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Raw. If I had to summarize and use one word it would be this one. A promise of Amber is book 2 of the Treeland Pack Tales by Evanne Lorraine (book 1 is A taste of Scarlet). Both can be read as stand alone but in my opinion it is always a good idea to read a series from the start. Generally, a lot of details are always mentioned on the first book. Plus it generally give hints of the following main characters and were they are coming from.  This said, I did not start with book 1. Simple reason is that it is a MF. Blame the time and all the wonderful menage waiting for me to read. 😉

I like this author. A lot. If you are a regular of this blog, you know that I already rated 5 stars Camille’s capture and 4 stars Ranin Seven. I am not sure why but I thought it was the sequel of it. I just forgot the description. In fact, I tend to do not read the description before I start reading a story. Truth is I do when I buy a book but once I have it in my collection, I consider it is worthy to read so that is all, I do not need to refresh my mind and also I do not want to be spoiled. I may read it in diagonal to see if it is a paranormal or a contemporary but I do not want to know the details . Sometimes I read a book as soon as I buy it, sometimes I can spend days or weeks (it happened even months) before I read the story. A very good friend of mine told me that we must be ready for certain stories. Ready emotionally. I think she is right. I have in mind The Virtus Saga by Laura Tolomei. For some reasons, I am holding back to read this series (same characters in each book so need to be read in order)  But I know that I will fall in love with it, I have little doubt about it.

A promise of Amber is about difference, about racism, about fears, about bondage and domination, about trust, about a girl who grow up without love but hate and violence but somehow kept her innocence. I am not talking virginity here. Yes she does but more of her spirit. Yes we read tons and tons of that kind of female who were abused. That is not a new concept. But it is all about how it is written. How some words can touch us deeply and make us feel the pain, the hopes, the fears and the love.

The series is about werewolves and faes and demons and vampires and Goblins. But this story is about werewolves, although the other creatures are also very present. What I found interesting is that Evanne Lorraine found a new way to portray the werewolves which is in my opinion already a little miracle because after hundred of werewolves stories, we all expect the alpha dom, the virgin bitch, the sweet beta (if menage as the third) and the big bad enemy.

A promise of Amber is different. Yes of course there is a big bad enemy for the plot but it is not all about it. The story is mostly about emotions and acceptation. Amber, the heroine has the ability to read the emotions so everything is complicated because she reads only the surface of the emotions not the reasons and sometimes the reasons are not what they look like.

In this story, I did not find the humor I found in Camille’s capture and I am fine with it. The humor did not have its place in this story. It is not a dark story, do not get me wrong. It is a story were all the main characters for the first time in their existence have to deal with their feelings and find a way to express them.

As a reviewer, it is not my job to resume the story in depth in my review. You have the publisher’s description for that. I will not go into details either because it would ruin the enjoyment to read this story. You will have to trust me here. Do I regret that the story is not longer? yes. But it is not like the last page kept me hanging. Evanne Lorraine explored the raw emotions between three people and how they all made peace and compromised for the name of love. Sounds cheesy when you read that uh? but I do not have another way to say it. Now… My little pinky has an idea that the next may be a MF and will maybe deal with vampires and demons? 😉

A promise of Amber is definitely 135 pages of a great paranormal menage story!


I am not impressed. Where is the third who is taking a big place in this story? The ending is not a MF for sure.


I was also privileged to have an interview. Please take few minutes to read it!

Publisher’s description (Loose Id):

Half-fae, half-psi werewolf, Amber is always in trouble. No matter how hard she tries to do the right thing and fit in with the pack she never succeeds. She barely passes as a psi werewolf bitch. She has a natural submissive’s desire to be claimed along with dangerous powers she doesn’t understand and struggles to control. On the brink of the sexual maturity her first heat will bring, she hopes for better control of her fae magic and dreams of her promised mate.

Isolated during a Goblin attack with the strong, brave, and wonderful Tru, Amber welcomes the comfort he offers. Then simple kindness blazes into desire. Opportunity provides an irresistible temptation and they make love. She wishes he was her pledged mate not the pack Alpha, Hunter, because Tru’s already captured her heart.

Amber never realized how much an Alpha mate would scare her. Hunter is very dominant and he terrifies her. But he’s so protective of her that he can’t bear to force her obedience. Already in love with Amber himself, Tru gentles her and shares the gift of her trust with his Alpha.

But when her heat finally happens, their fragile tri-mating puts them under heavy-duty pressure and Amber’s enemies are only waiting for the right time to attack.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, Domination/submission elements, menage (m/f/m).



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    Thank you for a wonderful, thoughtful review Mary! You are my dream reader.


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    You are most welcome. When it is deserved, It is deserved! 🙂