I am a triberr member for almost a year now. I do not claim to know everything but I can tell you that triberr is a great tool of promotion if we use it wisely.

1. you need to be committed!

If you think to register and be done with it. Forget it!

2. you must blog!

How will people know you if you do not show yourself, if you do not blog? Approving others blog can give you exposure but only a little because the percentage that people will look at your twitter profile and click to check your blog is limited. But if you blog and the link is shared in the tweet, then it is easier to click and the exposure greater.

3. your name must be seen regularly!

If you tweet once in a blue moon, people will not know you. If your name is seen all the time, curiosity will be picked and chances are people will visit your profile and your blog. It is known that a customer will need to see multiple times an ads before being tempted to buy the product.

4. reciprocity!

Fair is fair. If you take the time to approve the blogs of another person, then you shall expect the same in return right? Well, unfortunately this is rarely achieved and after a while people get discouraged because they do not see the results that was promised.

If your tribe has 100 members (tribemates). The total reach (= number of all the followers put in a common) is 100,000 followers but then only 10 members approve your blogs and their total reach is 8,000 followers… then the great feeling that you are part of a big tribe means nothing because the total reach will never be used: 92,000 followers will never get the chance to know the great author or reviewer you are because your blog won’t be approved by all 100 members, so not shared on twitter and seen by only a small number of followers!

But think about the potential if everyone in the tribe approve your blog, then the full reach will be achieved. The exposure will be at the maximum and everybody is a winner!

5. approve all blogposts on a daily basis!

However, if everyone in the tribe follow a simple rule to approve all the blogs and commit themselves a couple of minutes per day on triberr, then I can promise you that you will see the results! Once in a blue moon does not work. You need to persevere. Did you give up your book before you said “the end”? Yes, it will take time to see the sells results but within a week you will already see the number of your followers growing really fast, same as the visits on your blog! So, yes. It is worth it to spend a couple of minutes each day IMO.

6. Be smart!

Not all the tribes are the same! Yes it is very tempting to be part of huge tribes but each chief (the tribe’s mod) has his/her own way to manage the tribe and the tribemates may not be the one you wish your name associated with.

Some chief will just tolerate that people approve as little or as much as they want and as often or not as they want. Nothing wrong with that, but yet again, the goal will hardly be achieved. Some, like myself, will ask you to approve ALL book related blogposts no matter the subgenre.

So pick the right tribe that fits you so you will be comfortable to approve the blogposts without issues. If, for example, you are an erotic author blogging about sex scenes and another is a romantic literature author blogging about babies and diapers… I am not convinced that both will be at ease to approve each other blogposts uh?

7. ask the rules of the tribe before joining!

Communication is important. You need to know what to expect in order to have no surprise!

– do I need to approve all the blogs?
– what genres is shared?
– do you share something else than books and if yes, am I obliged to approve?
– I blog non book related material, is is ok to do so? will those be shared too?
– do I need to blog daily or does it matter if I can approve only once a week?
– Can I approve whenever I feel like it, what is the frequency requested?
-If I need to take a break from approving, can I do that? Do I need to tell the chief?

Once you know, it is then very easy to be part of a tribe without frustration.

8. Respect your tribe!

An invitation is not free! the money used is called “bones”. You get 100 when you join triberr and you can use them to join up to 7 tribes.

To build a tribe it costs if I well remember 50 bones and to invite people it costs 15 bones to the chief per person. (10$ for 150 bones, I have 3 tribes that I own and 55 tribemates plus 2 tribes that I belong and also gave bones to join). So think before asking to join the tribe.

You cannot join Triberr without being invited. Word is that some will ask to join a tribe and once they are in, they will create their own tribe or join other tribes. There is one word for that: rude!

Even tho, triberr is not a place to chit chat and mainly a tool to help us all to get more exposure. It remains that it is people that are clicking to approve YOUR blogs not machines.

9. Be patient with Triberr!

And this is a hard thing to do. The mods/creators are constantly updating their site and most of the time once you finally understood how it works, you need to take the 101 triberr manual again. It is a great tool but you need to remain flexible. No matter how much you would like this or this option to work out, the mods have their own agenda and they can hardly respond to each and everyone’s suggestions of new options.

10. Do not become a Triberr slave!

Keep in mind that triberr is a tool and only a tool! Be wise to pick the right tribes and people. Be committed to approve on a regular basis. Blog regularly and book related as much as possible to be taken seriously.



No boundaries erotica:

47 erotic authors. EROTIC MF, MM, FF, MENAGE, BDSM (Erotica accepted but so far the tribe does now count any erotica authors). REACH: 61k+

Romance reviewers and bloggers:

8 reviewers. EROTIC oriented but NON EROTIC reviews accepted. REACH 13K+

Promote an erotic romance book!:

New tribe dedicated to book promotion. EROTIC  ROMANCE ~ Authors, agents, editors, promo services, publishers, self-publishers/authors, cover designers, reviewers, book bloggers welcomed. New releases and coming soon blogs: excepts, giveaways, blog hop, reviews, cover book, sales. The potential is endless. This tribe is dedicated to business only

My rules?

– you must be an EROTIC author or reviewer to join No Boundaries Erotica
– you must blog 50/50 EROTIC reviews to join Romance reviewers and bloggers
– you must blog about book promotion. EROTIC/EROTICA. to join Promote a erotic romance book!

– ALL book related blogpost are approved no matter the genre. Reciprocity is key.
– the blogposts are approved daily.
– if non book related, then the approval is not mandatory (of course it is your blog and you are free to blog whatever you like but then we are also free to do not approve if it is not book related)
– promotional status can be deleted or tweeted using the social buttons (tweet immediately)
– if you have a conflict to approve a blogpost, you need to contact the blogger in private and deal in private
– Unless you mentioned that you will take a break from Triberr, a non participation for more than a week will get you booted from the tribe.

note about promotional status: triberr offer has this rule for all including business etc. Their politic is that they do not want us to spam twitter with BS. So in your blog’s titles, some words are forbiden such WINNER, WIN, GIVEAWAY, BLOG HOP etc… all the nice words that authors love to use. 😦 If you still decide to use them, then triberr will turn your blogpost on triberr into a promotional status (never your blog since triberr has no control of course). The only way to turn it back to normal will be to modify your title on triberr and use synonyms. It is a rule for all triberr members. Since it is a pain in the heck to modify the title. It is the responsibility of the blogger to handle the issue. 24 hours is a nice delay to let the blogger to react. The list is not huge so it is quit okay to deal with that.


Contact me per email at marynaughtywhispers @ gmail.com

– tell me if you are a triberr member already
– your twitter ID
– Blog’s link
– which tribe you are interested to join
– If you read this blog and you understand and approve the commitment to join one of my tribe

It is possible that I tell you that the invitations will be on hold because it cost me 15 bones to send an invitation and I may lack of some to invite you. I am doing this for the love of books. I gain nothing but exposure since I am a reviewer. I do not buy nor sell anything. I am not a professional. I do not belong to any publisher’s site. I am not paid by authors. I sometimes get a free copy to review but I buy my books 99% of the time. So you will need to be patient. First to ask an invitation, first served. However, I will be picky to choose who will join and who will not join. I want committed people. Committed does not mean slaves (10 min per day is generally the time I spend to approve all the blogs!).

It exists right now a lot of romantic to slightly steamy tribes on triberr. But not much exclusive erotic tribes. A lot of tribes are very open to accept all genres and I am very fine with that but because I experienced it first hand, I can tell that not all non erotic authors are happy to associate their name with erotic blogs and vice et versa I am not fond to associate my name with “diapers” blogs…

I chose to have only erotic tribes and therefore erotic authors/reviewers because it avoids dramas in a way that we are all at ease with the genre no matter if it is erotic MF, MM, FF, MENAGE, BDSM and EROTICA. We are not shy of what we love and we are proud to promote and associate our name with each others blogposts. The only exception is my reviewer’s tribe: if the reviewer post 50/50 erotic and non erotic, I am fine with this. But there is one thing in common in all my tribes: none of the authors/reviewers are homophobic.

If you are a newbie and scared to join because it sounds complicated. Don’t be. We were ALL newbies once. It exists now wonderful procedures and “oldies” are more than happy to help you to surf around.

If interested, contact me.

~ Mary~


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