General: 4
Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Sex level: 3
Credibility: 5
Originality: 3

Genre: Menage MFM, contemporary
Series:  Lost and found. Book #1
Length: 76 pages
Publisher: Loose Id LLC
Published: March 3, 2009
ISBN # 978-1-59632-888-4
eBook given by the author: no
Author’s blog: Eileen Ann Brennan
Twitter: yes but not active
Goodreads: Eileen Ann Brennan

Well helloooooo there! After a week without computer and stealing few minutes from my job’s, I am back with a brand new baby puter. I am still brainstorming about a name since not sure if the IT is male or female. ha!

I read a couple of menage during this week and I could catch up some TV. It was, lets put it that way, interesting to be without pc, pretty weird actually.

One of the menage I read was Finding Jen by Eileen Ann Brennan. My e-reader is always full of to-read and I found this old release. A short story for me, 76 pages. But I liked very much the story and the style.

Here we are with a young man who was too young to understand the difference between a menage fling with two girls and real love. A woman who rebuilt her life with a man afraid of commitment but never stopped loving her first love. And a man who is ready to share her with another man for the love of her.

This story was credible and I enjoyed it. Short and sweet but definitely well written and I was not left hanging because the epilogue was in a hurry. Sometimes it is the case with epilogue, I feel cheated because I think the story stop abruptly or in a common orgasm because the last page is a sex scene. Somehow, I much prefer epilogue projected few months ahead and read about the new love routine. It does not have to be a marriage but a very day to day life. For me that is the “ever after” I am looking in a romance.

It was interesting to read about a fling menage between a man and 2 girls. This is definitely THE guy phantasm from 16 to 99! Nothing wrong with that. I mean as long as all parties agree and no feelings hurt, then go go go right? But I could not stop thinking that for some it is not a fling and when some add feelings in the mix for the wrong reasons such accepting a third to keep the love of the other, that hurts in the end because no matter what if feelings are not there, sex will never be the solution. Easy to say, not always easy to live it.

I liked the heroine a lot. She was not anorexic nor plus size, just a normal woman with the appropriate curves. She loved and found a hard time to make a choice. It was interesting that the chairs turned on her. She quit her first love because he could not choose her and when she has to make a choice between two men, she cannot.

I also enjoyed the men personalities. One was tortured and proud and the other one not. So it was interesting to see how those 3 characters found a way to compromise.

It is a story that I recommend. A couple of hours of great time! The good news is that book 2 Finding Sean is out and it is the same characters continuing their menage love story. Guess who is going to buy it? 🙂

Publisher’s description

Attorney Jennifer Gilbert is happy to cover a colleague’s case…until she realizes their new client is the man who’d made her nights come alive, the man who’d made her sizzle at the sight of him, the man who was everything she’d ever wanted. The man she left eight years ago.

Just like that, she was back in millionaire mogul Sean O’Connell’s life, sending his body into a frenzy and his brain into fantasyland. He has only one night to convince her he’s changed and they have a future together. But he’s her past and now there’s more than one man in her present.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage.


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