I am very honored that Book Lovers Inc. asked me an interview to talk about ménage romance.

I invite you to read it here:

Kink In Erotic Romance:
Guilty Pleasure or Forbidden Fruit – Part 1 + GC Giveaway!

Thank you so much Lea! It was fun to answer your questions and hopefully some erotic romance readers who never read ménage will be tempted to do so! 😉

~ Mary ~

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4 responses

  1. Laura Tolomei says:

    It was also loads of fun to read them, too!!!! Wow Mary what a great interview! Gonna tweet it straight away!



  2. kaisquared says:

    Great interview! How have I not seen this blog until now? Well written menage is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, and I look forward to your reviews.


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      Thank you to make my day!
      I look forward for your comments too. I love to share my addiction with another one!!!