My rating: 5 stars!

Yesssssss! I was so waiting to read a story that I was so enthralled with. It is like a rush of adrenaline when you just finished a book like that. Most of the time, I am still in a dreamy mood, thinking about it for a couple of hours with a smirk on my face… which is a bit complicated when you finished the book at lunch time and at work like I did with this one. But who cares? Surely not me!

I never read Em Petrova so I was not influenced in a good or a bad way. The publisher is Ellora’s Cave (EC) and it has been a while since I read a novel from them. Not sure but I think they did not offered much new ménage novel stories lately so I bought this one and put it on my pending to-do read. My mistake to not read it immediately!

A 5 stars review is not something that I give easily and it should not. The 5 stars should be analyzed and justified. I already mentioned that when I review a book, it is still when I am under the emotion of it. The images and feelings that the words generated in my head are just hanging there ready to be expressed and shared. And that is the magic of it. Some books just tattoo themselves in my brain. I can spend months, even years, some stories will be always remembered.

Blown Down is this kind of story.

I live in North America, to be more precise in Quebec. So logging industries are part of our economy. Clearcutting has always existed. It is a hard work, a hard world to live in. At least I would assume it. I have in mind the woodcutting competition I saw on TV where huuuuuuge guys are using monster chainsaws. Have you ever seen it?

Anyway. Yes, this story is about logging. I am not going to debate on the deforestation. I personally think that in an ideal world, nobody would be starving, nobody would be cold, nobody would be poor, nobody would be at war because of stupid religious beliefs or petrodollars… and nobody would have to destroy the planet… In a dream world uh? However, I believe in responsibility. I believe that with knowledge and care, we could all take what we need without destruction, without waste. But again, this is my ideal world.

This story was very “human”. It talked about how a small logging business can afford jobs for the locals and survive. Because I live in North America, I loved that the author took place her romance with this background. I felt it was more closer to my own world even if I live in a city today and far from the woods… not long ago I was living in a village of less than 200 souls and my house was in a middle of nowhere in the woods! Loved it if you must know. 50 years ago, this place was a prosperous area but worldwide economy killed all the jobs, mostly paper factories and sadly only elders are staying there now. So the struggling of a woman who wish to expand her dad’s business felt real to me. I understood each word the author was saying.

The characters were credible. I could completely picture them in real life. One man, struggling with a loan and his pride, cannot ask help. He wants the best for the love of his life and is ready to slave himself for that. The woman was raised with a single father who thought that showing love and encouragement were weakness. The third man is starving for love and friendship, something he never had in his life.

Like all my reading, I try to find one word to describe it. Here it was loyalty.

What I really loved in this story is that the author understood that love is love and a person can love someone from the opposite sex with almost the same intensity but without the sexual attraction. So when the guys in this story are expressing their love for each other without saying the words although for me saying  “he is the other half of my world”, I was thinking that for a change, the author is not putting squares into circles and there is no shame to express our feelings. I always wondered why expressing love between 2 guys or 2 girls, they have to be gay/lesbian as if it is a illness. So narrow minded people… the same kind of people who think that a permanent menage is dirty and unnatural. What is the unnatural in Love for peter’s sake?

It is hard to describe the emotions that the characters are going thru because it comes from the guts. You read the words and they are jumping at your face and your stomach and it is almost a slap on your face. No doubt that I fell hard and quick for the three of them immediately.

As I said, some stories deserve 5 stars and more. Some stories will be stuck in your brain and you will re-read them later with the same passion. This story stirred so many emotions and I will resume it saying that it just did it for me.

My only tiny weeny con here would be that I needed 300 pages instead of 133. Em Petrova will be now an author that I will track down. In fact, I am on my way to read her immortal (menage) series.

Publisher’s description (Ellora’s Cave):

The only thing third-generation logger Abe Gardner wants more than to enjoy Chapel Caldwell—in the kitchen, on the porch, in the shower, even in bed—is to marry her. When he invites greenhorn Levi Black to share his bungalow, Abe never expects to bring him into their bed

After a seven-year stint in prison for assault, Levi wants nothing more than to outrun his past. In Abe’s and Chapel’s loving arms he finds solace…until the family that fought to convict him unexpectedly shows up. Torn between his new makeshift family and his ghosts, he struggles to stay true to himself while Abe and Chapel race to meet a critical deadline and foster Levi’s love.



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