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Very British! And when I say that it is not at all in a pejorative way. It is just that I enjoy the pet names “love”, the holy cup of tea for British (and possibly Aussie?) and here and there some “crikey”. It was very refreshing to read an Aussie author: Angela Castle.

Keeping Katie is a MMF story taking place in London, Great Britain. I precise GB because we do have a London in Canada too! All the story is about how to tame a virgin  (yeah yeah again) 22 years Aussie old girl after she went thru a terrible tragedy while she was young. I would say that all the book was about her fears to love.

We have a fairly new MM couple who decide that she is the one and make everything in their power to “keep” her although they do not know the tragedy but late in the story. One man is a dominant and the other one more submissive but both not into the BDSM lifestyle. Thank you Mrs Castle for not saying that Jack was a Dom! kudos for you for that! I also enjoyed that Katie was a smart and independent woman and not a whining female which in a way is pretty surprising since she spent all her life taking care of her grandpa and never left alone since she moved from Australia to England to live with her aunt for 6 months before she met them. She was innocent but not exaggerated innocent and open minded to engage a threesome relationship.

It was a cute story. I did not relate to the heroine at all but if I look at the big picture it was a nice story. I would have loved if Katie was a bit more endearing at times. Sometimes I found her pretty detached almost cold and not very passionate. I loved Jordan’s character, the easy one and Jack was interesting. But I would have loved also to know  a bit more about Jack. His past was not developed enough. The plot was also existent.

I think what was missing in this story was the intensity. I was not into the story. I love to participate, to create pictures, to feel them, to relate to them. This was lacking here for me unfortunately. I cannot say that the story was not credible but I find too much cliches to think it was an original and memorable story.

But again, it is a nice story. The writing is easy. For MM lovers, you will find some good sex scenes and MMF too. I love that the story took place in London, a city I visited years ago. I wished she would have described the cabs, the tube, the imperial… or Big Ben or the Thames and the fog… or the pubs at each corner’s streets. London is such a special city.

Angela Castle has a website and a blog.


I am not sure if some publishers are either afraid to show us 3 people on the cover or if it is cheaper for them to buy a couple and use them no matter if it is a menage or a MF? I do not know much about this publisher so maybe it is a matter of budget. At least the girl on the cover is blonde as the heroine and we kinda see the shadow of possibly Big Ben? 😉

Publisher’s description (Rogue Phoenix Press):

Word Count: 45,961

Finding love in the boyish home renovator and handyman Jordan MaKensy, dominant lawyer Jack Cullen, will do anything to make their dream of a home and family a reality. When shy Katie starts working at his law office Jack, know he’s found something very special, for them both.

Aussie girl Katie has come to London to start a new life for herself after a hard and tragic past. What she didn’t expect was to find not one man but two. Katie is swept into a world of sensual pleasure that only two men can provide.

Yet Katie is resisting their attempts to win her heart. Jack and Jordan need to help Katie overcome her fear of love, to let them love and Keep their Katie.


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  1. Mary,

    Many pieces of stock art (which most e-publishers use for covers) have restrictions on how they can be used, i.e., depicting the male models in same-sex situations. As I understand it, art departments have a pretty limited array to choose from when it comes to art that can be used on M/M or M/M/F covers. Less a matter of cost, more a matter of availability.


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    Thank you for stopping by Emily 🙂

    I understand about the cover and nude restriction but maybe having 3 people instead of 2. It does not have to be naked but 3 would give us some clue that it is a menage HEA 🙂