General: 4 stars
Characters: 4
Plot: 4
Sex heat: 3

Why o why I thought this story was about werewolfs and vampires? Oh yes! I know! Because allromanceebooks put this book, Claws on Silk by Summer Devon and Linda Gayle  into the vampires/werewolves categories! dudes! No vampires and no werewolves in this book. But yes shifters. They even tagged it MMF but there is NO MM actions whatsoever. Yes there is thoughts and desires but no mm sex ever… So that brings an interesting question here: are we bisexual if we have some fantasy about the same sex as well?

Now this said, Loose Id, the publisher did put the right category but not the genre in my opinion.

So I started to read this story with some preconceived notions.

Now this said. I liked the book. I thought it was a very different kind of style that I usually read. First it is an historical story. I hardly read historical stories. I have a hard time to associate menage with historical. In my mind, polyamory does not exist so it is hard for me to find the credibility factor that I am so fond of.

When I finished the book, I immediately thought: “this story needs a prequel and a sequel. It looks like a movie script. We jump into the action, very little sex scenes and pretty mild but the style and story was different, therefore interesting”.

That will resume a little bit this story. I thought it was a good story but it missed certainly the heat factor there. Not even a MM sex scene that is pretty expected. No dual penetration. The sex scenes were shy and not developed enough in my opinion.

However, I liked the characters. I found them interesting. I would have loved to know more about them before the story started so that is why I would have loved a prequel. The story was like a story inside a story. I wanted to know more: was it magic or genetic? why was it so rare?

I was intrigued about this story and the characters. The heroine is an assassin and sent to kill a guy who of course is innocent. She cannot do it and when she is almost resigned to do it, a second guy show up and she meets for the first time one of her kind. They are all mates but nobody admit it or even know it. Nobody know about the whys and hows.

I thought this story was different. Is it because it was written by two authors? I really wonder how it works. I am fascinated to understand how two authors can co-author a story and how they do that.

Overall I think you will like this story because it is not the kind of shifters stories we are usually reading. And for me it is a plus. I like difference. I like it when I am put on my toes and I try to follow the story. Indeed this story kept me wondered but I want now to read either the prequel or the sequel because I was kept on my hunger here. I need to know.

Publisher’s description (Loose ID):

Blackmailed into acting as her family’s assassin, Anna corners O’Riley, her prey, but is shocked to realize the farmer standing over him is another of her kind: a rare Varelse, a tigerlike creature bred to kill. Anna’s drawn to Isak, who hasn’t shifted for years but who sees Anna struggle with her dual nature. Sometimes cultured lady, sometimes bloodthirsty beast, Anna begs for help. Isak agrees — if she’ll spare O’Riley’s life. In their sensual lessons, he awakens his own dark animal — and unleashes her feral passion.

But there’s a hitch — Patrick O’Riley, the charming blackguard she hunts, desires her too. What’s more, he also wants Isak. And to Isak’s surprise, the farmer finds he’s curious about the three of them together.

Yet over their heads hangs the specter of Anna’s blackmailer — her uncle, who wants Patrick dead. Knowing they must confront him and learn the truth, Anna, Isak, and Patrick embark on a journey that takes them over land and sea and pushes the boundaries of their turbulent relationship. With their lives on the line, the three surrender to the lure of claws on silk and the savage lust that entwines them with danger and desire.

Publisher’s warning: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/f).



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