Why do I wait so much time reading a good BDSM? Let me think… ohhhh I know why! Because it is a complete emotional experience and commitment each time.

Their virgin captive Series: Masters of Menage (book 1) by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake is a must read. When I grouse all the time about authors who do not make the difference between a real D/s BDSM and a dominant lover who like to play bondage, you have to understand that it frustrates me no end that they do not know what they are talking about because they did not make any researches and that for me is a complete nono. The same kind as when an author think she is smart to use french words and the grammar and typos are so awful that it is completely ridiculous. In this case too, the author is either lazy or does not respect the subject and the readers.

BDSM is a complete subgenre on its own. It has nothing to do with erotic romance. Yes it is erotic. very. Yes it can have romance but in real life BDSM is different. It is like fetishism. Something apart. Something special. It takes knowledge. The authors must breath it. I will not say that far that they must be either a Dom or a Sub to know what they are talking about but they must certainly have this high level of knowledge and understanding.

When I read a BDSM, my emotions are always high and  BDSM stories just fascinate me. You know the kind of attraction-repulsion but even burned you have to coming back kind of thing? yep. That’s how I feel each time I read a BDSM story.

I loved Their Virgin Captive. plain and simple.

3 men fall in love with one woman. 3 Doms. 3 brothers. 1 soul mate. 1 protector. 1 savior…. and a virgin.

What I liked was the high maintenance of each men. One in particular was such a jerk that each words that the authors used went straight to my rebellious nature. I guess you have to see me read a great book with all the mmmm or awwwe or grrrrr or jeeeezzzz that I exclaim once in a while when I am deep in the story. That book was one of the kind I expressed myself a lot!

In this story, I liked that the heroine was not naive. Like put her in a place where relationships were impossible. The authors used the time factor to make the story credible: one year to fall for a person, to really want this person badly is something I understand. Yes I believe at love at first sight but it takes time for this love to grow strong and intense.

I liked also the plot. It was nice to not read BDSM sex scenes chapter after chapter. Yes it was pretty obvious who was the villain but the plot gave a good motivation to enhance the interaction between the characters. I was a bit surprised that the authors did not explain much of the “subspace” that a sub reach. In a way, the BDSM was not complete and this is why I gave a 4.5 rating only. A little something was missing in the sex scenes. She indeed received tons of spanking but there is way more in BDSM that was not in the story.

What is truly enthralling is the full level of trust a person has to give to the Dom (or Doms). I mean, I understand the rewards of it but since pain is completely part of the lifestyle I am just in awe about this trust. To just let it go. To literally give the full access of the body and accept whatever the Dom will do, give or not give.

On the other hand, the Dom is not really in charge and the sub at any time can say no more. The Dom will put the needs of his sub in #1 line always. To be a good Dom takes training, a long training. Spanking does not make a good Dom. It is a whole package.

I am lost to know who has the real power here. I guess I will never know since I never experience this kind of relationship and even if I visited a couple of website, read some excellent BDSM authors, saw a couple of bondage porns (yeah yeah I told you that I did my duties to understand BDSM), I will remain on the outside.

Reading a good BDSM is indeed an experience. I never jump into one in a wimp. I know what my limitations, my frustrations and my fascinations.

Their virgin captive will join my modest BDSM romance collection along with Cherise Sinclair and Kele Moon and a couple of others.

So now I am very ready to read book 2: Their virgin’s secret and I am pretty sure I will find the same intensity. I’ll let you know in my next review 🙂

Publisher’s description (Virgin Series):

Word Count: 69,042 (150 pages)

Brothers Gavin, Slade, and Dex, fall hard for Gavin’s new secretary, beautiful Hannah Craig. The oil executives know they must give her time to get to know them before she can choose one . . . who will seduce the virgin and keep her for his own. But when a dangerous predator begins stalking the small-town beauty, they work together to protect her, abducting Hannah and spiriting her to an isolated hideaway. Once alone with her, none of them can contain their burning desire. Though Slade and Dex don’t mind sharing, Gavin’s tragic past has put distance between him and his brothers. Now, they’re hoping that not only will Hannah love them back . . . but maybe mend their fractured family.

After overcoming her initial fears, the men teach her wild pleasure she’s never imagined. She grows closer to each, their devotion melting her inhibitions. Hannah finds herself embracing love with all three men—and hoping she can heal Gavin’s wounded soul. But her new found happiness turns to terror when her stalker finds her. Will Gavin, Slade and Dex lose their woman to a menace that threatens everything they hold dear, or will they finally unite to make Hannah theirs forever?


My rating:

General: 4.5 stars
Characters: 4.5 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Sex heat: 4 stars


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