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First of all, lets clarify that Kate Austin and Josee Renard are the same author. Second of all, I strongly suggest to read The Demon and even The Demon Next Door: Ali. I would even put Ali as book #1, The Demon #2 and Morteza #3 even though Ali is not really part of the story, it is very often mentioned.

At first, I was confused I must admit. I did not know who was Ali and I thought he was an important character of the story. After a couple of pages, it was no longer an issue. However, in order to truly enjoyed this story, I strongly recommend that you read The Demon first because Morteza is truly the sequel of it.

This short story (79 pages) is all about how to accept that a one night stand is turning into something more, something that was not expected, something permanent but not knowing if the parties involved are sharing the same emotions, the same expectations or desires.

Everyone has dealt with a “what if”. Here we have 3 people who realized after a hot sex night that it was way more than sex but just could not assimilate and understand immediately and decide without consultation to do not see each other for a long time because sometimes it takes a long time to realize and accept changes or love and not be afraid to reach for what our heart’s wants.

It was interesting to read each character’s emotion and Josee Renard described very well all the insecurities that can be raised after a wonderful one night stand not knowing how the other felt or even if he/she/they felt the same. It was a very nice story to read and it ended with a smile on my face 😉

I would have of course loved to read more of it like how his lovers would react when he explains his demon nature, or a hot sex scene with his particular extra demon sensitive abilities, maybe a plot with the Lord of All hunting them. Josee Renard aka Kate Austin wrote already a lot of books so far but now is the time that she writes novels and I am positive that she will succeed!

Publisher’s description:

What happens when a single night changes everything? Morteza can’t see Ellie and Eli. It’s too dangerous – the Lord of the Demons could find him at any time. He lives on his memories, masturbation and trying to figure out how to avoid detection. Eli pretends his life wasn’t changed by the experience. Except for one minor glitch – he hasn’t had an orgasm since. Ellie, like Morteza, knows they belong together and masturbates to images of that single night together. Her concern is Eli, her best friend forever. Will he ever admit that the three of them belong together?

Publisher’s Note: Sequel to the Pleasure Club title: The Demon by Kate Austin



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