My rating: 4 stars

Luck of the draw lots or not? I was curious. Since I liked so much Three Fur All, I was curious so I read Alison’s pride by Crymsyn Hart. And my answer is: no it was not luck, Crymsyn Hart is truly a gifted author.

This story is about shifters and not werewolves. Two lions, a panther and a tygron. Yes, it could be “another” shifter story but this one was special.

The theme is difference.

All the characters are out of their normality. One lion was raised outside a pride because his father disagree with the harem of women treated like less than dogs. The second lion was turned when he was a teen and had to struggle being the second hand generation. The panther grew up in a polyamorous family but was not strong enough to have his own pride and finally the woman, the tygron, is an hybrid and was beaten and rejected all her youth because of it.

So each and every characters had to fight the difference and accept it. How can a lion have his own pride if he rejects the traditions? How can a turned shifter accept himself when he cannot accept his animal? how a panther can accept to share a mate with other shifters animals? and how a woman can accept to have mates when all her life she saw how cruel the men were with women?

It was also a very different kind of menage that I usually read and maybe this explain the 4 stars. There is no menage in this book. There is a sharing partners together. No foursome. The sharing is only about sharing the same mate. So I was expecting another ending I guess. I am not so fond to read that the girl spend some fun time with one while the other are waiting their turn the following nights. She also had her own bedroom and decided if she wanted company or not when the door was open or closed… That was very disconcerting at the very least. In fact, the publisher did not even put this book into the menage category but in the “shapeshifter erotic romance”

I have a thing with equality: equal time, equal love, equal sex, equal talk, equal in every way. So when a women takes the top dog role, I have a problem. I also have the same problem if a man take the top dog position. It just does not feel right in my book.

But. The story was very interesting in many ways because many of us felt one day or another inadequate, physically or mentally it does not matter. It was maybe when we were a teen and rejected because we wore glasses… or maybe because we are so shy that it is a every day life problem… or maybe because we are too petite or too big… or maybe because we are gay or bisexual… or just maybe because.

I also liked that again the mating was not about falling in love within 24 hours but a physical DNA chemistry mixed with the knowledge that the person is just the perfect person for you even if he is not physically or mentally. He or she is for you. The choice to love is just removed because you cannot refuse to love somebody who is perfect in every way.

or can you? 😉

Publisher’s description (Amira press):

Word Count: 35,500

Being a hybrid, Alison has never really thought about having a mate before until she meets Shea. One whiff of his enticing scent, she’s head over heels for him. The only thing she doesn’t know is that Shea has two other roommates hidden away at home.

When the past comes calling, Alison is forced to face her worst nightmare. With Shea and Collin, her second mate, they have to rescue William from the clutches of her stepfather. Together they will overcome her past and Alison will find all the love and more than she has ever dreamed of.



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2 responses

  1. Crymsyn says:

    Hi Mary,
    I came across your review for Alison’s Pride and Three Fur All. Thank you so much for taking the time to review it. To answer your question, A Cat For All is actually a stand alone. I’m about done the sequel for Three Fur All. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome reviews.
    Happy Holidays.


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment!

    I am very very happy that there is a sequel about Three Fur All. I thought that the story was a bit too short because I wanted to know more! Now I will be spoiled to read the passion the 3 of them will share together!

    You’re are very welcome about my reviews. You are a very talented author and it is always a pleasure to say it out loud and promote great reads!