General: 3.5
Characters: 3.5
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 3
Cover: 2

Menage: MFM
187 pages / 56775 words
Series: yes, book 3, but can be read as stand alone

Where to buy it: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Cameron Paige

I’ll be frank. I was not sure if I wanted to give a 3.5 or a 4. I thought about the feeling that left me in the end of the read and thought that it was overall erasing the inconsistencies I found all along. It was not many but they kept bugging me.

I read also the firs 2 books of this series: Commando Cowboys Capture Their Mate(book 1) and Commando Cowboys Rescue Their Bride (book 2) and I am left with the same indecision.

I will talk about book 3 because it is the one I just finished reading.

Some aliens came on earth a long long time ago and decided to stay and breed the human women. They are stronger, faster and have great physical abilities. They are not shifters but they have the same instincts, they recognize their mate by their smell and they think of their women as mate. They also mate for life. They live in a closed community. It is suggested that they deal as equals with the president who give them carte blanche on everything.

ok. the idea is original. However, nothing is explained but suggested. After 3 books, I still do not know who they are, what they are capable of except that they can hear better and the priestess do speak a foreign language when they marry. Besides that, not much. Frustrating. Not sure why the secret has to be around them, inside their community they all have a normal life, taking care of herds, have shops etc. Even the publisher did not put this story into the paranormal category.

The plot is fast pace and I liked it. Yes we all know who are the villains but it is still a nice plot to follow.

The characters now. In book 3, Commando Cowboys Seduce Their Woman, i did not like Jack. I liked very much Sahale and was okay with the heroine Ellen. Jack was not lovable from the start. The guy did not know if he could commit with the heroine because she was potentially barren. Yes, he changed his mind relatively quickly but I did not find this appealing at all in my romance. If the author, Paige Cameron, made him fall in love with the heroine and then had still concerns or doubts, I would have been okay but here it was like: if you are not a mare, then I will not love you… if you cannot deliver calves, then get lost. Nope. That just stopped me in the track to like him.

Sadly the story was biased for me as soon as Jack came into the picture.

At first, I started to love the story very very much. I loved Sahale. I liked that he is a native american. (HEY SIREN PUBLISHING!!!!! which part of NATIVE AMERICAN with LONG HAIR tied in the neck do you not understand when you put this Caucasian on the cover with short hair???? and where is the blond hair guy too).

Ahem. Sorry. I was saying that I loved Sahale. I thought he was endearing and lovable.

The heroine did not touch me much but her personality was okay. I understood her insecurities and hurts.

So 2 out 3 of the characters were okay but for a menage that is quite a nono.

The sex scenes… mmm… 2 times they have sex with her and one guy is literally not coming. There is no real threesome and the sex scenes were pretty boring. Oh yeah she had 2 nice massages and she came when they sucked her nipples but even the binding parts at almost the epilogue was a bit boring. But I think what bothered me the most is that 2 times, one guy was left out and she did not even think that it was not normal to not take care of him. It was like: thank you for MY orgasm, now I need a nap. See ya! Paige Cameron really needs to work a bit more on that and develop a bit more those.

A couple of other inconsistencies bothered me too:  they are in a committed relationship, the girl despair to be barren and they keep wearing condoms. One is a vet, the other a doc… I mean a clean test would have been done within hours along with the tests to know if she could carry children or not. I mean if I wanted really really much to be pregnant, I would make that the guys are clean and not use a rubber and let the nature follows just in case.

The heroine says that she is very closed to her parents but then they are not even invited the most important day of her life at her marriage?

So this story had pros and cons. I will not say it is a bad story because some parts were cute. Will I read book 4 which is about the foreman, Lang, his friend nick and the jewels girl? probably. I still had a good time reading this series. 😉

note: please note of another category with siren… everlasting polyromance… geeeezzz, I hope they are planing to give us a map someday because I am still brainstorming to understand the difference between menage everlasting and everlasting polyromance… is the marriage the difference and requires a new category for it? Really? I mean really??

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Erotic Cowboy Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, light bondage

Ellen Simmons is scared. When she signals the Commando Cowboys for help, Sahale Connor arrives at her door. His beautiful eyes, gorgeous body, and delicious scent stir feelings she’s kept repressed. At the ranch, she discovers his best friend, Jack Talisman, affects her the same way.

But Ellen doesn’t trust men. Her marriage ended badly, and her former father-in-law had threatened her, if she said anything about them. She hadn’t. But now she’s in danger and doesn’t know why.

Sahale is told to question Ellen. He’s to find out what she knows that makes someone want to shut her up. Sahale convinces Ellen to tell him some of her life story. When she does, his instinct tells him the man Ellen fears may be the one they seek. Sahale and Jack need to keep her safe, catch the man they’d been hunting, and convince Ellen to trust and love again.



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