General: 2
Characters: 3
Plot: 2
Sex heat: 2

Length: 93406 words / 300 pages
Genre: Menage MFM,  shape-shifters
Series: Yes. Black Panthers book 1
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Leah Brooke
Published: february 2012
ISBN #unknown

I tried. I really did try to find positive in this story but I have to be honest. It was a boring story.

At first I was thrilled because I like Leah Brooke a lot. It is also a plus novel and I generally jump on them like a dog with a bone. I just love love love plus novel. I connect way more with the characters when I have time to understand who they are.

Leah Brooke has her own style and she writes way more around the relationship and the characters vs plot and sex scenes. It is different and I like it. Her Desire, Oklahoma series is a a good one (I hope that authors who are writing long series like that just think to add a little lexicon because I am lost with those long series full of characters that show up book after book. I need a map most of the time).

The major problem I found in Panthers’ Prey is the heroine’s personality, Bailey. She is a whining one. Oh dear… and trust me 300 pages was not fun. All along she complained about two things: she could not believe they were were-panters although they shifted numerous time in front of her and she did not want to recognize she loved them although she played the game of saying something and thinking something else all along.

One of the male characters, Marcus, did not want to accept her as his mate because he refused that nature made the choice for him. But on the first chapter, he was complaining that he was waiting for his mate to show up and was upset that he may never find her. When she shows up, he just rejects her again and again. What the heck?

The second male, James, was okay. He was the only character that saved the story. He accepted her as his mate, did not fuss much, had a nice personality.

Honest. I just wonder how I did not stop reading in the middle of the story. I do that very rarely tho. I think I kept going because I like Leah Brooke normally and I was hoping some development or a change of personality. It did not happened.

I tried to figure out what the author thought. The story was all about refusing to accept a mate and refusing to love. 290 out of 300 pages…………….. phew a very very long time to figure it out uh?

I can’t even say that the sex scenes were good. They were okay. They argued, they fucked. They argued, they fucked. And I love so much when a guy shut up with sex the woman because she disagrees or vice and versa because we all know that after a great love session, we all change our mind and agree what we totally disagreed before right? I think I missed the memo about how an orgasm chemically change our opinion.

I have to mention something that annoyed me several times during my reading. Many times, I had this feeling that the author stopped writing for a while, put aside the story and then started to write the story again. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of authors are writing several stories at the same time (which in my mind is difficult to understand but it looks like it is very commun so I will not argue, I am not an author). 

In this story the style changed, some inconsistencies showed up. Like for example with the oldest guy who looked like the leader or the alpha is around 45 (I say look like because it is not really officially said). He said he helped raising the other because he was old enough and the other still babies… Then in the middle of the story, one of the main male character says he is 42…. Do you see a 4-5 years old changing the diapers of a baby? How come the author forgot that information?

This is definitely book 1 of a new series. Leah Brooked introduced us a pack of panthers so it will be at least another 4 books after this one. One thing is certain tho, I will wait to read the comments on MER before reading another one from this series.

I do not recommend this book unfortunately. 😦

Publisher’s description:

Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA

Bailey Knox knew the good price she paid for her new bar came with consequences, but she didn’t count on nearly getting killed before she could even move into the place, which was also her new home.

Waking up to the two complete strangers who have saved her, she’s alarmed at her overwhelming response to both of them. Marcus Brand and James Archer are different from any men she’s ever met, but she didn’t realize how different. Shape-shifters don’t exist. Then they tell her something even more remarkable. She is their mate.

She fights the emotional pull, even while reveling in the passion that only seems to grow stronger, passion that just can’t be ignored. Neither can the attacks. When black panthers save her life once again, the trio must hide the truth from the rest of the world while struggling to come to grips with their own destiny—and overcoming the danger surrounding them.



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2 responses

  1. marynaughtywhispers says:

    From Emily:

    Submitted on 2012/02/15 at 11:13 am

    I am almost finished with this and so glad to read your post, I thought what the heck, I love this author. I think the thing for me is I didn’t like anyone except James and at times he was a contradiction to who he was.

    Great review.


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      Submitted on 2012/02/15 at 12:01 pm | In reply to Emily.

      I totally agree. The second male character, James, was the only one who saved the story.
      I also like this author very much but an author cannot deliver caviar all the time right? (wink)
      Thank you for your comment Emily 🙂