General: 4
Characters: 4
Plot: 5
Sex heat: 4

Length: 47800 words / 129 pages
Genre: Menage MMMF, MM,MMM, MF, paranormal, shifters, Vampires
Publisher: Amira Press, LLC
Author’s blog: Crymsyn Hart
Published: Jan 26, 2012
ISBN # 9781937394264

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This is no secret that I like this author very much. Crymsyn Hart is a sure thing if you wish to read a great paranormal shifter story. A cat for all is no exception.

This story is mostly about characters who are insecure or were badly hurt emotionally. That is an interesting choice because I felt that each character was high maintenance. I love high maintenance but I do not like drama queens/kings or whining people. There is a fine line in between that is hard to draw. In real life, I am not sure I would be able to live 24/7 with one but I sure did have a couple of friends like this. Some evolved, turned the page for another chapter and moved on and some remained in their past, sadly.

This book portray both. 4 characters but I fell for only 2.

The heroine, Orianna,  is the first one. I enjoyed her strength and her weakness. I could relate to her in a way that after a terrible emotional event, I would have shut down and become an hermit, blocking all kind of emotions and become a living entity completely detached from people. I liked that one day she woke up and said: enough!

The second character, Pierce,  the omega. Although not described that way in the story, he kinda was. I found him cute and kind of innocent. For him it was black and white. He gave it all or nothing. I am totally not that way but I sure appreciate people who are like that. It is so simple to be around them.

Now those I enjoyed a bit less although they were also very interesting.

Dallas. Nothing wrong with him but I found him falling for Orianna a bit too quick. He was very reticent and bam after a week he decided that he loved her after spying her. I did not find that romantic or credible. At first, he find her cute but states clearly that he prefers men. Then he changed his mind and she became his new focus. I did not mind the change of mind but what I mind was the reasons and those were not very well developed in my opinion.

Ryker, the fourth character. Probably the most interesting of all but I did not fell for him at all. His jealousy became after a while an handicap for me. I understood perfectly his insecurities, although here as well a little return in his past to explain a bit more would have been great. I found that the transition between the “I hate you because you are taking away my mates” from “now that I know you can shift I can love you” way too petty. Plus it happened way too late in the story that when it happened the connection I wanted to have was lost a long time ago. However, I found his jealousy totally credible and that was interesting.

The plot was great. no surprise here. Crymsyn Hart knows how to mix the romance and the plot very nicely. Yes it was not a big suspense to know how the epilogue would  be but I enjoyed it. I would have maybe liked a bit more if she detailed the villains but overall it was not necessary.

The sex scenes were nice although again a bit more MM oriented like most of the bisexual erotic romance. Again here no surprise. But I did not feel cheated that the heroine was a voyeur or a fourth wheel. It was pretty much equal love/attention/sex in the relationship with all characters.

So yes, I invite you to read this story. You will not be disappointed.

Publisher’s description:

A mysterious man beckons Orianna to the hotel bar. Ryker confesses he and his two mates, Dallas and Pierce, want her to return home with them.

To keep Pierce satisfied, Ryker invites a strange woman into their lives. He struggles with Orianna because she’s their natural enemy, a vampire. As the bond cements between Orianna and Pierce, he discovers Dallas falling for her too.

Orianna is abducted and all three men dash to rescue her from the local pride leader. If they don’t get there in time, there will nothing left of their new mate except ashes.

Warning: This book contains three sexy cat shifters who will make you purr, and a spirited heroine who can tame all three. Make sure you have some cream handy cause these kitties deserve it.



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  1. I’d have bought it just for the title. Now, after reading your review, but particularly the warning, I’ll definitely add it to my TBR list!!!!
    Thanks Mary for this special insight,