General: 4
Characters: 3
Plot: 5
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 4
Originality: 5

Genre: MM with menage scenes, Fantasy
Series:  book 1
Length:   74,000 words / 116 pages
Publisher: self-published
Published: Apr 09, 2012

eBook given by the author: yes
Author’s blog: Ranae Rose
Author’s website: Ranae Rose
Twitter:  Ranae Rose

Goodreads: Ranae Rose

First thing first. This story is a MM with a woman on a side. In my opinion, it is not a menage even if there is a happy menage ending.

It is funny how the imagination can pull an author into another direction. I believe that when Ranae Rose started to write the story, she had a plan. She thought: 2 guys in love falling in love with the same woman with a happy perfect threesome ending . It was a good plan.

Reality is different. At page 75 out of 116, I read already 5 MM sex scenes and zero MF sex scene and zero menage sex scenes. 5 MM versus 2 kisses with each male characters with no touching under the chin of the heroine and a light touch on the chest on the male. The 5 MM sex scenes were hot with tons of details. The MF encounters took 1 small paragraph to describe the scenes.

The story was the story of 2 men passionately in love with each other for over 8 months, having a torrid hidden affair. It happened that open homosexuality was not an option and one of the male character had to marry a woman. That both male feel in love with her but never touched her physically before the wedding was secondary. I was really hoping to read some equal passion for her. It did not happened. They loved her but without passion. It was closed to platonic.

You all know my opinion about no equal love or sex in a menage story with all characters… yep.

I think what bothered me the most was that both guys had a long term 8 months relationship. When one of them engaged her, they kept their relationship still secret and for me it was cheating on her which put me in an uneasy position. Not the kind of position I like when I read a romance. Since it was mostly a MM sex all along and the cheating part, I gave only a 3 stars.

I cannot say I did not like the characters or the story. I liked them. But unfortunately since I am a menage romance lover unconditionally, I felt cheated to read a MM love story instead. I could not connect with the heroine at all because the author did not allow me to know her, therefore to love her. She was on the side. She was a sweet virgin girl, cooking pies and knitting socks for her guys and it happened that she was in love with them both. She did not inspired passion whatsoever, she did not burned physically for them… and the guys did not need any ropes to keep them apart from her because the passion was just not there for her.

Around 2/3 of the story, it got better and the ménage sex scenes finally appeared. From that point, I started to like the story better since she got involved. Once she lost her virginity and they all admit to love each other and had sex together, it got better but again what was supposed to be THE night for her became 2 men sharing a woman. I felt that it was anything but special for the poor girl. The passion remained centered on the males at all times.

This all said.

I thought that the story was really original and I gave a 5 stars for it. As well as the plot. It was very original to use the Sleepy Hallow story and turned it into an erotic romance. I could not help to think about Johnny Depp and the Sleepy Hollow movie. It was really fun to read the story. Of course it was not a remake and Ranae Rose used only elements from it so it was great to read it because it was of course different and not a copycat. It was easy to read from beginning to end.

Reading Ranae Rose’s blog, a prequel of this story, Whiskey Dreams, will be out this may 2012. It is the story of both males, so a MM story. The author says herself:

Whiskey Dreams is the prequel to Haunted Passions. Both books are stand-alone titles and can be read in any order. For those who don’t already know, Haunted Passions (a M/M/F ménage romance) begins when Brom and John have already been in a relationship for several months. Whiskey Dreams is the story of how they first met and fell for each other. After writing Haunted Passions, I knew I just had to tell this story too.

You know what would be fantastic? If Ranae Rose decided to write a true menage with Katrina in the center and both males passionately in love with her and focused on her. That would be the complete balance of this story. But this is maybe a selfish dream I have here.

I highly recommend this story. No matter if you are a MM romance lover or a ménage romance reader, this book is worth it to be read and you will spend a good time reading it 😉


Losing one’s heart to another man is dangerous enough without the added threat of a supernatural terror. But that hasn’t stopped John Crane and Brom Bones from falling hard in love – with each other, and with the alluring Katrina Van Tassel. When Brom becomes engaged to Katrina, John is sure the wedding will tear him and Brom apart, and their love sparks a struggle between passion and loyalty. But Brom is determined to keep both of his lovers, and Katrina has some secret desires of her own – desires that haunt only the wildest of John’s dreams and blur the lines they’ve all been fighting not to cross. Is it possible for three people to be in love? Their passion won’t be enough to keep them together if something isn’t done about the evil that’s haunting Sleepy Hollow: a headless horseman who rides to kill.Novel-length.

Haunted Passions is a paranormal historical m/m/f ménage romance. Contains m/m and m/m/f sex.


Ranae lives on the US East Coast with her husband, child, horses, dog and overflowing bookshelves.  She’s an avid reader and writer who can’t resist a good love story, and the hotter the better.  She writes red-hot contemporary, historical and paranormal romances. She’s also an enthusiastic equestrian and animal lover. When she’s not working on her latest story, she can usually be found in the saddle or behind a good book with a cup of tea.


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