Plot marathon. If you are ready to have no breath no break and turn the page finding a new plot almost at every corner, you will be in paradise!

At first, I thought to give one rating. Then I realized that I just could not because each book put me a different mood from angry to hungry, from screaming to crying, from WTF to WOW. Honest! This series is a roller coaster of emotions.

My first advise will be to read them of course in order because each characters will be very present in the next book. They are stand alone in a way that it is the story of a couple of characters each time but since their life is so mixed with the previous characters that you will be lost if you do not read this series in order. Feasible but difficult tho.

Escaped, Abandoned and Coming home.
My rating: 3 stars

These 3 books are one story with the same main characters. I have to say that I had a hard time with these 3 books. I think the main problem I had was that I did not read the books in a row. The ending of Escaped was abrupt, the Abandoned was disturbing and Coming home tried to smooth my feelings with the 2 previous books.

Le me explain.

Trinity Blacio loves macho. loves cavemen. loves alphas. loves her men who do not give the benefice of the doubt to the heroines, loves to humiliate them even if they regreet afterwards (like when someone give a slap and say sorry… well the slap was given so put your sorry in the place where the sun never show up! that is my opinion on this). The men never listen, jump into conclusions, are always right, use forced seduction… in one word: they give shit of the supposed love of their life, the soulmate, THE one and only.

The heroines generally are strong or have some sparks. They went thru hell and back. The men hurt them badly but it takes no more than minutes to forgive. The heroines are ready to be martyrs and love them and forgive them because they are the love their life, their soulmates, THE ONE, the more than one and unique.

Escaped was about forced seduction. Abandoned was about cheating and Coming home was about forgiveness and repentance.

My main problem is that it was not one and only book and I had to wait to read the 3 books. Escaped ended with the heroine not being allowed to grieve one of her mae who really loved her and died. Abandoned was about cheating on her, took her as a plaything with no brain and not able to express herself and Coming home, as I said, was kinda repentance. Kinda because I did not feel much sincerity or willingness to make some grooving.

The 4th book is: Cupid’s Venon.
My rating 3.5 stars

Maybe the reason is because it was not a serialized story but I liked much better. Maybe I was prepared for the worse and was happily surprised? Or maybe Trinity Blacio did not give me time to wonder about the relationship between the characters since it was plot after plot after plot as if it was impossible to rest on one. The pace was rush rush rush.

In fact she is keeping the same rush on all the books after this one too. Again, the kind of book that you cannot leave aside for a couple of days and come back where you were.  You have to keep track who is who: the characters, the queen fey, the goddesses, the friends, the alphas wolfs, the villains… I mean tons!

This book was fun after the 3 first books that I wanted to read because I wanted my happy ending dammit!

It was also original. The heroine had snake DNA and venom and she of course could only share her virginity with her mate. oups? did I say virginity? Naive, poor damsel in distress, innocent who was beaten and need oh so much protection? yeah. I did. sigh…

So if we abstract the virgin stereotype, the story was good enough that I did not skip pages and I even tolerated the macho egos.

The 5th book is: Dragon’s den.
My rating: 4 stars

By far the one I preferred of this series. I am not sure if this is because of the emotions or the personality of the heroine but I did enjoy reading this story.

Wolves, snakes DNA and dragons with vampires and feys… ohhhh and goddesses too! and the villains are zombies and devils and nasty bastards. yep!

Here again, impossible to take a break. I was quit lucky to read cupid’s venom and dragon’s den with few weeks apart only which kept me in the loop of the story, the complicated story.

At that point, I would strongly suggest to Trinity Blacio to make a list of characters and a brief description of who and what they are. I mean the pace is so quick that I sometimes had to re-read few pages to make sure I did not miss anything.

So far the sex scenes that I did not talk much were good, short but good.

The 6th book is: Ghost Warrior.
My rating 3 stars

I was a bit upset with this one. It seems that the story was rushed. The books seems unfinished somehow. The epilogue was rushed in 3 pages as if the author was in a rush to publish it asap before x-mas. She certainly did not take the same care as Cupid’s venom and Dragon’s den and it is a shame.mmmm did I mention it was rushed?

Way too many characters all over the place. The menage relationship with the main characters was not developed. I could hardly fall for them because I knew almost nothing about them.

The heroine who went thru a huge HUGE traumatic experience (raped non stop and some were some ind of zombie), miraculously healed because a guy say she is his mate. The relationship made no sense to me. BAM the mate show up BAM you have no choice but submit BAM you were raped again and again and again but all the guys are into bondage and submission. She has her first orgasm in public and it is very fine with everybody because it is magic and for the good cause.

150 pages but needed 300 to make sense in my opinion.

Trinity Blacio did not take her time to pause, explain, to make us feel, to love them, to understand. It was Fedex overnight expedition. period.

My conclusion

I told you that I just could not give one rating and it was a roller coaster of emotions.

I like this series. I will certainly buy book 7th because I want to know the end now.  (I have some ideas that the next one will be final).

This series is far from boring and for those who love plots and villains at each chapter, they will just love it and for those who are expecting romance, they will find some but the kind of : US TARZAN, YOU JANE.

I am now curious if next book will be more developed, will give me more depth, will turn the tables and not offer me some jerks who disrespect and judge their mate. I think my dominatrix side is showing up again no?

Trinity Blacio has the talent so there is no reason why not…

Publisher’s description (RAVENOUS):

It would be way too long to copy and past each description so I will just link to each book:

Coming home
Cupid’s Venon
Dragon’s den
Ghost Warrior



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