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OMG. I am still under the shock, the surprise. Each time I open a book, I have no idea if I am going to like it or love it. Well Mrs Lolita Lopez I have only one thing to say: STUNNING! I did not like it. I did not love it. I adored it!!!

This is exactly what a MMF is supposed to be. The guys are long time lovers but also best friends since childhood. They are both bisexual and they were both burnt with of course a woman. They always knew that a woman would complete their duo. After living with their roommate, they both fall in love with her and her with them. It could be easy but it is not. Mixing sex with feelings and friendship can be dangerous: either you can win everything or loose everything.

The story develop all the insecurities, sometimes jealousy, the misunderstandings because of lack of communication, the fears. But the story is believable through and through.

I loved the heroine, Whitney. She is feisty, bossy, funny, opinionated… real. The other guys are also very lovable. The SWAT guy, Eddie, is like most of the guys in the universe, a bit macho, has a hard time to express his feelings, overprotective and in this story is a Dom. The third, Mick, is a surgeon and the peacemaker. Maybe glue is a better word because both Whitney and Eddie are stubborn but have what I consider a great quality in a person: they both recognize when they are wrong and apologize without making a big deal of it.

Every single page is like being a stalker in a moment in time between three people. You know what I mean? As if all of a sudden, you are behind a camera and just watch and listen people living their everyday life in front of you. THAT is for me an incredible talent for an author to make me feel that way. Tymber Dalton has this quality too. I liked very much that none of the character took the #1 position in the story. Each page and chapter was a mix of what they thought or felt. It was not the story of Whitney at all. It was truly three people “talking”. When we read the story, we switch from Whitney to Eddie to Mick like a blink of an eye and that is just right. If really feels like the MMF relationship is a true trio, a true menage relationship, equally involved… again not a MM or a MF story mixed together to make a MMF.

What I enjoy with MMF is when it is not a MM story and the woman is used as a toy for two Doms or male playing the Doms. Because some authors do not make the difference with a real Dom and a dominant male. I think some authors should really read Cherise Sinclair or Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton (Incognito series)  and learn about the BDSM lifestyle. What most authors use in their stories is what I call vanilla with benefits or light bondage. Spanking, cuffs once in a while and anal is not in my book reserved to BDSM…  For me being part of the BDSM lifestyle is more than a temporary bondage here and there in the bedroom. A Dom will not tame his personality and “forget” to be a Dom or put aside his needs. Methinks that a lot of authors are under pressure from some publishers who see more $$ in their eyes when “BDSM” is added in the description while they should only put bondage. Sadly, it works but I call it exaggeration.

Lolita Lopez played a bit about this but she was not over the top with it. It was explained that Eddie was part of a BDSM club and was trained as a Dom and it is understood that because Mick was not into the lifestyle, Eddie got his needs fulfilled in the club. In fact, before Whitney, they both had an open relationship because no feelings were involved in both part elsewhere. Whitney, of course, is a submissive with Eddie in the bedroom  and an equal with Mick.

Is it possible to have a different relationship with two people? yes. I think so. We all need soft and care one in a while but who does not need the hot and rough once in a while as well? If we are lucky we have one partner who can deliver both but sometimes it takes two different person to do so. But I think it takes incredible luck to make a menage working and lasting.

Between Friends is a fantastic story. It was easy to read. The sex scenes were extremely hot and something that I must talk about… humor!

Oh. My. Gosh. I laughed so hard a couple of times reading this book. The first Whitney’s anal experience is just hilarious (p89)! Honest! I even scared my cats laughing that much! I thought to quote some parts but I think it is best for you to discover them. Those were unexpected and added so much spice and fun to read the story that I do not want to spoil those moments… even if I am dying to do so!

And that made this story so special for me. It was a mix a every single emotion that everyone is going thru in a new relationship, with up and downs, with laughs and cries. I can tell you this: as soon as the print is out, I’m gonna buy it and add it on my favorite menage romance collection and will proudly take its place next to Tymber Dalton’s collection.

Lolita Lopez is not a menage author only. She wrote a lot of MF, MM and FF. So far she wrote a couple of menage too that you can find at Ellora’s. Her genre goes from BDSM/fetish/Kink to paranormal, Sci-Fi and contemporary. I was also very privileged to get an interview with her. Between Friends is her first menage romance with Siren Publishing but if they are smart and wise they will contract her for more menage romance… and I am sure they are… wise I mean. 😉

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Word Count: 64,204

Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, bondage, spanking, sex toys

For months, LA fashionista Whitney Montcrief has secretly lusted after her roommates, super sexy trauma surgeon Mick O’Loughlin and rough, tough and drop-dead gorgeous SWAT sergeant Eddie Dillon.

Eddie craves Whitney’s touch. Her sweet smile tempts him like none other—and it terrifies him. He’s been burned once before and has no desire to relive the pain of rejection. His heart walled off, Eddie denies himself the very thing he wants most.

But Mick is tired of tiptoeing around the obvious sexual attraction between the three of them. He wants Eddie and Whitney in his bed. He’s ready to play with fire, even if that means dragging Eddie, kicking and screaming, right through the flames behind him.


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  1. Lolita Lopez says:

    I am so glad you enjoyed Between Friends! I had such a fun time writing this book and can’t wait to write more menages.

    Thanks for taking the time to read and review the book. I appreciate the time and effort!


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    You are most welcome and I just cannot wait for you to publish another menage!

    Now… forget about the boring MF and go for menage stories! LOL

    ps: (almost) teasing here he he