My rating: 3.5

Bondage, Bondage, Bondage… did I say Bondage? yep.

At first I thought not to rate this story at all, then I thought it could be interesting to review it and finally I thought that it deserved a 3.5.

This story is about the complete domination from A to Z. The heroine is by far the most clueless about sex and BDSM. She is 26, still a virgin, orphaned very young, raised by nuns, has a job totally aside from society, no friends, no family… can this be worse than that? duh

Then we have two very dominant cops who breath and live the bondage lifestyle. I will not really say BDSM because I did not find much of sado-maso. Sado-maso is for me bleeding, real pain, suffering, this kind of stuff. Most erotic authors do avoid that. So far I only know Kele Moon who wrote a true sado-maso-bondage-submission romance (Beyong Eden).I am sure if I was looking closely I would find more but since it is not really my cup of tea, I cannot name any.

All right. I think my dominant nature was not at ease reading this story. So at first I was upset. I thought: here we go again… males who think that in order to shut up a woman need to use sex as a gag. All the book is about escalation from meeting the girl of their dreams and force her into submission although she was quite a willing girl. Lets say that they persuaded her strongly instead. So up to page 70, I was hoping some kind of plot, something to move on. nope.

So I DID move on. I skipped pages and pages of sex submission (Andrew’s cross, spankings, flog, double penetration, etc). I thought it was way too much sex there. I needed something more. I stopped when she is barely accepting a scene at the BDSM club. The big misunderstanding: she was set up by a jealous sub and neither her or her men wanted this public sex scene.

I thought HA HA! At least, I’m gonna read some plot here. mmm just a tiny weeny couple of pages unfortunately, just barely the description of her physical transformation and a couple of months away from them. Of course they find her and we have all the details on how they found her… which makes me think it is a great how-not-to-do if you ever want to escape somebody. Videos, videos are not friends if you wish to escape for sure!

Anyhow. They find her and guess what! Seems that they did not learn their lessons or their dicks did not. The first thing they do is taking her from the place she works, drop her to her shit place and force her to submission… again. They apologize but the kind of apologize that seems that they do not mean it. See what I mean? I would have expecting some groveling, some really big apologizes because they totally fail as Doms to listen what she had to say… which is a BIG ENORMOUS rule in the BDSM world: the Dom must always listen what the sub wants. The sub has the control and the Dom just act and communicate always with his/her sub and seeks what the sub need. not the other way around.

We have then a tiny weeny little rebellion (goodie! she broke an item I think and the author makes sure to let us know that it is an ugly one, not expensive nono, a very ugly one that nobody would want…) and then she requests a huuuuuge concession from them: choose her clothes and they cannot make her do something she did not agree before… yeah HUGE concession. Dare I type another duh here? yep. DUH! I was maybe hoping that she dealt to pee and poo alone, without them as witnesses? … triple duh! BUT… bondage & domination is that aspect too so…

Now. As I said I was ready to use my joker (cannot rate it) and then I thought that for someone who does not read BDSM or know nothing about BDSM, this story could be interesting. The writing is good and overall the story is good too. I would have wished of course more plot but this was not the purpose of this story. The purpose was the evolution of a woman who discovered her sexuality, her submissive nature and finally accepted it for love. Yes I was not fond of the two males and was in fact pretty annoyed about their selfish personalities but I tried to see the big picture and the big picture is that it is a good book. I was also annoyed to find yet another weak female but then I realized that the female is not a pet but a slave. A pet would keep some spirit outside the bedroom, a slave just has no will and give it all to his/their doms. A slave would just give up choices in every single aspect of their life.

I never read this author before and will see if her next book is another BDSM or not. I would love it if it was not but when an author takes the time to write her first book about it, chances are that she will continue the same genre 😉

note: I think Allyson Young visited Europe… I so do not understand why we do not have the use of a bidet anymore in north America…  Honest! Who never used a bidet in her life, miss tons! lol

Publisher’s description:

Categories: Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys]

Word Count: 57,964

Shy, reserved Alex has been content and absorbed in her work at the University. With no family and no close friends, she is self-sufficient and not interested in relationships until she meets Jeff and Devon, two cops who are investigating an assault on campus.

Jeff and Devon are taken with Alex and think she might be their one. They set out to win her, introducing her to the pleasures of ménage and their dominance in the bedroom, unlocking her sexuality. Their relationship is intense and inspiring, and Alex falls in love with both of them, believing she has found her future until a terrible manipulation compounded by a lack of communication tears them apart.

Can Alex make her way back into the world on her own, away from Devon and Jeff, or will they find her and convince her to forgive them?


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