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When I notice that a novel is a plus novel, I usually jump to read it. Breanna by Karen Nichols  is definitely one with its 310 pages (82,000 words). I am one of the reader who just enjoy a story more when it is over 150 pages. I generally find more intensity and more depth when the story is longer. Breanna could even have been longer but at one point I think the author thought that was it. Nothing wrong here, I enjoyed reading this story very much. My point is that I would not have been bored to read this story if the length of it was 400 pages 🙂

The style is fluid, very easy. What I enjoyed the most is that there is no rush in the story of Breanna. It starts with a twist because we do not know who she is and she does not know either so it is very easy to relate to her because it is not a done deal at the first two chapters like most authors do. I understand and appreciate both styles but I thought that Karen Nichols was refreshing.

The cover of course give you clues that werewolves are taking a huge place in the story but it is way more since it includes faes and demons.

Do I think that the author could have make the story shorter? maybe. But I think that along the pages, we learn to love Breanna, we learn to love also the men in her life. And I think the length of the book was a big factor why I enjoyed the story and I am pretty sure that if it has been aanother 100 pages story, I would have not enjoyed it that much. Make sense?

The plot is not that memorable but it is more an extra layer around Breanna. I loved her personality. The kind that without forcing anything, just being natural and opinionated, she is like a light with the moths. It is just impossible to resist her. Sometimes the author did not go in depth of whys like for example why Breanna decided that against her insecurities she did not care anymore about the opinion of the outside world. But it was also part of her personality: once she made her mind, that was that.

The sex scenes were nice but not overly hot, nice but not overly passionate and this reflect who is Breanna. So you will not find passionate sex scenes in here. If I think about it, those are pretty much the kind we would find in real life not in our imagination when we read erotica. It has pros and cons. Some readers do prefer to be transported into a sexual dimension that they do not have in reality and some prefer to read something more real, more close to their own personality. Me? I like both equally. It totally depends if the authors make me fall in love with the characters. I may enjoy a menage with little sex as well as extremely sexually intense.

Breanna is not a very sexual character. She likes sex but this not her priority. We understand that once we go along the story. The ending was a bit short regarding the plot development too. I would have liked to read more about demons and faes. It was okay and expected but not overly dramatic. I think if the author would have developed more about Wade and Sullivan and maybe Rey, it would have gained a better rating.

I like the men but the focus was Breanna. I thought that Karen Nichols could have developed more difference between the guys. I thought they were a bit too much alike and it would have bring a bit more sparks in the trio. I loved the grandfather. I thought it was endearing. Here also, I would have loved to read more of him, to know how he handled his anger, fears and love. I liked very much his character and was a bit upset to do not know more.

Overall. I had a great time reading this story. You will not loose your time reading it. It was different from some other werewolves stories. The way I see it, it is possible that we read a sequel of it: the epilogue certainly has this open door possibility and if this is the case, I will most likely read it! 🙂


Pretty but I would have loved to see demons and faes too

Note to publisher:

This is extremely disturbing to do not find chapters or breaks in the story. We jump from Breanna’s thoughts to the other characters and it takes a little while to get used to. I would suggest to add those chapters asap and the breaks in between each “thoughts”. It will be way easier to read and make more sense.

Publisher’s description:

Breanna Cooper had a quiet kind of life. Her parents had loved her and pampered her; she worked hard to make her coffee and tea shop a success in the small tourist town of Newport on the coast of Washington. When she went to open the shop that one morning, everything turned upside down. One minute she was standing before the ornate door in early May and the next she was lying in front of a fireplace with a pair of men staring down at her.

A blonde and a brunette. She closed her eyes, wondering if she were dreaming but when the tawny lashes opened, they were still there, sexy as ever.

Then the sharp pain in her head made itself known. And she panicked.

*** Contains explicit sex, including two men and one woman; anal sex and oral sex. This is an adult romance for over 18 only. Thank you.



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