General: 4
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 5
Originality: 4

Genre: Menage MFMM, Cowboys, Western historical
Series:  YES, Bride Train #5
Length:  75,641 words / 220 pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing / Bookstrand
Published: March 2012
ISBN # 1-61926-373-4
eBook given by the author: NO
Author’s blog: Reece Butler
Twitter: @Reece Butler
Goodreads: Reece Butler

My review of this series: HERE

It is always a treat to read Reece Butler. I think this book is my preferred from her series even if I came across some little inconsistencies.

The first thing I promised myself to say in my review is: THANK YOU Mrs Butler!

This is the first one who added a lexicon at the end of her story explaining who is who with all the characters from this series. I like series but since I do not read then in a row, it is always a pain in the ass to figure it out who was who and remember the storyline of the menage with them. Mrs Butler either read my ramblings about it or (which I think is more like it) she understood that it was important for her fans to help them to remember and enjoy the series better. No matter the reason, it is a genius one.

Now this said.

I like this series. Reece Butler takes time to peel each personality. It is nice that she does not copycat each male on each story. She really tries to find new characters with their flaws and goods. Something that you will always find is the respect the men have for their women. They are indeed macho but I never feel as if they use sex as a way to shut them thinking differently which is for me a complete turn off when I read a story.

Here and there you will find inconsistencies such how did the heroine know how the valley wives were reasonably happy with their choices when she spent the majority of her time alone the first couple of days she is mainly alone: 2 men are away helping neighbors and the other one avoids her like plague (page 55).  The men have no cattle for a year so what did they do during this time? How did they get any money to live? After a fight, Riley follow Victoria in town and Chris follow Jed in the country to convince him he was wrong. Once Jed and Chris decide to go back to Victoria, they meet other men on their way and explain them details about the villain that they are not supposed to know because only Riley in town know about and they did not meet yet. Riley was also too confident that Jed would move heaven and earth to be forgiven by Victoria and ask her to marry her versus when the men separated was not the case.

Ok. those are details and honestly it is only because I am picky here. I am pretty sure that the big majority of readers will never notice those anyway because they did not destroy the enjoyment to read the story at all.

Reece Butler is a talented author. Reading her bio and knowing that she took the time to learn what the cowboy’s life is about and did not hesitate to learn physically not only intellectually. For me, it is really admirable. I am sure that not a lot of author have time and will to do that. I am convinced that her credibility and knowledge of what is it to really live in a farm and handle a cattle are what make her series a really good one.

If I have some hesitation with a couple of other siren authors writing similar series, I do not with Reece Butler. I am hooked now. Next book of this series, Beauty and the Beasts (MFMM) Bride Train 6 is out Friday april 13th… Lets just hope it will be a lucky day for this new release! I already marked my calendar to buy it!


Desperate to escape her scandalous past, Victoria Edison heads west to a respectable future. When a storm traps her for three nights on the J Bar C Ranch, she’s faced with a choice of marriage or shame.

Jed Adams says he detests the shrew but she can cook and, since his partners want her, agrees to wed the voluptuous woman in a civil ceremony. But their new life is destroyed when the wedding is annulled by a vengeful business rival. Unless they remarry with a preacher, Victoria will lose the respectability she craves, Clint and Riley will lose the woman they’ve come to love, and Jed will lose the new light in his life. But Jed’s the son of a vicious Bible-thumping hypocrite and will have nothing to do with a preacher.

Can Victoria face the rival’s wrath, and Jed his nightmarish past, to bring love into their lives?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

Author’s Bio

I grew up, and still live, near a large city. My first job was at age 9, babysitting while the neighborhood moms went grocery shopping. I used the money to join a book-of-the-month club. Over the years I’ve worked as housekeeping staff at a hospital, as an animal care worker for a veterinary clinic (both involve cleaning up yucky stuff), but for most of my life I’ve worked in an office. Ho hum. But that’s over.

I’m now writing, and researching, romance full time. I’ll still be in front of a computer but I’ll be writing about hot cowboys or conducting research for future novels. Instead of being surrounded by people in cubicles I’ll have a cat stretched out in the sun to keep me company.

Writing the Bride Train series has allowed me to travel to cowboy country to research the history of the west, and Montana in particular. I’ve met wonderful people—ranchers, readers, and more—and had memorable experiences.

Some of the things that happened to me will likely appear in future novels. Perhaps a heroine will be charged by a bull, ride a flooded river in an inflatable boat with her feet hanging off the bow, or even go over the edge of a very high hill in a pickup without brakes!

Where to see Reece
Chicago, April 11th to 15th: 2012 RT Booklovers Convention, which will be a FAN-tastic time.


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