General: 4
Characters: 3.5
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 3.5

71233 words / 238 pages
Menage : MFM
Series: yes but can be read as stand alone

Where to buy: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Cara Covington aka Morgan Ashbury

Sweet. Sweet as cotton candy. That is how I would rate this series, The Lusty, Texas collection.

Each book in this story has something in common: all the males are big bad guys, ex-seals, ex-cops, ex-bodyguards, ex-feds, ex-whatever-testosterones-job-you-can-find but they are all completely smitten by the heroine. As I said, sweet.

Maybe a bit too sweet at times.

The Lusty, Texas series is just about that. The men are completely devoted, smitten, in love at first sight, dominant but yet puppies to the heroines. You will not find any fight of some kind or if you do it will be more about the heroine who is scared to be dominated too much.

However there is always a plot in the background that push the men to use their big bad experience to save the love of their life.

When I start reading one of those, I know what to expect. I have no surprise. I do not think much, I just enjoy the sweet ride of the romance. It is a muahhhh all along, sigh because no freaking way those guys would exist in real life.

The Lusty, Texas is a town with a couple of families where the norm is to marry in ménage for generations. Each book is of course a new ménage but all the previous characters are mixed in the story and new are always added in order to have a bridge for another ménage story. They are still stand alone but since each ménage show up in the next, it is better to read them in order.

Right about now I am like the two males in this story Love under two SEALs, I need a map to figure it out who is who and with who. I think the author should think to add a section at the epilogue and explain who is who because I was a bit lost in this book and it was disturbing to try to remember. I mean there is already 8 ménages, 16 guys, 8 heroines, tons of potentials other menates with tons of brothers and cousins plus so many aunts, uncles, fathers and mother and the matriarch too plus the “visitors” who just decide to move because they heard of the ménage lifestyle and the friends of the friends…  Honest, I could still follow who is who and with who but now I am lost. I would not mind much but Cara Covington include the “old” characters on each new story and they are all connected one way or another.

I am insisting on this because they got pretty much all involved in the plot.

Regarding the characters, I like all the female characters. I like their personalities. They are in charge. However, I find the men without sparks. Oh yes, they are sweet and smitten but I think the best way I can put it is that there is no challenge in the relationship. It is a done deal at the first chapter already.

The Sex is good but does not give me the hots. The heroine is rarely aggressive and the men are all devoted to her. She is the queen and they give her homage.

The plot show always some villains who just cannot win against the big wall of testosterone.

I generally read Cara Covington or Sophie Oak or Heather Rainier when I want to read something romantic. I do not even question myself, I know that I will find a sweet romance and I will put my credibility factor at the door because pretty much nothing is credible.

Funny. I have in mind one paragraph:

Peter had pulled in another Fed, Joe Grant, a special agent with the FBI, who’d happened to be in town today, and the two of them were inside that house now, waiting.

Really? how convenient no? lol

I still do recommend this series and this book. Everybody needs sweet in their life once in a while… and I love cotton candy 😉

Publisher’s description: Siren Publishing

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys

Julia Benedict fled New York City for her home of Lusty, Texas, after one unforgettable night making love under two navy SEALs. She’s fallen for them, hard. But Dev and Drew are the wrong type of men! They’re more Alpha than all the men of her family combined, and if there’s one thing Julia doesn’t want, it’s a pair of husbands who will boss her around just as her brothers have always done.

As Dev and Drew set out to court her, Julia begins to understand there’s a world of difference between bossy brothers and strong, caring lovers. But a case of mistaken identity finds Julia kidnapped. Her lovers must find her before she’s turned over to Miguel Ramos.

With Julia back home safely, the SEALs know their enemy will strike again. But as the men of Lusty gather to entrap the villain, it is the women who take the biggest stand—and the biggest risk.



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