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TA DA! 5! and much deserved! After Feral Fever my expectations were pretty high. I was hoping it would be another winner but we never know if the author would be as inspired. I am glad to say that Skhye Moncrief was VERY inspired!

This series is not a typical series. It has a common base which is a bunch of were-assassins who are recruited and sent to mate some aliens in the galaxy in order to establish peace. Of course it is always better to read a series in order so we do not miss any details but honestly here, each story can be read as a stand alone and not be lost. This series is not a menage series: books 1 & 2 are MF and books 3 & 4 are menage, so who knows what would be book 5 (although after reading this story, I have a feeling that I will nag the author on a daily basis until she gives up and write another menage… LOL… naaa just teasing here… mmm… a little bit!)

So… I felt in love with Borun in Feral Fever, I can honestly say that I officially fell in love with Wrank, Blonn, M’yote and even Solun in Feral Fallout! What was maybe lacking in Feral Fever which was equal time with each main character, Skhye Moncrief got it totally right here! All the males complete each other and fit the relationship like a puzzle. The heroine, Theone, needs them all to survive.

We can find again the big bad ass who is a gentle sweetie, the wiser who is a healer, the soul mate who is the blood mate and the drama king who is… the king! Those reminds me a lot of the male characters in Feral Fever and most probably the reason why I fell for them all over again! 🙂

Theone is not supposed to have multiple mates but her mission gives her no choice. What I like with Skhye Moncrief is that she portrays her heroines as strong opinionated kick ass women who are not afraid of big bad guys. How boring to read the weak females begging to be protected and dominated. With Skhye Moncrief’s stories, it is matriarchal relationships and I love it!

This story deals with cyborgs. I was a bit worried to see a bit too much of Kaitlyn O’Connor and her cyborg nation but I have to admit that was not the case. What I enjoyed the most is that I was kept on my toes. I thought about possible development and then found out it was something else. Nothing was predictable and I loved it! The sex scenes were nicely mixed with the story. Of course no real foursome. I say of course because this is not the “speciality” of Skhye Moncrief: she favors voyeurism and take turn one-on-one which is okay. A menage does not have to have the same sex scenes. Skhye Moncrief is still a bit shy to describe the sex scenes but here also it is nicely mixed. Her style is not mainly erotic, it has a plot which takes the main place and that is fine with me.

Skhye Moncrief has also a very particular style and it is very addictive. She also writes using the “I” but gives enough personal time that we read each character’s thoughts which I really enjoy. I think it is (IMO) the best approach to fall for the character, to understand the motivations and the feelings.

I have no doubt. Not a single one. That I will read again this story in a couple of months like I usually do with my favorites books. So you understood, of course, that this book is a great menage book and worth every penny of the 179 pages of it!

Prints: I will even make an attempt to buy the print from NCP. Unfortunately I spent a fortune with New Concepts Publishing (NCP) buying my favorites prints and got trashy crappy print version in return: covers were too dark that we cannot see clearly the drawing even the title or name of the author, the font inside was not readable (I am not even sure which font they used, it was sometimes so bold that 2 font characters were mixed together), no margins (the last line was close to the side of the book), ink stains on some pages… I mean just awful! And the price was not cheap compared to other publishers like Ellora’s or Samhain for the same price, it was just a piece of you-know-what. The NCP publisher announced a couple months ago that due to complaints (not sure how many they received so they finally decided to make the change) they were changing for another print company. Either they were getting rid of their stock because the one I bought after that announcement was as crappy as the one before… BUT… I am willing to give another chance. After all, they finally gave us a new professional website, why not new professional prints?

Okay. I fell somehow always good when I can vent a little bit! LOL not you? Sorry about that but really, when I feel like a publisher disrespect his customers, I have to mention it. Free speech and all.

Cover: I like it. I would have liked to see a bit more of the “slut” dressing she is complaining tho with all the scraps and chastity protection. I was wondering what was the light coming out of her breast when he touches her. Maybe, now that I have read the story, a grey silver stardust skin with long white hair? But overall it is a pretty cover. Again (and again) be careful about the clarity of the author’s name and title. This is the main default here: those are never clear but blur. But Eliza Black did a good job.

Publisher’s description:

 Length: Mid-Novel

Genre: Futuristic/Paranormal Erotica

Bring-‘em-back-alive was Theone’s job description back on Earth. Now off-world, beauty, sex appeal, brains, and lots of martial arts training make her the weapon of choice. She’s heading into the deadliest compound of political prisoners in the universe on a last-ditch effort to liberate an alien king. She understands sex is merely a tool she can use to achieve her objective. Around every prison corner lurks some alien male with seduction on his mind. Friend or foe, cyborg or not, forbidden love or indescribable lust, the prison walls must come down as she submits to whatever it takes to survive the Blood Wars’ FERAL FALLOUT.

Excerpt: Feral Fallout by Skhye Moncrief ( book 4)



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  1. Skhye says:

    Oh, I haven’t commented yet!!! Thank you, Mary! I don’t know about that light either. I figured there might have been something on the heroine’s chest that the cover artist wanted to cover up. So, voila, light. 🙂 The background looks like coral. Maybe they transposed the couple over a coral bed. ??? I LOVE THE BROWN AND GREEN. Those are my favorite colors. LOL Thanks again for the review. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put into yours. Everyone has to know how much you love sharing with the world! Keep up the good work. ~Skhye