never know why it was so imperative that the ceremony took place this full moon and they could not wait a couple of months to know each other better. mmm let me think… in Alaska there is only a full moon once every century? Yay. That must be it.

The night she is introduced to the clan, out of nowhere, 2 days after her arrival…

When Chloe walked into the living room, multiple sets of eyes captured her. She hadn’t been expecting so many people to already be at the house.
“Oh really? I don’t believe I’ve had any part in that. Brandon making you come, how unfortunate for you,” Adam shot back, arching his brow, daring her to continue. Erin laughed outright. She obviously enjoyed their little battle of wits. Knowing she wouldn’t win this argument, she turned her attention to the other men in the room.

Oh yes! I would totally not be embarrassed that the guy that I do not know make such announcement in public. I would find that soooooooo funny not at all humiliating whatsoever! I would even maybe call the news to make sure that everyone in Alaska knew it.

Nothing made sense.

She was very close to her sister and when her sister try to call her after 2 weeks, the heroine does not feel like she wants to talk to her knowing that her sister may be a bit worried.The heroine suspect that her sister is maybe the mate of a couple of guys but when the sister shows up and say she was kidnapped, she is totally upset.


And this is my review.

The characters were lovable. I liked that it was bear shifters and not wolves. I completely disliked that the author put any effort in the credibility. The rate is still 3 which is “good” but this story had so much potential that I am upset that sadly Alicia White made the same mistake she did with Bella’s Rodeo, a book I read and reviewed last December.

I sadly notice that a lot of erotic authors are not making any effort in the credibility department and because it is erotic and a story, everything is allowed in their story.

Now… I wonder… since I enjoy very much paranormal just like the heroine when the author explains her quick acceptance of being shifters, will I react the same way?… if I see a human shifting in a bear in front of me, I wonder if I will be very aroused? … uh? yeah right!

note: for stupid reasons, I googled “bear penis” and clicked on images… let me tell ya, I was NOT impressed! lol


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Chloe Novikov thought she lost everything when her husband, Conner, died in a motorcycle accident. They only had five years together, but she thought she knew everything about him. When she gets a visit from a lawyer, she’s shocked to realize that there are a lot of secrets he kept from her.

Adam and Brandon Novikov have been waiting a long time to meet their mate. Conner, their youngest brother, went out with high hopes of finding her, and he did, but he refused to bring her home where she belonged. When Chloe comes to Alaska to meet her late husband’s family, the men are unsure of how to handle things.

This is the story of one woman’s loss and how things change when secrets are revealed.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

About the author

I was born and raised in Southern California, with a huge sense of adventure. I’ve had the opportunity to travel and live in many different states. Reading has always been a part of my life, a great escape from reality. I started reading romance novels years ago and I fell in love with so many heroes’ that I wanted to write my own stories. My passion, dreams, and fantasies carry over into my writing. My hope is that readers will enjoy my books so much that they will become an escape for them as much as they are for me. What woman doesn’t want to be the center of attention for masculine, sexy, alpha men?

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  1. Emily says:

    I have this in my cue to read, argh. I find this frustrating some of he books on Siren seem so rushed just to be released that they don’t edit and fill in the necessary pieces.


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      I am really baffled.

      Siren Publishers is in my eyes a very well known publishers with a wagon of criteria regarding the submission guidelines. I unfortunately think that this one was totally missed:

      The romance is focused on the heroine (or the beta male) and each of the man in the relationship.

      but this story is not the only one I read…by far. So my question is: would it be better that they focus on quality versus quantity?

      Thanks Emily for your comment 🙂