General: 5 Stars
Characters: 5
Plot: 5
Sex heat: 4

That’s it. It is a done deal. I am a NatalieAcres-ahoolic. There is no other word and you know what? I do not want a cure!

Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business by Natalie Acres is one of the best book I ever read. Oh yes, I have other in mind but this one is definitely in my top 10.

I mentioned in my previous review that Natalie Acres put me in a non stop roller coaster because she has the power to make me feel incredible emotions with her words.

This story is just exceptional.

I was not prepared at all to love it so much. After Cowboy Boots and Untamed Hearts book 1  I thought I would read another heavy BDSM and I was fine with that. I loved it so I decided to read this series in a row which is still my intention by the way more than ever now after reading Cowboy Boots and Unfinished Business book 2.

This book is not about BDSM. It is in a way because some of the men are Doms but the heroine is not. And that made this story so incredible because it was completely unexpected. Let me be clear right away: the heroine is also not a Domme! Just to be clear.

This story is complicated and stirred my emotions that I cried many times in this story. I am an emotional person but crying when I read a romance? really? This happens very rarely. I am not saying it does not but rarely. It is also very clear in my mind that I could completely relate to Veronica. The fact that she was not a slave but a potential submissive, yet not and that the men did not try to break her spirit and forced her to become a submissive appealed to me a lot. All the men respected her and admired her for who she was not the pretty little thing in bed. And that for me is a HUGE plus.

So here we are with Veronica, half sister of Kelsie who is dying of cancer and who is in a relationship with 5 men. Kelsie is a slave/submissive. Veronica is not. Kelsie is in terminal phase of cancer. Those 5 men and Veronica are secret agents of an underground killer unit. They are trained to kill and torture. And while they all face an immediate danger of revenge, they all face death.

We all know that we can love several time. We also know that we can love differently. I was completely captivated how Natalie Acres gave each and every character so much depth into them.

I understand that some women may be chocked reading this story. I understand that falling in love with someone when the “spouse” is dying is a huge taboo and a huge nono in many minds. I understand that. But in this story, I completely understood that one of the five men loved Kelsie but was never in love with her and therefore when he meant THE love of HIS life, he just could not resist even if it was at the most dramatic and not appropriate time ever.

Natalie Acres respected all her characters. Yes Dusty could not help it to fall in love but both Veronica and him never slept together in order to respect Kylsie and make sure she was not hurt. Kelsie knew. She even encouraged Dusty. She even asked her sister to take her place when she was gone. So there is absolutely no cheating of any kind if you are afraid here. The only cheating was on emotional level: Dusty could not help to fall in love and Veronica reciprocated the feelings.

So at first, I thought it was a distinct menage with Kelsie and her 5 men. Then I thought it was Veronica with 1 of the 5 men. In the end, it was another menage and 1 men grieving.

All characters are raw. They love. They grieve. Passion and guilt. Despairs and hopes. Natalie Acres mastered every single emotion brilliantly!

I hope I had the words here to express how much I loved this book. Did I?

The funny thing is that I almost skip this book. I started to read book 3 thinking that maybe people would not be interested to read a review about “old” releases but then after a couple of pages of book 3, I had the same reaction as with Natalie Acres bridled series: I thought I missed something and it was maybe a real series that I needed to read from book 1 up to book 3. It is not. They are all stand alone. BUT. I think it is would benefit the readers to read them in order so you can appreciate the underground world and the spirit of the characters.

This series is outstanding.

The plot was also incredible. Not a single moment of boredom. It was fast and I could totally picture it as a movie.

The sex was like book 1 more into the end of second half of the 200 pages. The sex was totally not necessary in each chapter and it was just right at the right chapter at the right time. Again, the sex scenes did not blow my mind but I loved the pool table scene 🙂

So what else to say that you must, really must, read this book.  I am already on my way once I click my publish button to buy the book in print. Because this is how it works with me: when I love a book that much, I MUST have it in print.

Now… on my way to read Cowboy Boots and Unsettled Debts. Review will follow 🙂

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Word Count: 82,954 (208 pages)

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, Multiple Partners, BDSM, sex toys]

The Remingtons are faced with tremendous loss. Their father is gunned down in front of them and after the smoke clears, the only thing left is their need for revenge and their desire to protect those they love.

Leaving their lover in Italy, the Remington brothers return to Missouri with a plan to lure their enemies to their familiar homestead. Once there, they meet up with Veronica Leigh, an intelligent operative who seeks more than retribution for Wilson Remington’s death.

Veronica is in Missouri to discover a life she was never meant to lead. In the process, she finds a family she’s ready to claim for her very own, but in doing so, shares in their grief and heartache before she finds her way home.

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