Sex is the answer! No matter what, sex is the answer for everything. If you think differently than your lover(s): fuck her. If she think she needs time to process her emotions, no way! fuck her! If she is afraid of giving her trust after a very bad relationship, do not let her think: fuck her! If she is scared of big muscular dominant guys, do not listen to her: fuck her! If you accuse her of something she did not do, do not apologize! Spank her and fuck her! And if she dares to have a different opinion: kiss her immediately to gag her and…. fuck her and her and her again!

The story, Angelique – Orchidea love on the Bayou 1 – by Dixie Lynn Dwyer was promising: a lovable heroine with a sad story (brownies point to the author not a virgin thank you very much), four brothers who were completely smitten with her. And we had the villains for the plot. The story takes place in New Orleans and it is obvious that the author know very well the bayou culture which was fun to read.

Her ex is in prison, killed a man, used to beat her so bad she went to hospital. He was non only violent but very big physically and abusive verbally and physically. The heroine is scared to give her trust again. She is scared to have sex again since the ex pretty much raped her and called her whore because she had big boobs. One year later, she rebuilt her life, her image, her pride and has a successful business but remains very fragile emotionally.

Until here very credible. The story is promising. But then…

She meet four very big (she is a little bit over 5 feet so yeah, muscular 6 feet and plus are big) intimidating guys who just decide that she is the one and forget in the process that vowing a girl is the best way to make her accept them. She shows all signs that she is scared of their physical and intimidated by their macho attitude but obviously it is a very tiny detail for them because they decide to let her see that sex is the answer of every questions or fears and insecurities.

And for over 180 pages, it was: I want to go (heroine), no you cannot (males), sex. I need to go to work (heroine), no you will not (males), sex. I am scared of you (heroine), we will not hurt you, sex. I need time to proceed (heroine), no fucking way! (males), sex. I need some privacy (heroine), how dare you hiding things to us (males), sex… and one and on and on. I mean it sure looked like the author had fun to write the sex scenes because I lost count of them.

So what? if a man asks for privacy and has a different opinion, do we see the woman jumping his bones so he will change his mind? If a man want to go, he will. period. How come it is different for a woman? What I found most upsetting in this story is that I felt that the heroine was not allowed to think by herself and most of all not think differently. The male characters wanted a complete submissive in and out the bedroom and did not give her a chance to decide or think or talk or express herself. A slave but without the excuse of the BDSM lifestyle. Sex was the answer of everything. She could have been mute and it would have been even better to control her.

The last 20 pages are the conclusion of the plot started at the beginning of the story and because after all, the story cannot be a 500 pages of sex, right? It had to end somehow right?

I was hopeful. Honestly I was! First of all generally I have a thing with more than 2 guys in a menage story because I always find more interesting to read all those different personalities. The beginning was very good and I was thinking already 4 stars and maybe more. But the more I turned the pages, the more frustrated I became.  Being dominant and overprotective is okay. Being complete cavemen disrespectful assholes, another.

The fact that she gave up her fears so fast was not that credible too. Sorry Mrs Dwyer, you repeated the same storyline and same cliché you used in For the love of Anna with extra sex scenes and change the place to New Orleans… therefore you have the same rating.

Note :

page 139… please change Stacy for Angelique

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Word Count: 75,765
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, public exhibition, light bondage, spanking]

Angelique Aubert owns her own lingerie store, “Secret Pleasures.” When shopping in New Orleans, she is harassed by four intoxicated men. A tall, handsome stranger and his brother, the sheriff, come to her rescue. She is instantly attracted to the two men but wary of their intentions. She is a survivor of an abusive relationship and doesn’t trust men, and her sisters are very overprotective of Angelique.

She meets the sheriff again and his three handsome, muscular brothers when she volunteers to help as they build a new community center for handicapped children. They make it obvious that all four brothers want her. She’s heard of ménage relationships before, but her fear that history may repeat itself stops her from taking a chance. The sexual attraction between Angelique and the four men is unstoppable.

When trouble surrounds their construction company and accidents happen, Angelique is caught in the middle. Her men will do whatever they can to save her.


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