General: 4
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex level: 4
Credibility: 4

Originality: 4

Length: 50,543 words / 140 pages
Genre: Menage MFM, Contemporary, BDSM, suspense
Series:  Yes. Love’s Bayou #1
eBook given by the author: Yes
Publisher: Southern Desires Publishing
Author’s blog: Heaven O’Shey
Twitter: @heavenoshey
Goodreads: Heaven O’Shey
Published: March 2012
ISBN # STHLDY0000002

What a great menage BDSM story!

From beginning to end, I was enjoying to read this story. It has all the ingredients that I love: great plot (suspense) and great characters.

Heaven O’Shey is a a new author but what a start! It is always exciting to read a new author. I never know what to expect. Will they copy the other authors and lack of imagination or will they just bring something new and exciting? Heaven O’Shey brought a breath of fresh air… from the bayou! lol

NO doubt that this menage story is a BDSM. It was not too hard core tho but enough to make it believable.

Each time I read a BDSM menage story, it brings me emotions and I am more aware of the credibility factor than any other menage stories.

Two times in the story, I felt as if the males reactions were not credible. The first time was when the heroine is given no choice but accepting a submissive role or go to jail for her protection and the second one was when I felt as if the Doms were just newbies when they did not negotiated the limits with the heroine and acted as true cavemen.

But the more I read the story and the more I got my answers why they acted that way. It was explained and my frustrations went away. Heaven O’Shey did a good job on this. At a certain time I was hoping that the Doms would receive a 101 for Dom(IE)s… okay okay easy one here.

It is a true suspense story too. Yes we know the villains from the start but the plot was really nicely developed. Yes I found out some litle inconsistencies here and there like the stolen money that each one fault the other to have but nobody has. The town rules that women need to abide with and we do not know who wrote them and why.

However, the characters were great. The heroine is a middle aged mother who mistrust men because of a nasty ex-husband. She did not dream to be in a menage relationship. She did not especially wish to life the BDSM lifestyle. Just an ordinary woman who wanted a fresh start and decided to open a BDSM club in the small town.

I liked her. I liked her insecurities that were not all over the top so that she became an whining heroine. I laughed at her phobia to be naked in public. OMG I so relate to that too! I would never be able to be part of a naturist place. I have no trouble to be around naturist tho but me? naaaaa I would look totally ridiculous in my eve suit I’m telling ya!

I also like the main male characters. They were also middle aged men who also divorced and knew what they finally wanted. They made mistakes all along the story, some credible, some not but they were very endearing.

The second characters were very present but they did not blur the main relationship. They complemented them which was really nice.

Sex scenes were good but since the main focus of this story is the plot, I did not find the sex scenes over the top. They were good but I if we can mix vanilla AND BDSM, then that would be my reference. Again it was not a hard core BDSM but enough bondage to qualify the BDSM label.

I also found here and there some typos but nothing major that cannot be quickly rectified IMO 🙂

So yes! I totally recommend you to read this story! And I will look forward to read another menage from this author without a doubt! well done Mrs O’Shey!

Publisher’s description

Bri had no idea how much her life would change when she moves to the Love’s Bayou plantation she inherited. After her best friend talks her into turning the place into a BDSM club, Bri decides to keep her identity as the owner hidden when she meets and hires her Master/Manager and his brother.

Threats to her life force her under their protection, in lieu of protective custody. Her abusive past causes her to distrust all men and believes love is a fairy tale. The brothers in their kind and loving efforts show Bri, that not all men are the same and love does exist.

While under their protection, Bri is introduced to the joys of a menage a trois, and experiences heights of ecstasy, the pleasure of pain, and genuine love and caring.

She finds her life evolving in ways she never imagine, as she tries to run from her feelings and those trying to harm her.


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