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Too short! want more! Need more! Yeah, that sums it up.

It has been a little while since I read a sci-fi and I just realized I missed it. I generally vary and jump from contemporary to paranormal to fantasy to sci-fi because I need to reset my mind on each story I am reading. I may sounds weird but since I am reading tons, I need to click the button “refresh” once I start another one. I do not want to make comparison between the same category/subgenre.

Kithra by Dani Worth took me by surprise. Immediately, I was in the story. I like bad ass women once in a while and for sure this heroine is one of them. The males are too so that made the story interesting. I so enjoy a story when it is not easy. When the characters fall for each other within the first two chapters, I am not that captivated.

I am not sure why but I associate a romance with something I have to work for in order to appreciate it, to get into it. If an author use harlequin clichés, which is unfortunately very too often in the erotica, I feel cheated. Something is missing to captivate my imagination.

Kithra kept me on my toes because nothing was obvious immediately. Yes I knew that it would become a MMF but Who would be the one to admit that it was more than lust? Which one of the two guys would make a move sexually? Will the characters get the equal emotional and physical attention? Who will submit? Who will give up?

Fear is the main emotion in this romance. Fear to love. Fear to submit. Fear to loose control. Fear to be hurt. Fear to loose someone we love. Fear to fail. Fear to not be as perfect as the other think you are. Fear to move on. Fear to know that there is no escape when we love. Fear that the guilt will eat them alive. Fear.

I can relate to that. I think we all do.

Dani Worth understands. She understand that to make a story credible, the events must be extended in time. In this story, the males lost a lover 5 years ago which makes plausible that the wounds turn scars, still sensitive but not so hurtful, not so raw. People also change in 5 years. They understand more about their priorities. it seems that they are more aware of the big picture versus the little details that are meaningless.

Is it possible to love again without cheating the lost one? Is it possible to leave with someone, to love this person but yet love another person even more without cheating? But the real question is… can someone love again after he/she lost a person without guilt. Guilt to be alive. Guilt to move on. Guilt to love again.

Fear. Guilt. Time to heal and move on. And in the end, just love.

Those are the ingredients of a great story. Of course the lust/sex factor is there to spice it all up. One sex scene in the first half of the story is not much but since the focus is not to have sex on each chapter but to read a story, I was very very fine with it, most especially when it became all hot in the end.

I did not know Dani Worth before reading Kithra. I am telling you, right here, right now: I will put this author on my follow-up authors list. The only critic I will give her is this one: 106 pages is way too short! Your goal is to double it! ha!

The good news are book2 Replicant should be published soon and book 3 Catalyst right after. A new series that I will follow for sure.

Publisher’s description (Samhain):

A frustrated spaceship captain, her trusty second-in- command, and a handsome alien prove that three is definitely not a crowd.

The Kithran Regenesis, Book 1

Spaceship captain Lux Moyans is currently piloting missions for The Company. When her second-in-command, Kol Frega, informs her they’ve been ordered to Kithra, she’s furious. A year on an uninhabitable planet? She’ll only be flying supply missions! But her ship—Kol’s design—is the only one that can withstand the planet’s gases…and Lux is one of the few pilots with the skill to navigate the debris fields resulting from the explosions that killed most of the planet’s Gwinarian race.

Kol is the engineer who learned to manipulate the indestructible metal on Kithra, and he and a surviving Gwinarian will be her only company on planet. When they pick up Egan Lothbrun, Lux knows there will be trouble. She’s already attracted to Kol and she doesn’t need another man to arouse her either mentally or physically. Lux doesn’t want or need the complications that emotions bring. Yet, when she learns Kol and Egan share a painful past, she realizes getting Kithra livable won’t be her only challenge.

Keeping her heart intact might be harder.

Product Warnings

A cranky pilot, a sexy second-in-command and an irresistible alien join…forces in more ways than one. And yes, there are close encounters of the sexy kind.


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  1. Dani Worth says:

    Wow, this is just a wonderful review. Thank you so much and I’m thrilled you enjoyed my book so much. 😉


  2. Dani Worth says:

    I posted a comment and it disappeared, so I’ll try again. Thank you so much for the review! I’m glad you liked Kithra and you’ll be happy to hear there is more Lux, Kol and Egan in the rest of the books. 🙂