General: 5
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex heat: 5

63833 words /
Menage: MFM – BDSM

Where to buy this book: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Sara Kingston

WOW. I could just stop right there with my review with this: WOW.

I am not sure if I will find the words to make sure that each and every one who will read this review will run to buy this book.  I’ll try anyway.

First thing you need to know is that this story is about a true BDSM lifestyle story. We are talking about masters, switches, submissive and slave. There is no doubt in my mind that this story will probably disturb some readers because the authenticity of the characters will give chills in the good or a bad way.

In this story, we are talking about slave with collars, naked and punished. This is not the little bondage that you will find here and there in most of the ménage stories where authors make a confusion and call the men Doms just because they use some cuffs and blindfolds in the bedroom. Nope. Here we are talking about giving up total control day and night, accepting to receive orders inside and outside the bedroom, never refusing and trusting that someone else will please you in every ways.

Two friends, two masters who are tired of submissives without connection decide to buy in an auction a slave and contract her for 6 months. 24/7 this woman will give up her will and submit fully. A woman who has the exterior of a dominatrix, the body of a submissive and the soul of a slave. This is the journey of a woman who at 30 decides to embrace the BDSM lifestyle and discover that her happiness is to be a slave.

Ok. I resumed the story with a couple of words but it is so much more.

This book is the perfect book for someone who does not know much about the BDSM lifestyle. We learn that each individual is protected and most especially the slaves. It goes way beyond a safe word. This story explains pretty much the whole spectrum of roles in the BDSM lifestyle: master/domme, switch, sub, slave. It explains that a master does not become master just by name and a slave accepts the slavery by choice and at any time the slave can break a contract. A contract is a document where every little single details of what a Master can do, what a slave accepts is written. The slave does not show up like that and accept everything. If the slave does not want permanent scars. It is written. The contract will protect the slave in every ways but only the trust for the Doms will make it possible.

Yes it can be disturbing to read a romance where the heroine seems to give up her pride, her choices, herself completely.Trust me on that. I know. I am not slave material so when I read a BDSM with a slave heroine, I usually distance myself a bit because I do not understand. And of course I cannot understand because I do not live the lifestyle.

But this story is in my opinion perfection in this subgenre.  I was completely fascinated and in trance with the characters, the story, the relationship.I understood where the heroine was coming from.This story was a journey, the journey of an ordinary woman who had a crappy past and wanted to take matters in her hands at 30.

I loved that I could hear her thoughts of rebellion when she pushed herself to acknowledge her need to fully give up her will. At times I was laughing. Yes! this book has it all, including humor!

But the book is also the story of two men, straight and best friends. I loved that the author could explain that it is possible that two best friends can truly love each other, not like each other, truly love each other but without sexual innuendo. Sadly, I really cannot say much about them without destroying the suspense. All I can say is that I loved their personalities. It is just impossible to not fall for them.

The sex scenes are incredible. I am very very difficult to satisfy regarding the sex scenes that menage authors write. I always find them a bit too vanilla almost boring with the same oh and ah at the right place but nothing really exciting. I am not sure what it means here for me. I may need to psychoanalyze myself a bit deeper but I thought that all the sex scenes were hot. Thinking about it, it is probably that each sex scenes were attached with a high level of emotions.

So many twists in this book. I just cannot talk about it because it would destroy your will to read it. You have to believe me on this. Roller coaster? pffff Sara Kingston re-wrote the definition! Now my question that will nag me is: who is Sara Kingston and which other pen names is she under? Because no way this author published only 3 books. ha!

I was literally panting, kept on my toes all the time. The epilogue is so full of emotions. Yep. I am not ashamed to say that I cried. And that is the magic that Sara Kingston used with this story. I know. I just know that this author put a little bit of her soul in this book. I felt it chapter after chapter.

ok. Did I raise my case here you think?

A must read. Period.

Publisher’s description:

Erotic BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys

After leaving her unhappy marriage, Grace Sinclair starts a path to self-discovery. Days after joining a BDSM club, she finds herself willingly auctioning herself as a slave to be trained. Never in her wildest dreams a year ago would she have imagined herself here, the ball-busting ice queen becoming a submissive slave for six months.

Michael Cooper and Jason Smith have been long-term friends and are sick and tired of searching for their perfect submissive. They decide to purchase a slave to give themselves six months of peace and relaxation, not to mention a slave at their beck and call to satisfy any cravings or desires they may have.

Together the three discover how not only a relationship between three people can be difficult, but throw in a Dom, a switch, and a slave who thinks she is only a sub, and you have a house full of tension, frustration, and fiery passion.



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