General: 3
Characters: 3
Plot: 2
Sex level: 2

Length: 36,526 words / 100 pages
Genre: Menage MMF,  paranormal, werewolf
Series:  Denver Pack Series , Book 1
Publisher: Jana Leigh
Author’s blog:  Jana Leigh
Published: 2010
ISBN # 9781458036643

I am a ménage romance addict. I know it, accepted it and I live very well with it. Part of this addiction is to check on a daily basis all new releases on every publishers sites and a place like allromanceebooks.

The good part of allromanceebooks is that self-published authors along with well known publishers list their releases with them. Most of the time it is old releases but what I found interesting is that I discovered authors that I would have never known because they do not have a contract with a “big” publisher. One of the advantage is that they use paypal and it is easy to surf around.

The bad side, because there is always a bad side, is that they do not check if the files include a cover or the quality of the files.

Unfortunately, I bought 5 books of this series that I got all excited to find and all the files (between 2.99$ and 3.50$) do not have any cover. The price would be okay and pretty much what we pay for +/- 100 pages but no cover? It happened with this author but also with a couple of other authors too and that sucks because somehow I feel cheated even if a cover does not make the quality of the story, I paid for it dammit!

Is it allromanceebooks responsibility to verify which files are provided or is it the author’s or the publisher?

I would also add to be careful about the tags. I discovered that most books listed do not have the appropriate tags such “multiple partners” or the genre. Some state only “erotica” which can change everything for the authors. I contacted a great author I like very much and told her that her new release missed the appropriate tags. One week later, she emailed me to thank me because with the addition of the new tags, she was #1 in her category!!

This said.

I was thrilled to find this new author, Jana Leigh and her Denver Pack series. The length of each book, around 100 pages, was acceptable as well as the prices.

If I look at Jana Leigh’s blog, Alpha’s mate is the first book of the series and maybe the first published as well.

The story was good but lack of credibility. I also found a lot of typos in this story and for me to mention it, it has to be obvious. I am far from perfect in my English writing as you all know.

I did not fall for the heroine, Cami. Yes, she was a spitefire and fit the alpha bitch position but I did not like her much. I found her fake. She discovered that she was the mate of a werewolf and within 24 hours she accepted everything about it because if she did not the alpha wolf would turn berserk and would be hunted. So under this only treat and a physical attraction, she decided to accept everything. When the second male arrived, same thing.

However, I liked the alpha better, Quin. I think he saved the story for me. The second character, Jaren, was dropped in the story with a short intro. Therefore not enough developed.

I like the switch style paragraph: one character is talking, next is the other one and so on. It was original vs the usual one chapter per character.

The story was in my opinion not enough developed and most especially the relationship. The plot was okay and up to the end, I really wondered who was the villain, so kudos on that. The sex scenes were boring.

Again I found the second male character, Jaren, bi and in love with his best friend and the main male character, Quin, straight and BAM Quin discovers that he is bi and in love with his childhood friend when a seer said that he was an alpha triad… sigh… do I really need to explain what I think of this lack of imagination? Shall I list the hundred of books that have the same line?

So overall the story was okay. I did not skip the pages and the plot was good. I think that this author would benefit to find a beta-reader. A beta-reader is a trusting person that the author will ask to read and give an honest opinion, good and bad. A beta-reader is not a person that will always put the author on a pedestal, his/her purpose is to help the author to rectify typos, tell the inconsistencies, etc. In this case, I truly believe that Jana Leigh would have avoided tons of typos and maybe find a couple of ideas to develop better the credibility or the depth of the relationship.

Since each book of this series has around 100 pages, which is a quick read for me, I may decide to read the next book, even if the next is a MF and did not buy it yet. Or I may skip to book 3 and if I see that I miss information and this series is one of kind that needs to be read in order to make sense, I may give up the whole series all together. I am not 100% convinced it deserves the effort and money… yet. But I may because I am curious enough to know if this author evolved her writing with time, even if book #1 was published in 2010, it does not mean that she wrote it in 2010 and possibly years before that. This series has 10 books so far 😉

ETA: February 23, 2012

I decided to read book 3, Devon. Not a good idea.

I stoped page 5. already way too much typos. Book 2 is resumed in 4 pages so you can skip books obviously. Like book #1, no cover. I really wonder if Jana Leigh provided a non edited version to allromanceebooks. I mean at this point, it looks suspicious to have so many typos.

Anyway. I made the decision to unfortunately give up this series.

The Seer had produced all the papers the previous Seer, who, because of the attack and kidnapping thought she had failed.

It was then that they had discovered the Prophesy had been true (…)

Wolves that were born changed when they hit puberty if they were around shifters, or they remained dormant until they were exposed to a shifter. They needed guidance, and help, when this happened or the urges would consume them. Changing a human to a werewolf was not as simple as one might think. There are two different types of bites, one for mating, and one for changing. When a wolf bites his mate, he releases endorphins, which make them orgasm. If a wolf tries intentionally to change someone, then a serum is released that will change a person at the full moon. Not all wolves can release the serum to change a human. Only those who were born a wolf can do it, and unless trained, they did not know they could not change someone, and could end up killing them by accident. Cami, the Alpha mate, thought there should be a book entitled ‘Wolf 101’ for all newly discovered wolves or changed wolves.

Publisher’s description:

Cami had never dreamed there was Werewolf’s until she is told she is the Alpha’s mate. Then just when she thought she could deal with it, she finds out she has two mates. Quin had moved to Denver to establish a pack. He figured he would never find his mate, unless he went back home, but when he finds Cami everything should be perfect. Someone should have told the Rogue wolfs.


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