General: 4
Characters: 5
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 4
Cover: 2

28820 words / 100 pages
Menage: MMF

Where to buy this book: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Sara Kingston

So after Grace’s final submission by Sara Kingston, I had to read this one and as you can see the rating is not a must read but still a very good read.

First I will say that NO the story is not about a phone online ménage… GRRRR I hate it when the publisher accept the covers without checking if it is accurate to the story or not. As a reader I feel frustrated and I am sure the author must be to.  On top of it which part of RED HAIR guy do you not understand????

ok. breath in. out. in. out.

As I said, the story was nice. Somehow I felt as if the author wrote this story a while before Grace’s final submission. Both heroines had quite the same personalities except one was a slave and the other not at all. But their reactions, insecurities were the same.

However the males characters were very different. First they are bisexuals. The story starts the guys are already in a 6 years relationship. And this is touchy because I generally do not like much a MMF when the third female shows up later. I have a hard time to find it credible that all of a sudden the guys realize that they miss a female. But I have to say that Sara Kingston developed the characters and the relationship nicely. Yes I did not feel that one male was 100% equally in love with the heroine and this is probably why my rating is only 4. I understood that after 6 years, the level of love is different but I was hoping more passion and a bit less jealousy from him. I did not like the fact that he lied to her so he could spend more time with the other guy or if he did I would have expected that he had a clear explanation with the heroine. I found him a bit selfish. In the end, I had more the feeling that he accepted the threesome in fear to loose his boyfriend instead of falling really in love with the heroine and I felt a bit cheated.

I loved the other male and the heroine. I liked their personalities and interactions. I thought that the text messages were cute and funny at times.

This story is not a BDSM at all. There is no bondage either. The sex scenes were okay although I would have loved another MF to balance the 2 MM sex scenes. I did not like that in one scenes they left her masturbating while they had fun together. That irked me a bit.

What I enjoyed the most I think is that the author used the time factor perfectly. Funny how a couple of months in a story make a huge difference in the credibility. One relationship was online for over a year so when they meet I believed the friendship, the complicity and the love/lust. The other relationship was 6 months of meetings and physical lust. It was indeed funny that the author played the mental and physical with both characters.

Overall, I enjoyed this romance and I recommend it.

Publisher’s description:

Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M

Alexis Thompson has been lusting after her very gay client Tyler Daniel for the last six months, but as the saying goes, all the good men are gay! She would know. Her best online bud, Big Red, is gay also. They may be unobtainable, but at least they can star in her most erotic fantasies.

Ryan Cooper’s world is turned upside down after Tyler, his lover for the last six years, confesses to kissing Alex, a man he meets through work he has lusted for months over. Devastated, Ryan calls on Amazon Pixy, his best friend, for help. Finally face-to-face for the first time, Ryan is blown away not only by his attraction to her, but by the discovery that she is Tyler’s Alex.

Keeping the knowledge to himself, he plots a meeting with his best friend and his lover. He plans to insert Alex, the final missing piece, into their happily ever.



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