General: 5 stars
Characters: 5
Plot: 4.5
Sex heat: 4.5

Another must read no question about it. I wondered if book 2 of this series, Their Virgin’s Secret will raise the same level of quality as book 1 Their Virgin Captive by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake and yes it did and even topped it with a perfect rating.

A young girl fall madly in love with twins brothers. In return they do too but they are mercenaries and in a middle of a dangerous mission and they lie to her about who they are and what they do for a living. They think that the best way to protect her is to run away, finish their mission and come back. It takes one year. And in one year, everything can happen and a woman can change too.

I loved this story. It was full of honest emotions. I could totally relate to the heroine. She was betrayed. She was abandoned. She hurt. But this was not only the story of a woman here, it was also the story of the men who understood a bit too late that they screwed up their relationship.

So how can we forgive? How can you move on? How can you let go and trust again? Is it really possible to do that?

I think you cannot really forgive because deep down you will always remember the hurt, the betrayal, the loneliness.

I think this romance has a winning pair of authors here. I could completely immerse myself into the story and felt what the heroine was feeling. It was raw from all the 3 characters.

Yes the heroine is a virgin. Yes one of the twin is a Dom. And yes the second twin is the loving sweet seductor. Extremely cliché and I am not fond of cliché. I find them boring and over used. Somehow, both authors found a way to make it work without me screaming “not again!!!”.

I loved the way I could understand how they felt. The guilt. The love. I not only understood them but along with the heroine, I forgave them.

The part I related the most was when the heroine is trying her best to have a huge fight with them while deep down she is dying to be cuddled and loved… You know what? I did that with an ex. I totally did react the same way. I was mean. I was completely honest and raw. I wanted a declaration of love. I wanted to hurt back the same way I have been. I was passionate in every ways. So when I read this scene, I was a bit taken aback.The words she used could have been mine. The irony. The sarcasm. The meanness. All of it.

It is a true BDSM story but the sex scenes were not dominant in this story.

Funny. I realized that Natalie Acres writes the same way as Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. They start with a strong plot, continue with scorching emotional interaction between the characters and use the sex mostly at the end of the story. Of course I never know before I read the story that it is the same pattern but it is interesting to notice the similarities here afterwards. I also wonder since I tend to give perfect rating to BDSM menage, I should stick to them? Should I? mmm naaaaa I enjoy way too much diversity but it is nice to realize that I will always have a genre to turn to and of course some fantastic authors. 😉

Book 3 will be out sometimes in 2012 and I cannot wait to read it. If I read between the lines, the story will be a heavy BDSM with 3 brothers and one of them will be a sheik.

Publisher’s description (Virgin Series):

Word Count: 65,312 (145 pages)

Two Men on a Mission

Security Professionals Burke and Cole Lennox have shared women before but never meant to fall in love with one. Their lives are precarious, always on the edge of trouble. But Jessa Wade is too tempting, too perfect to let go. They’re on a dangerous mission, but they can’t help but get close to the beautiful, innocent artist. When their mission takes them to a foreign land, they reluctantly leave their love behind, promising to return for her one day.

A Woman with a Secret

After her lovers disappeared, Jessa Wade bravely moves on with her life, protecting her secret. But when she becomes the target of one of Burke and Cole’s enemies, the men leap into action, vowing to save their woman and to never leave again. As danger stalks all three, they must come together and face the mistakes of their past. On the run and out of time, Burke and Cole will fight for their future with Jessa



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