General: 3
Characters: 3
Plot: 3
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 1
Originality: 3

Genre: Menage MFMM, Contemporary, Cowboys
Series:  yes. Pleasure Montana 5
Length:  44,098 words / 129 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing / Bookstrand
Published: March 7, 2012
ASIN # B007I67G4W
eBook given by the author: No
Author’s blog: Melodie Snow Monroe
Twitter: @melodiesmonroe
Goodreads: Melodie Snow Monroe

Can you like and dislike a book at the same time? I guess so.

It is really weird because most part of the story was really good but a couple of things bothered me so much that I was extremely frustrated and at times I was almost ready to end my reading in the middle of the story which is something I rarely do. Once I start reading, I go all the way because it happened more than once that I was happily surprised or just wanted to confirmed that was not a good one.

I do not like to write bad reviews. For one, it does not give me any joy to do that. For two, one bad opinion is only that: one, but we all know that sometimes it takes only one to get negative feedback. Not that I feel important in the grand scheme here but my voice on twitter is enough loud that this can be negative. For three, I love to promote this sub-genre, not the reverse and the only way to do that is to give great reviews to encourage readers to buy those stories. I mean there are so many reasons why I dislike bad reviews.

This said. I am human. And passionate. And sarcastic. And I do not apologize for it. Like everybody, not everyone do love me and the reverse, I do not like everyone. I respect the authors but I am not a booticker. I truly believe that a review has to be meaningfull and justified. I hate the generic reviews that I read here and there. Just not me.

So before being a reviewer, I am a reader. The only difference between the other readers is that I express my feelings in my blog. I never wanted to be a “professional reviewer”. I am quite happy actually to remain on my own because I am free to express my ideas and feelings. But how to be honest without hurting the author’s feeling and how to be honest to tell others what I really felt about a story? Sometimes the line is very blur.

It is difficult. I feel sometimes like a mama bear who want to protect all my beloved menage authors, no matter the level of their talent, help them to promote their books and give them some comments to pinpoint what should be avoided on their next story. But truly? I am a nobody because I never published anything and my critics are just one opinion. After reading hundred of menage so far, so many different style of writing, I know what I like and dislike. I see the flaws that could have been avoided to turn the story into an outstanding one. For me. I do not pretend I am holding the truth here, again, my opinion.

You can see how I am struggling today with this review?

I do not know Melodie Snow Monroe. She is certainly not a newbie and she already published many menage stories at Siren Publishing. I read already a couple of her books and I got the same frustration each time: most of the story are great but then some comment from the men turning crude cavemen, just turn me off.

Taming Tammy.

The first half of the book was really good. I liked the heroine struggling to get back on her feet. I liked her pride to do her best to rebuild her place although sometimes I thought it was a bit over the top.

The story was like this: sweet sweet sweet sweet CRUDE sweet sweet sweet sweet CAVEMEN. I mean the story was nice but then all of a sudden, the guys just turned macho cavemen. Sometimes, I even felt that it was 2 people who wrote the story or those scenes where added afterwards when the author was editing a last time, possibly asked by the publisher, to spice up the story. Something just felt wrong.It was like some kind of sweet guys wooing her for a while and out of nowhere they decided to fuck her without notice.I was like “where is this coming from?”. It just made no sense because events just happened without logic or build up.

“Have you wondered why in six weeks we’ve only made love that one time?”
(…) “I’ll tell you. I didn’t approach you again because I couldn’t figure out a way to tell you about my lifestyle.”
Her blood pressure rose. “You’re bisexual?”
His laughter filled the room. “No. Far from it.” He finished the rest of his drink almost as if he needed the fortification. “I like to share, and I’m into some alternative methods of lovemaking.”

mmm the guy waited 6 weeks before telling her? really? REALLY? The guy wanted to date her for many months almost years but never tasted the waters that she could be interested in a lifestyle? So what? he had vanilla sex and it took him 6 weeks to come clean that he liked sharing and bondage?

He rebuttoned his jeans and ran outside. What could he possibly be doing? The picture of being tied down came to mind. Was she ready for the teasing assault? If she wanted to keep him in her life, she had to give his lifestyle a chance.
He returned with velvet-covered handcuffs, each attached to a long chain with a metal cuff on the other end. He also carried a small box.

Then they start making love and all of a sudden he runs outside to pick up a box full of bondage sex toys… So unless he digged a hole to hide the box behind her house, he kept it in his car… and that must be it because we all know that we must keep some sex toys always at hands in our car right? RIGHT?

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
Jake stood in the doorway with the biggest grin she’d ever seen.
Oh shit.

So here we are. A guy that dumped her 10 years ago and knowing that she is still struggling to forgive him, not trusting him much… just show up out of nowhere, see another guy making love to her and imposes himself in the middle of it without even asking her if she agrees and knowing perfectly well that she still hold a grudge toward him???? We all know that when you visit somebody, you go straight to their bedroom and jump in their bed right??? allooooo credibility????

The author mentioned that the 3 guys decided to trick her. It was mentioned very quickly in fact and not elaborated. So his presence can be justified I guess. But I would have liked better an extra scenes between the 3 guys sharing their feelings and frustrations before the sex scene happened…

Because the way the scene is written makes me think: oh whoa! I would love that nobody gave me the choice and decide for me. But here, it was perfectly normal. The heroine who at this point still do not know if she can forgive him, just has no reaction and accept him right away. no question asked. I did not know that an orgasm reduces the number of grey cells. I have to remember that…

Aiden returned to devouring her sweet pussy. Her perfume filled Jake’s nostrils, making him harder than the granite he was installing in her new kitchen. He didn’t want to stop making love to her magnificent tits, but if he wanted to have a long-term relationship, he had to begin stretching out her virginal ass. He’d enjoy her sweet little body later.

REALLY? So the guy who waited 6 weeks to tell her that he is into bondage, believe that unless he fucks her in her ass, there will be no long-term relationship??????

WHOA. just WHOA.

And it gets better…

She thought he was going to drive into her pussy from behind. Wouldn’t she be surprised when he plied her with a large glass cock instead? He dragged a finger over her dark hole, and as expected, she jumped. He tried to calm her with a hand to her lower back. “Shh. It’s all good.”
“What are you doing?” Her voice was tinged with fear, but he detected a hint of excitement mixed in.
“Something that will allow me and Aiden to both love you.”
She twisted her head to the side. “I don’t understand.”
No surprise there. “You will.”

So not only she has no choice in the matter to decide prior to accept a second lover AND the guy, Tank, who hurt her 10 years ago. Now the guy assumed she was an ass virgin because we all know that ALL the heroines in a menage romance are ass virgins right? It is a well known fact that all the heroines are totally clueless with sex because if you are not then the heroine is no longer lovable.

On top of it, the guy talks to her with a condescending voice  “I know” because there is “no surprise there” that she does not understand. Of course it is better to not explain because she is just a stupid bimbo that know nothing about lifestyle even tho she lived all her life in Pleasure, THE place for polyamory and BDSM lifestyle and it is better to remove any choice from her and show her the deal uh? Lets remember that she lost a huge amount of grey cells few minutes ago right?

I really do not get it. It is perfectly acceptable that a man can fuck and enjoy sex and have tons of flings but the woman must have a mind born in the 18th century and the body of a slut. Can we just have a happy compromise between the 2 extremes? Yes I want to read a romance but do I want to relate with heroines not the kind of heroines generally described in young adult romances! Do I really want to read a story were the seduction is very closed to me to forced seduction? Forced seduction in my book means rape. You can call it many different ways, fact is fact: iIf a woman has no say in the matter and the guy keep saying “shhh” each time she raises some comments, then he does not listen and if he does not listen, it is a rape.

mmm someone explain me how to recognize the excitement and the hint  fear here too…

Only then did she realize Jake hadn’t used a condom. Since all of her men had been tested and were free of STD’s, she’d be thrilled if she had his baby. In fact, it would be a dream come true.

Again, I would be so thrilled that a guy decide to take a chance with my body. Yes she told them that she wanted kids but not the when which is IMO something that you must decide between all parties not one way. And do you bet that she got pregnant at the epilogue, 2 pages later?

and THAT my friends is what frustrated me to no end in this story!

The no respect. The no credibility. The macho cavemen attitude. Sorry but I so do not find that sexy or fun to read…

Now I can and will also talk about all the other good parts of this story. If we subtract those macho parts, I enjoyed the story a lot. In many ways it was a romance. I liked the vet , Aiden, and the widow guy, Jade. I had some little issues about Tank, the guy who dump her and waited 10 years to tell her he always loved her (yeah right). In fact as soon as the sex scenes showed up, it is then that I had an issue. Time factor was there but credibility wasn’t. You can add weeks in between 2 events but if there is no explanation, no interaction between the characters, then there is something lacking. If there is a change of mind, I want to know why and how, not a bing bam boom, I wake up one day and I changed my mind.

I would have loved to read some reviews 2 and 3 on MER to read why they rated it that way.

Now my conclusion is…………… I liked it. I liked it not. I liked it. I liked it not… I would say yes. It had enough good points that justified that I decided to review this story 😉


Tammy Richards is about to lose her ranch, and the bank sends Tank, the one man she’s always wanted, to start foreclosure proceedings. When her horse needs medical help, she turns to Tank’s best friend, Aiden, the sexy town vet. Too bad she can’t afford his services. In spite of her need for independence, she barters for his aid.

Tank enlists the help of his cousin, Jake, to rebuild her half-burned-down home in exchange for Jake’s room and board. Those two come up with a solution to help solve her financial problems. When she finds out they’ve gone behind her back to save her ranch, she’s furious they don’t think she can manage alone. How will she be able to find love and have a fulfilling ménage relationship with these three hunky men when her pride and need for independence get in the way?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.


Unlike most other authors, I started writing late in life. Writing stories in high school and college was not for me. Only after I graduated did I fall in love with romance novels. For the next twenty years, I read voraciously. It got to a point where my book buying habits cost as much as my groceries.  At that point, my husband suggested I write a book. Hey, it looked easy, right? All the stories started in the same spot (hero and heroine at odds) and ended the same way (happily ever after). Only it was anything but easy. Eleven years and fifteen completed romantic suspenses later, I finally published.  I never would have gotten that far had it not been for two local chapters whose generous members shared their amazing wealth of knowledge.


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