General: 4 stars
Characters: 4
Plot: 3
Sex heat: 4.5

25007 words ( 77 pages)
Where to buy it: Siren Publishing
Author’s blog: Tonya Ramagos

That was a fun read!

Of course I will not lie to say that I missed the prequel of the heroine’s story. The part where she succeed to get rid of a violent relationship and how she rebuilt her self esteem and her life. It would have been nice. But thinking about it, it would have been a plus but it is not as if it is really missing in this actual version.

I liked the male characters. They reminded me the kind of men who play and screw every girl around but once they fall in love, they fall hard and the girl has the power to destroy them. Isn’t it the dream of every single girl in the planet to go for the bad boys and put them on their knees just for you?

Was this story credible. Not much. Why? Mostly because I do not see 3 people falling hard when they were in a middle of a rescue when the woman was beatten by an abusive guy and two guys, in a middle of the action, saving her and thinking that she is the one. Sure, they could all fantasized about it later but thinking that they were meant together…

But it is also true that the heroine explained that when the event happened she was surprised and almost out of the relationship. The author wanted to let us know that the event looked worse than what the men thought. Maybe if Tonya Ramagos developed this part, I would have think it possible but falling hard in a blink of an eye and still in love one year and an half later, that was a bit stretchy.

However. This put aside. I thought it was a very hot story. The sex scenes were hot and I must say hotter than I usually read lately and that was a nice change. The publisher is talking about light BDSM, I am talking about bondage. Again a dominant guy does not make him a Dom. Besides a spanking and holding her hands and taking charge of the sex, I did not see much of BDSM like Andrew’s crux or subspace moments etc.

What I liked is that the heroine decided to jump the fence and go for what she wanted. The author did not portrayed her as a whining girl. The way she tantalized them was funny.

I read this book in a couple of hours and I spent a good time. I am sure you will as well 🙂

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, light BDSM

Angel’s spent a year rebuilding her life with one goal in mind—to experience the dark pleasures she saw in her rescuer’s eyes. Fate puts Jacob in her grasp, but he won’t touch her alone. Armed with a newfound stubbornness and strength, she squares off with Mitch and Jacob, determined to prove she’s the woman for them.

Convinced Angel is too innocent and damaged to be the submissive lover they crave, Jacob and Mitch made a vow to stay away. Now she’s come looking for them. One touch and Jacob knows he can’t walk away again, but Mitch’s hard head isn’t going to make having her easy.

Mitch kept his distance from Angel, believing his dominant needs would shatter her. But the woman she’s become is nothing like he remembers. Sassy and strong, her challenges push him past his breaking point, feeding his need for ownership and control.



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  1. Emily says:

    I just read Picking Art by this author yesterday. Will give this one a try.