General: 2
Characters: 3
Plot: 2
Sex level: 2
Credibility: 1

Originality: 1

Length: 79 pages
Genre: Menage MMF, Shifters
Series:  No
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing but already published by Aspen Mountain Press (first published 2008)
Author’s blog: Celia Kyle
Twitter: @celiakyle
Goodreads: Celia Kyle
Published: 2008, 22 march 2012
ISBN # 9781936950737

Same old, same old.

This is the kind of story that I read a hundred times: 2 guys, one bi, one straight and the woman sex toy…


double sigh.

yeah yeah… TRIPLE SIGH!

Short story. 79 pages. I usually avoid the short story but here it was not the problem. My issue is definitely the lack of imagination. The two guys in love with one straight guy totally dedicated to each other and the woman who turns to be their mate because it is a shifter paranormal story which turns to be a voyeur in bed…

The only thing that saved the book was the heroine. A sweet Big Black Girl. I was looking forward to read something different from the most beautiful white (thin & tall) girl which I enjoy, do not get me wrong, but I wanted variety and the story appealed to me. The male’s personalities were okay but nothing special.

What bothers me is that AGAIN the woman is not equally loved or fucked. Up to 65 pages it is all about male sex scenes and when finally it turns a threesome, the heroine has to become a witness of the 2 guys making at it to finally taking care of her…  So one menage scene and not even a true one because one of the guy is the sandwich meat.

Chris growled around Ian’s cock and Ian’s hips bucked forward. “Yeah, you do.
Suck me. Suck me just a little bit more and then we’ll play with our new toy.”
She gulped. The only one not playing was her, which meant she was obviously
the ‘new toy’ Ian was talking about. As much as her mind screamed ‘worry’, her pussy
throbbed as if screaming ‘pick me’.

It is a paranormal story with life mates and shifters and the supposed “I smell her or him and there is nothing I can fight against”. So they met her months before and did not know she was both their mate… uh? Oh and by the way: there is NO bondage, NO BDSM whatsoever in this story.

I could go on and on and make tons of comparisons with other similar stories with other erotic authors but I guess the problem is me. I just have to accept it. If the same story is published over and over again, it must mean something right? My understanding is that people like it so much that it does not bother them to read it again just like wearing the same clothes or the same color… so very boring!

New rating

As you noticed, I decided to add a couple of rating such credibility, originality. I also decided that I will from now on, takes all the notes and make the average note from all of it that will become my general rate which will be my general feeling about the book. I think that will fairly reflect my opinion. I always criticize the originality and credibility so here we go: you’ll know what I think about it. I will not add the cover because 99% of the time, the authors do not have any control of the choice of the covers.

Publisher’s description

What’s a girl to do?

Engaged to be married, full-figured Niccy has resigned herself to a lackluster marriage, both in and out of bed. Just once, though, she wants to experience passion the same way the heroine of one of her favorite books does…by being tied to the bedpost and pleasured by two men.

Finding the men isn’t the problem. Neither is the fact that Ian and Chris happen to be the hottest men at Trasola. Sadly for her, they’re already mated…to one another.

Will Niccy be left wanting, or will the two men find room in their hearts…and their bed…for a curvaceous woman and her premarital desire?

Publisher’s Note: This title has been previously released with another publisher under the title, “Tie Me to the Bedpost.”


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