Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex level: 4
Credibility: 4
Originality: 5

Genre: Menage MMF, Fantasy
Series:  Book 1 in the Chosen Series
Length:   134 pages
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Published: April 08, 2012 

ISBN # 9781419939228
eBook given by the author: yes
Author’s blog: Moira Sutton
Twitter:  NA
Goodreads: NA

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It has been a little while since I gave a 5 stars and it feels good to do it! yep!

When I saw the cover book, I was intrigued. I thought it was an historical story with Romans or Greeks. But I was wrong. It is a fantasy novel set in a Roman-type world. Maybe you cannot see the difference but regarding the credibility, it is huge. It is always touchy to write an historical story because if you play too much away from it, then we start to pinpoint the inconsistencies with the historical events. But if the author pick a fantasy world and chose to use a roman-type world or in the Middle Ages era, then everything is permitted.

So what did I liked the most? I think it is the originality. I like to be surprised and the choice of the plot was definitely appealing to me. A mixture of gods and goddess that is not good or bad, some chosen that could be considered as witches and warlocks, and humans of course. Yes, it was very interesting.

I enjoyed the characters. I would have maybe liked a bit more to know about the feelings both males had for each other. Maybe the feelings could have been more described. I felt the love between them but not as much as I wished it could have been if the author had added maybe another chapter to explain the relationship they both had for each other. It is just a little plus here. Because of it, I gave a 4 on this. The intensity, the emotions would have been increased in my opinion.

I loved the heroine! Finally, an author who understand that virginity is not mandatory in an erotic romance!! YAY! Of course, her nature did not allow it but even tho before she became a chosen, she was not the i-am-a-virgin-and-have-no-idea-what-is-an-orgasm or i-get-so-wet-when-you-call-me-slut kind of girl which for that I am totally grateful to Moira Sutton! Oh my! Sometimes I wonder if I am an exception to dislike those weak stupid bimbo heroines? Am I? I do not get it why I need to read Young Adult heroines in my erotic romance… really?

So…. THANK YOU Moira Sutton for avoiding the stereotype that I read again and again.

Regarding the sex scenes. I gave another 4 stars here. I thought the book was very erotic and since sex is in the center of the plot, you will read a lot of sex scenes and very well written which was nice. But I was a bit upset to do not see more true MM scenes in the menage. It would have been more credible if I read some male penetration versus only BJ. That is the only critic I can say because all the sex scenes were hot.

I have to mention that you will read some rape mention so if you are sensitive about it, then be aware of that. The way it was described did not leave me uncomfortable but as I always say: rape is rape, no matter how you write it or call it forced seduction or else. But this is not the plot of this story tho.

Moira Sutton is one of many pen names she uses. This explain why she has no twitter or goodreads and published only one book at Ellora’s Cave so far. But this book is #1 of a series and I hope (cross fingers and heart and all) that book #2 will be another menage. I loved Silas, the temple leader, a lot and considering his temper, it will be fun to read his story!

I definitely recommend this story. It was different and well written. I spent a great time reading it. Moira Sutton played between sex and feelings and I could not stop myself to be drowned in the story!


As the chosen avatar of the goddess of desire, Zoa has pledged her life, her magic and her pleasure to her Lady. But when she’s sent north to bring another of the Goddess’s Chosen into the fold before his magic can run out of control, she finds herself caught between a handsome Legion captain and his powerful lieutenant, the man she’s supposed to bring to her goddess.

Captain Izar and Lieutenant Jeric have been swordbrothers and best friends for years. Faced with a never-ending northern war, they arrange a night of pure debauchery for their troops at a famous brothel. But the courtesan who enthralls them is more than what she seems, and one passionate night no longer feels like enough.

With two amazing, amorous men eager to satisfy her every desire, the goddess should be pleased, but the Lady has plans for Zoa and her lovers, and the sacrifice she demands might be more than Zoa can pay.

Reader Advisory: Contains some brief male/male sexual play.

About the author

Moira is an unrepentant attractive-man ogler, double entendrepreneur, and gutter minder.

A multi-published author across numerous genres and names, she sometimes forgets who she’s supposed to be, but never forgets to have a good time. Her latest project is the Chosen series, a Romanesque erotic fantasy about gods, men and those in between.


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