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Fun! This is the time when each and every authors are publishing x-mas erotica romance. Santa’s Boss is not from this season but who cares, it is still about Santa!

When I read a x-mas romance, I am a bit more open minded and know in advance that the author’s imagination is generally pretty crazy. Adriana Kraft did not make an exception. Santa’s Boss is a complete fantasy. Fantasy for the heroine, the author or the readers? not sure, but a fun fantasy for sure!

This FFM story (yes, you read right F.F.M.) was a nice love story. It has no beginning and not sure if there is an end although there is a happy ending. I am not sure where the cover is coming from since I am not sure I would have pictured Nick like that and I am missing also the other woman. But that is okay, the x-mas spirit is there and Santa is there too.

I would resume this story as a moment in time. Because nothing was credible, I was happy to just go with the flow. I generally have a hard time to do that but Santa’s Boss was easy to read. The plot was easy to follow: Nick is falling in love with a human as well as his long time lover. But the one who are supposed to have the powers are not the one we think. A human who is maybe not that human can just put them around her little finger just like that!

I could easily recommend to read this story with a couple of open minded adults in front of the fireplace, everyone on the floor with cushions all over the place, with some good wine and each and everyone reading a chapter… bringing a lot of laughs around. Cosy atmosphere among closed friends a little bit tipsy and happy to share a good time.

The sex scenes were really hot and I liked very much the way Adriana Kraft shared the tenderness and no matter the gender. I am not a FFM romance lover but I have to admit that some scenes should be shared with a love one next to you… just like Adrianna Kraft is suggesting it in her bio!


A large hand pressed against her back. “Easy, Danser. It’s just me, Santa. You wanted to believe,” a deep male voice chortled. “So, here I am.”

So the real question is………………. do you believe in Santa? well… if he looks like Nick in Santa’s Boss, bring him on, baby, bring him on! ho ho ho!!!

Publisher’s description (Extasy Books):

Word Count : 27000

Page Count: 108

Assistant Mall Manager Joy Danser thrives on authenticity. All her mall Santas must have real beards so children can believe. But even she is unprepared for the very real Santa who visits her bed invisibly this Christmas season. Is she dreaming, or has she gone mad? Joy consults Sophia Nardiz, manager of the Magical Gypsy shop at her mall. Sophia reads her palm and gives her a cryptic message: she is at a crossroads, and she must trust her intuition. Owner of the Magical Gypsy chain and a true Gypsy himself, Nick Polaris is thrilled to play Joy’s Santa, in the mall and in her bed, but he knows it’s only a lark. For true love, he’ll need someone with Gypsy blood. How can he ever abandon the Scottish redhead he enjoys so much?



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