General: 4
Characters: 5
Plot: 3
Sex level: 5
Credibility: 4
Originality: 3

Genre: Menage MFM, Contemporary, twins, erotica
Series:  no
Length:  24,000 words / 78 pages
Publisher: Xcite books
Published: February 16, 2012
ISBN # 9781908766595
eBook given by the author: Yes
Author’s blog: Landrie Richards
Twitter: @landrierichards
Goodreads: NA

Plaisantly surprised. Really.

I generally avoid novellas because I need to immerse myself in the character. I need to know them before, during and after the storyline. Insatiable is not this kind of story.

I did not know much about Xcite Books publisher. So after reading this story, I went there and checked around. This is not erotica oriented but indeed erotic which surprised me a tiny bit. Insatiable is about sex so of course I judged quickly and jumped into conclusions that the publisher was into erotica.

I am not sure I can really put this story into erotica. I found a real story around the sex scenes. Is it the case with erotica in general? I have to admit my lack of knowledge here.

What I liked very much was that the twins were not best friends evarrrrr, thinking alike, sharing all the time blah blah blah. Nope. Both had distinct personalities and even if they were not ennemies by far, I could not say they appreciated each other much. One conservative, the other totally wild.

The heroine, a virgin at 20sh something, decided to be wild all of a sudden and meet this pair of twins in a club. I am not fond of virgins after 20. Of course, there is nothing wrong to that and I respect that a woman keep herself for her husband and all. But to find a virgin woman in an erotica/erotic story? nope. Something does not seem right. Maybe also because in 2012, pretty much all kids after 15 are rarely virgins now.

Why do I say so? Of course it is not a 100% sure thing. A lot of kids are still virgins at teen ages and I think it is a good thing. To have sex too young does not seem right in my book. They grow up too quickly and not sure if they learn how to respect themselves much. But hey! this is MY opinion here and everyone is free to have a different one. I lost my virginity at 16, so who am I to judge right?

This story stand 90% in the bedroom, maybe even 95%. But between the “more”, I learned to like the characters. The story is a lot about jealousy and sharing of course. It was really interesting to read another kind of twins that generally love each other to death.

I have two comments:

1/ I think this story ends a bit too abruptly, unless the author decides to continue it with a book 2, I thought it did not ended HEA but HFN.
2/ since it is mostly about sex, I was surprised to not read a dual penetration sex scene.

Besides that, I recommend this book but try not to read it in public, you never know if someone could read on top of your shoulder and then you may be in trouble to explain yourself… well… maybe not! lol

So keep an eye on this new erotic author. Once she will master the social sharing, blog, reviews etc… she can become a new talent to be recognized. So well done Landrie Richards, now I want to read book 2 of this story! 🙂


A contemporary erotic novella with m/f/m menage themes by Landrie Richards.

All her life, Rachel has been the good girl who does what she’s told and neglects her own needs. When she heads out to a club in order to finally let loose, she gets more than she ever bargained for in a handsome stranger and his twin brother.

With Rachel determined to shake her innocent image and cocksure Mark dead set on helping brother Aaron get over his recently ended relationship, the three find that things begin to fall into place when they all fall into bed for the night.

But will even the wildest of one-night stands begin to satisfy any of them? Can Rachel, Aaron and Mark ever get enough?


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