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Her Ex-Marines is my first book of Becca Van. She raised my attention because I am a MFMM+ lover. My motto is the more men, the merrier, right? And of course each time I read a blurb or notice that the menage is more than 2 guys, the books are going on my top list to-do read.

Since Becca Van published 7 books in less than 2-3 months and she got the gold star top author from Siren, I was sure intrigued to read her. Will she be my new favorite? Will she have the je-ne-sais-quoi that will rush me to buy her new releases? Will her style be fresh and new?

If I say: western Texas contemporary. If I say: small town full of menage relationships. If I say: every citizen is friendly. If I say: 99% brothers share their woman. If I say: the relationship is a done-deal from 1 day to a week max.

more clues? naaaaaaa

Yep. You know what kind of series I am talking about.

I am not saying it is all bad. I am just saying that there is a lack of originality somehow. If Siren is not careful, the big cities will see a massive exile to those little towns. Worse! the US immigration will receive soon some massive green cards permits requests from desperate women looking for packs of 6 feet brothers. Texas or Colorado will be soon so crowded that the US will have soon a civil war on their hands! All because of Siren! can you imagine?

Some will just tell me that since I am so upset to read this kind of story, I just should stop right? Of course that would be an option. I see it differently because even if I criticize a lot Siren Publishing, they do have some great authors that are my favorites and I am always hoping that I will find a new one. Names? Tymber Dalton, Natalie Acres, Destiny Blaine and new to Siren Lolita Lopez and Dani April and few more.

Her ex-marines.

The plot was okay. not very credible but okay. The chief of police of Miami (no less) is a drug dealer and killed one of his nosy depute in front of the heroine which run to make a deposit to the attorney who is the brother in law of the chief and is the top drug dealer. Why the chief of police in Miami? Why not an unknown city in Florida. I know!!! Becca Van is Australian and she saw many Miami Vice and CSI Miami and we all know that Miami is full of drug dealers… at least on TV right? mmm I wonder if one of the author will pick L.A, Chicago or N.Y. next time? I am teasing here because I also have cliche about big world cities I never visited.

This said, the plot does not have to be perfect but logic. It was logic that the heroine ran away to save her life. Was it logic that she applied to the secretary position to the local police station and asked to be paid in cash? nope

Am I really too picky to notice those details that bother me? Really?

What bother me most is that the guys fall for the girl like in a nano second. She is the one at first sight, not even at first talk, no, first sight. I mean, yes I can have a crush on someone because I like the face or the size of his feet but proposing after a couple of days and just after a couple of great sex?

I am going to love this little smiley. That is so totally me with the credibility and time factors.

Since I am always curious, I went to the Siren Publishing coming soon page and found out that Becca Van is indeed the new Siren star which is really good for her! She contracted 8 books (one new release per week up to the 10 February). My question is this: can an author write, edit and publish that quick and provide quality… and why do I have this nagging feeling that I already read Becca Van under another pen name? Not that it really matter.

This said. The characters in My ex-marines are lovable although I did not know much about them. The heroine is not over the top oh-no-what-will-my-familly-think-if-I-commit-with-more-than-one-guy. I may call it the vanilla complex so simplify. Agreed?

Did I read until the last page? yes. Did I skipped some pages? no. Is it a book that you can enjoy if you want to do not think and elope real life? yes.

My advise would be the same as I gave to Alicia White although after 7 books, Becca Van is no longer a newbie IMO but nonetheless: if she add weeks and months in the mix, she will open possibilities to develop the relationship between the characters. The readers will enjoy to learn and know them more and page after page just fall for the characters. The drama and passion will be increased and overall the story will raise another level to get rid of the harlequin-cinderella that I am not sure the erotica romance readers wish to read.

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Book 3 of Slick Rock series

Word Count: 34,896

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Rachel Lamb is on the run from the law. She is exhausted, hungry, and down to her last few hundred dollars after meandering for nearly six months from Miami to Slick Rock, Colorado. She applies for the position of secretary at the sheriff’s department and sends up an alert when she asks to be paid cash in hand.

Sheriff Damon Osborn is horrified when he inadvertently learns what has happened to Rachel and vows to protect her with his life. He offers her a place to stay, knowing his brothers will be as attracted to the small woman as he is. The three Osborn brothers, Damon, Tyson, and Sam, have recently finished serving as marines and vow to keep Rachel safe using all their military training.

Rachel is kidnapped. Her life is in the balance. Will the three Osborn men save her in time? Or will justice fall by the wayside?


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