General: 4
Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 4
Cover: 1

69794 words / 217 pages
Menage: MFM (twins)

Where to buy it: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Dawn Forrest

Really good. Really really good werewolf story!

I did not transfer my most recent releases on my ereader so I was scrolling which one fancy my mood. After the last BDSM and contemporary, I was into paranormal and werewolf. And I was glad I made the choice to read this story.

Since it is a siren publishing release, I am always curious to read the reviews there. I was stunned to read that a reader did not like the book at all because she was surprised of the spanking…. duh… not only it is clearly mentioned in the blurb but I am even surprise that this reader liked at all the ménage story. I mean it is almost systematic that now I find a spanking in each ménage. Not original, I know, but this bad review because of it just made me laugh.

Another review thought it was sex sex sex and no plot, no romance. Ok. I will maybe agree with the lack of romance. It was a bit short. But too much sex and no plot? wow. Let me explain clearly, so there will be no single doubt in your mind:

Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking

Can this be clearer than that? ok. yes. But which part of erotic and spanking did this reader not understand?

So complaining about too much sex when the romance is labelled erotic, either the reader misread the name of the publisher with Avon or Phaze or skip the blurb part.

I am all for reviews. But when I read reviews such: average, could have been better. with no details, no explanation why, I shake my head. It is like someone who never ever visited Africa for example and claim high and clear that he or she does not like Africa. uh why? did you visit it? Is it the weather? why? stupid. sorry, but I call that stupid.

now. Back to the story. Oh dear. I always get carry away with my reviews uh? What a nice way to vent you know? You should try!

I loved Alpha’s prize. Is this better?

Yep. I really enjoyed reading this story. Why? Because…. uh uh I can also play the game you know? Naaaa I loved it because it was totally original and I was surprised a couple of time which is really great for me. I do not like stories that after the first chapter, I already know the epilogue.

This story is about 2, maybe 3 relationships but mainly 2. The mother and the daughter. So we have a MFM with a pair of twins and a MF. That is quite unusual. The plot was really good. Yes it could have been a bit more dramatic but it was still very good.

I like when an author find new ways to describe the werewolf world. You have to know that they are more into their half beast than their wolf. So yes, if you do not like furry sex, then this book is not for you. But to be honest, it was not disturbing at all because all sex were consensual in the mating process and the heroines knew perfectly what to expect.

Sex? Yes. You will find some but the first sex scene was at half the story so the “sex sex sex” comment? really? After that it was nicely mixed with the events and never too much or too little.

What really stood out in this story is definitely the plot and the originality. I also enjoyed that the author mixed the nationality and the physical difference with all the characters. It was not all green and yellow. I liked that a lot. One of the heroine is Maori for example, one guy is native american, others russians etc.

I also laugh a few times and if you read me, humor is important for me. I recall a conversation between two women talking in slang so the men could not understand them.

The characters. Yes you have some but not over too much that you do not remember who is who like it happens sometimes with authors who write 5 books in 1. Talking about it, I have a little message here to the authors… I do not mind multiple characters showing up in each books of your series. It is fine and homey but could you please think when we reach over 10 characters, to add some kind of list at the end or beginning of the book so we remember who is who? I mean, I am sorry to tell you that nobody is reading your series in a row. We read many books in between and guess what… we forget your dear characters and it sucks, trust me on that, to try to remember who is who and what was his or her story. Thanks guys. 😉

So the characters in this book. I liked them. I think I had a crush on Will and Kil. Kil will have his own story in book 2 as well as Sean and Brad. I will keep an open eye about this book 2 to buy it even if it says MF because obviously it does not mean that I will read only MF and potentially another menage mixed in it or why not a MM.

Anyway. You like werewolf stories? You like a nice plot? You like to read something original? You are not afraid of beasts? Then Alphas’ Prize is your book!

For me? I will add on my to-read list Sharing Sharon now. Not part of this series but another ménage of this author that I am very curious to discover!


Really? I mean do we have to see the same model again and again and again? Yes he is an handsome guy but I am really tired to see him on most of the covers of my ménage stories. I know he is the star model for all erotic authors and publishers but geezzz any chance that among the thousands of existing male models you could find new as attractive? I am sure there are some blondies somewhere if you search well. If you need help by the way, just give me a holler! I will drop everything about now and go on the hunt! Honest! It won’t be any bother at all…

Plus I am even more tired of cover artists who just add a moon and a wolf on top and sell it for each and every werewolf story!!!


Publisher’s description:

Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking

Joanna and her mother, Katherine, are rare female werewolves who can procreate without the mating bond specific to true-mates. They are highly prized by unmated males who want heirs, especially the powerful Alphas and Primes.

When Jo meets Yuri and Vlad Volkov, twin Alphas of the Siberian Pack and her true-mates, she knows that she will not have to endure a lonely, stressful life on the run like her mother.

The full moon is rapidly approaching, filling Jo with equal amounts of elation and fear. It is the only time werewolves are fertile and when they can form a true mating bond. Jo and her mates will become united forever, but Jo also knows that her mother is in great danger at this time. Who can she trust to help?

Katherine waits in a secret, isolated location, but is it safe enough from a sadistic Prime who is desperate to find and enslave her? Will Jo be able to help her mother in time to begin her life with the men she loves?


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