My rating: 3.5 stars

Promising. I had a good time reading this book but I could not stop myself thinking: Here we go again, another Sophie Oak‘s series or Heather Rainier‘s. And it will be like all the new authors that Siren Publishing is offering us.

It looks like their best sells are this pattern: menage MFM or MFMM, western preferably Texas related, small town with existing menage relationship and very open to welcome new rare women to fulfill a bunch or 6 feet hunks brothers who were raised in the menage lifestyle and looking to have a steady relationship and for some reason just cannot find any woman outside the town they were born and raised because everyone knows that chances are way better to find the love of our life in a very small town were women are so rare that they need to be shared.  The men must be totally devoted to the woman, they fall in love within 24 hours, they propose within less than a week (3 days is the norm), the women have no idea if they can accept this kind of relationship, some are still virgins but most had bad previous relationship. The women are generally welcomed by the other women. The guy’s parents are in a menage relationship. The story must have a sex scene on each chapter and must have a dual penetration.

Did I forgot something? mmm nope.

So authors, if you want to be published with Siren Publishing right now, just read Sophie Oak and Heather Rainier and chances will be all on your side because someone in the staff there definitely love this kind of storyline.

Back to Bella’s Rodeo. 😉

Alicia White needs another one or two books to polish her style. My major issue reading her was the time factor. Yep. Another author who think that people can fall within 24 hours and propose within 48. Because of course having sex one or twice is THE factor to know that the woman is THE one… Sorry, it sounded a bit borderline desperate here.  The guys are respectively 40, 37 and 35 and once they see Bella who is around 22, they know it is the wife they looked all their life.

That really kills me to think that authors think that readers will not catch the silliness of this. If only, they realized that if they added a couple of weeks and months, they will add more depth in the characters. Here it is a BING BAM BANG within 48 hours.

The characters are cute. But I know nothing about them. I read a small paragraph of 5 lines of each male and their personality and how great they are different but fulfill her needs. I know nothing of her except that she got fired from a charity work and maybe because of a jealous woman (maybe because it was just suggested that the good byes were fake). I know she is 22-23? … which reach a question how men of 40, 37 and 35 can be attracted with a 22 years old girl other than sex? Because for sure within 48 hours, they did not talk much. They even “forgot” the condoms, were planning to talk about it with her, she was planning to talk about telling them that she realized it but no panic she was under birth pills… but since she did not make a face when their mom talked about grand-kids, they were all relieve.

I found reading this first book all the signs of an author who already project herself writing a series. Bella did not come alone in this small town but with 2 best friends who found already men ready to jump and propose within a week. There is the half sister who would love the town because she is a bit gypsy and for some reason would fit perfectly there. Then we have the best friend’s assistant who is ready to relocate from sunny California to an unknown place she never visited (so credible here).  So we have 5 books already planned.

Too sarcastic? probably.

I am a bit tired to read the same old same old. Yes I want to read a romance and per definition a romance is a story that will put me on another realm BUT. Did I want more passion? yes. Did I want more drama? yes. Did I want more “time” to make it more credible? heck yeah!

I think Alicia White has potential because her writing is fluid and easy. She just need a bit more maturity, read critics and analyze it. She must let go the clichés and the harlequin-falling-in-love-within-24-hours. I think she needs to find her own style and become unique and original.  My review may be low but remember that one book does not put an author into one rating only. Some incredible favorites authors of mine did receive an even lower rating than Alicia White although 3.5 is till a very good rating if you read my rating chart! So here my personal message to Alicia White if she ever read this review: you are talented, take the review with a grain of salt and move on. And if you give shit about what I am saying, it is still okay because I am only one opinion!

I am not saying that Bella’s Rodeo is not a good book. It is a nice book, not very original because I read the same kind of book with other Siren’s authors but still a nice story. Bella’s Rodeo by Alicia White is book 1 of her series Journey of a Thousand Miles 1. Next book is at the edits stage and is about Bella’s half sister, Hannah and then the third is about one of the best friend, Alyssa. So get ready to read more.

So if you loved Sophie Oak and Heather Rainier, you will enjoy Alicia White!

Publisher’s description (Siren Publisher):

Word Count: 39,791

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M]

Isabella, Alyssa, and Jessica have been friends since high school, their own little makeshift family. After Isabella loses her job, she convinces her friends to go on a road trip, one that they had planned since high school. Bella is looking for some adventure and a little fun when they leave Southern California and head on their journey.

When their car breaks down, the three women are stuck in Coltmann County, Texas, but they won’t be alone for too long.

Clint, Clay, and Cody Colton have moved back home to Coltmann County from living on the rodeo circuit. They are looking for a woman they can share, a woman to be a part of their family. When Bella’s car breaks down, they work together, convincing her that she should stay with them.

Will Bella be able to start over in a new town, or will she be too afraid to entrust her future to three sexy cowboys? Let the real adventure begin…



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