My rating: 4.5 stars

Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas is a MF story with FF,  FFM and  MFM sex scenes. I must say that I was not expecting it but find a menage happy ending instead. I indeed found my happy ending but not my menage.  So I was surprised. In fact the more I read the story and the more points the story gained.

Dragons… if you just skipped the cover! I like dragons stories. I think the main reason is that they are not overly abundant like the werewolves stories. I have in mind Bianca d’Arc and Jory Strong. Of course they are not the only one but those names are the first to pop up in my mind. I did not know J.V. Altharas before so I had a complete open mind with this story and I was half surprised to know after making some research that J.V. Altharas is a man. I wonder if the initials are a volontary choice since 99% erotica authors are women no matter the content. But once I knew, I understood why I could not give a 5 stars. Uh oh.. nooooo not because he is a man! I think I proved myself over and over how I love men for Peter’s sake! Only because men author do write differently and generally there is something missing, not much, but something.

Do not get me wrong. I liked the story a lot. In fact, I really started to be in the story at the middle of it. The first chapters were a bit boring for me: a human, Lana,  meeting a stranger in the woods who turns to be a dragon, Alaron,  who wants her as his mate who is not sure if she can leave her human life behind because she loves dearly her best friend, Darus, enough to have sex with him but not enough to marry him. Yep. Deja vu.

But then, I started to appreciate little details such she is not a virgin, she loves sex and she will not commit if she does not love passionately.  The decision to leave her human life is not immediate but takes a couple of months which is somehow credible from my point of view no matter if it is a paranormal story or not. The stranger is not an arrogant alpha. The transition from Dark Ages fantasy world into a paranormal fantasy world is believable.  Maybe because Dragons have always been associated with knights and Dark Ages? Most likely.

I was a bit upset at first that the expected menage MFM did not happen. My first reaction was: “shout! another MF with menage sex scenes”… which it is! But I kept reading the story, the plot kept me curious and the writing was good. Then the multiple partners showed up: MFF, FF, MFM, MFFM.

And this is where I find the difference between a woman and a man erotica authors. The details are different, the way the sex scenes are described is different. I think a man will be more generalist in the description of the sex scenes versus a woman who will completely go into details and sensations. Maybe it has nothing to do with genre J.V. Altharas wrote another erotica, Sugar and Spice, a FF story. So I think that this author is more interested into FF rather adding a M in the mix and I felt it somehow.

So here is where the author lost his 5 stars. I just did not connect the FFM or the sex scenes in general. They were okay but not burning hot for me. However, everything else was great and original. 167 pages extremely easy to read and I would not have mind to read more.

There is hope however for my MFM story in book 2. There is an obvious opening for a series: 13 brother dragons total only 2 found their mate, so give 11 singles right? But the best friend, Darus, that I thought would be part of a happy menage ending with Lana is way too present in the story for not giving him the first place in another book.

Here is a prequel of this story: A Shalar Is Born. Just a note that the girl in this audio has a very short part in Lady of the Drake. It is in my opinion a little extra BDSM that the author indulged himself but lets say that it does not reflect at all Lady of the Drake. Lana is more a switch: both submissive with her mate and dominatrix with the other female involved in the story. A shalar is born is just an extra with a potential if the author decides to give Darus the first place in another book.

 J.V. Altharas is extremely fond of audio erotica, here is the audio (start at 18:00 but he is that funny that you have to listen from beginning even if it is ads): A Shalar is born

My conclusion? I hope book 2 will be released and this sum up all I have to say about  Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas!


This review is originally posted at Risque Reviews by Mary NW (myself).


Publisher’s description (Ravenous):

Categories: Announcements, BDSM, Erotic Stories, Fantasy, Paranormal

Lana’s village is being consumed by a devastating plague. The last hope for a cure lies in a forbidden forest claimed by dragons.

Deep in the woods she finds a breathtaking realm of sorcery and untamed passion. Alaron, the seductive keeper of the forest, offers what she seeks and more.

She’s swept up in the mysterious keeper’s world of secrets, lust and magic; but the entire kingdom is dying–and there may be no way to save it!



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2 responses

  1. Thanks for the great review Mary, I’m really glad you enjoyed the book. When I started writing it I wasn’t setting out to make it a menage story, just to write a story about passionate characters with open attitudes toward sexuality and it naturally went in that direction.

    I almost wrote the menage scene that you were disappointed about, it just didn’t feel like it fit at that point in the story.

    You’re right about a Book 2 being in the works. Darus could easily have been part of a menage happy ending, but I decided I had bigger plans for him if my publisher supports making this a series. I was definitely setting him up that way, and it’s really cool that you picked up on that. As far as whether he ends up in a M/F/M or F/F/M menage HEA, I won’t know for sure without getting into writing a second book.

    I’m sorry the F/F/M scene in this one felt flat to you. The role he was in seemed to call for emotional detachment considering the circumstances, but it looks like it didn’t come off the way I intended. I’ll see if I can impress you with the next one 🙂

    Thanks again.


  2. Thanks for the great review! I didn’t start this novel intending to make it a menage story; just a story about passionate, sexually driven characters and it naturally went in that direction.

    I know which M/F/M opportunity you were talking about and I almost wrote that scene in, but it didn’t feel like it fit for that point in the story. Darus could have been part of a menage happy ending and I won’t say I wasn’t tempted, but I decided to set him up as the romantic lead for a possible second book (and I’m glad that part came through loud and clear).

    You’re right, I’ve got the outlines for several more books in the works but I won’t know for at least a couple months if my publisher wants to pick this up as a series. I can’t promise a true menage HEA for Book 2, but group play will continue to be featured prominently.

    I’m sorry you were disappointed with the F/F/M scene. I was my intention to have the guy in a supporting role only, just there for the pleasure of the girls and for Lana to explore being on top, but it looks like it didn’t come across the way I hoped. I really do enjoy writing F/F/M, and I’ll see if I can impress you with the next one.

    Thanks again!