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I must be pregnant with pups. I had this urge to read werewolf’s stories and indeed it is the third werewolf story I read in a row! And this goes generally against my routine. I always try to change the sub genre in between because I found out that I do enjoy them more that way plus I do not make any comparison.

Lucky for me the 3 werewolf stories I just read are really good stories! So lets start with Three Fur All by Crymsyn Hart.

The rating says it all but since  I am a chatty person (no kiddin’) I will share why I enjoyed it so much.

Since it is x-mas time, I will make some analogies.

x-mas tree with too many decoration and light:

Sometimes authors will use tons and tons of x-mas decoration but the tree is so small that it looks ridiculous. That the authors who think that submerging the reading with tons of sex will make them forget how the plot is nowhere to be seen or very poorly written. So where is the plot (tree)? Nowhere to be found sadly. The tree could be a stands and nobody would care.

x-mas tree poorly decorated:

Then we have some authors who have a huuuuuge tree but then only a couple of decoration here and there and we know right away that something is missing to spice it up the x-mas tree. Those are the author who deliver a very ambitious plot but forget to develop the relationship or the sex scenes. The tree is gorgeous but so ridiculous in the corner with no decoration!

perfect x-mas tree:

And then, we have some gifted authors who can provide a beautiful x-mas tree and everything looks perfect: not too much, not too enough. The balance between the decorations and the size of the tree is just right. The plot was very nicely mixed with the relationship. The sex was just right and not boring. This x-mas tree is the one that I will try to get alive all year long!

Crymsyn Hart is just right.

38,000 words means a little bit around 100 pages. I generally put those stories in the bottom of my to-do read. So many times I was frustrated because the authors used too much decorations and some too much lights. To happily find a nice balance is not easy with novellas of 100 pages and less.

The relationship is not a given. One guy grieves his dead fiancee. One guy grieves the rejection and betrayal of his ex-girlfriend and the woman in between went to hell and back. The nice part is that they are not brothers and it is a MFM which is rarer and rarer to find in the market. Not that I dislike MMF, I love them but since I am a pro of equality, I like to have my choice and switch from bisexual hunks to straight hunks. The stories are so very different to read that it is for me that it doubles my enjoyment to read a menage story.

I love when the men are high maintenance. I find them interesting to gravitate around but it can be also hardship. The author must show them sensitive and fragile but yet not whining and cavemen. What I liked a lot is that the men did not disguised their attraction thinking it was their mate. They both got attracted because the woman reminded them their lost love. It was interesting to see the interaction of the ex-girlfriend. Generally the authors portray them like the crazy jealous bitch and she was not. In a way, I could relate this relationship as 2 people who used to love each other very much but then life decided otherwise and they finally divorced and moved on. In this story, the guy found another love and the ex-girlfriend made peace with the past. About the other guy grieving, it was about let go of the pain and guilt and ready to move on as well.

I liked very much that the woman was not crazy over the top in love within 24 hours. She fell in love but she was very conscious of their past and present. She also wanted to give time to understand the relationship.

uh uh. time… yes time! Crymsyn Hart found a way to make the relationship credible giving doubts and time the right amount that at the end of the story, I had a big smile on my face. In fact I had it because I know that we should have a book 2 since only one of the bad guy could be put down. I am not sure if a Cat for All is the book 2. I could not see any blurb, only the cover, the title and know it is the same publisher. We’ll see. In fact I’ll see because I will buy it without a doubt!

Publisher’s description (Amira Press):

October has escaped from her kidnappers only to run into the arms of two sexy men who help her recuperate. She finds herself falling for her handsome heroes.

Mika and Elliot know not to get involved with October because she’ll return home once she heals. As much as they fight their growing attraction, the more they desire her.

But there is also another who craves her. Her captors haven’t let her out of their sights and soon return for her. Together Mika and Elliot must risk everything to save the woman they love before everything explodes around them.

(Warning: This book contains two sexy shifters who will make you pant and howl and a spirited heroine who will make them beg for it.)



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  1. Laura Tolomei says:

    All right pregnat with pups, I totally agree on your comparison of authors & their writing with the Xmas trees & decorations. How very appropriate, but good to know you liked this book. The rating certainly tells it all, but it was great to read the chat LOL


    • marynaughtywhispers says:

      thank you Laura!!
      There is nothing I like more than reading a good book and sharing a great review about it.