General: 4
Characters: 4.5
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 4

Length of the book: 112 pages
Where to buy it: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Author’s blog: Ann Mayburn

After the disastrous previous read, I was hoping to read a good story. The funny thing I realized is that each time I do not like a book and I am looking for another one, I am turning into a BDSM story or I read again a story that I know I enjoyed very much. It is like drinking a soda after you have swallowed something bitter.

Blushing Violet is maybe not the best BDSM I ever read but it sure was a good read.

I enjoyed very much the heroine on many levels. She is first of all a plus size woman which is in my mind way closer to reality. Like many women with a plus size figure, she was criticized. The fact that it began by her mother and sister ruined her self esteem. His father could not tolerate that his daughters could wear something sexy so this did not help as well. So all her life, she thought she was not pretty, had nothing special and of course no men would find her attractive.

That is sad. I am not talking about the character here but our actual society. We are moving forward to understand that women who are looking like skeleton are not pretty and not healthy but it remains that if you are over size 8, you have curbs and if you dare to be over size 14+, then you are fat. Ooooo it is not said fat but “big”. Just check Marie Claire’s boutiques and any others, 14+ then you are not the norm. I would not mind that. Yes, with this comment you already know that I am a “big” girl. I used to be a pretty little thing too so I know the difference how people look at me now and then.

What irks me is that people see only the outside, rarely the inside. Plus it seems that if you are 14+, it is so more difficult to find something sexy without looking trashy and it costs so much more because they are so much rarer to find. Sucks. Really. It seems that designers think in vast majority that if we have curbs we must wear granny stuffs, pinky salmon (geeeeeez how I hate this color!) all ugly forms with ugly colors. Or yes, you can find some nice clothes but for the little inches extra the prices are multiplied by 3… So the society does not help the plus size women to feel good. I made peace with myself a while ago. I aged. I am different. My mind is different. My body is different and I finally learned to do not accept half of what I deserve.

This story is about this kind of woman. So of course, I felt closer to the character and I liked her a lot. She was not whining, she just raised her chin and her shoulders, accepted to use her physical assets wisely so her curbs look voluptuous and all her attitude in life changed. We are the only one who can do that.

After a nasty relationship, she decides to date online in a BDSM site and receive 2 matches which are of course for the story the best friends. Both Doms who are tired of gold digging girls and wish to find a submissive of their own. They are not looking to share one which I thought was a nice change because most of the menage D/s stories have 2 Doms looking to share the submissive.

Lets be clear. I have a really hard time to think this is even possible. But at the era of or, why not a (I made up the last one but you were tempted to click on it uh? lol). I cam across a polyamory website in NYC thru twitter so why not a BDSM after all?

I found the heroine funny at times. The author incorporated here and there some humor and that was a nice touch.

This story was about trust. Both guys decide to do not tell the girl that they know each other. The girl is pretty straight forward and do not hide them that she is dating them but not knowing that they know each other. Of course, it turns that she feels betrayed that they requested honesty but they did not return the favor.

The sex scenes had some BDSM but again it was not heavy BDSM.

Unfortunately, although very sexy, the cover does not reflect at all the story. This is a very heavy BDSM outfit and our heroine never wore such outfit. So I thought that the cover was not appropriate for this story.In any case the heroine is collared. She never takes the submissive position. This book is more about light bondage IMO.

Overall, I had a good time to read this book. It was well written and the Doms were not cavemen which is in my book is a huge plus. I certainly recommend this book.

Publisher’s description (Ellora’s cave):

Shy and quirky Violet Bishop has finally found the perfect way to meet a man who can fulfill her hidden submissive desires—an online dating site that matches couples based on books they love. In this case, the BDSM erotica that fuels her fire.

Two Dom best friends and business partners, Carlos Romano and Morgan Kane, are matched with Violet. They both want to date her and, rather than fight, decide to keep the fact they know each other a secret and let her choose. A good idea in theory, but impossible when they both fall in love and wish to make Violet their own.

The men build up Violet’s almost nonexistent self-esteem and help her find strength she never knew she had, along with an almost bottomless craving for their dominant touch. When Violet discovers they’ve been less than truthful, the men realize they’ve helped her become stronger than even they knew—strong enough to leave them. Now Morgan and Carlos must find a way to win their perfect woman back, no matter what.


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