This is an author that is very popular at Siren Publishing. In fact my first reaction when I read Dixie Lynn Dwyer was: Ohhh another pen name of one of the other authors from this publisher who loves cowboys, menage and light bondage. Even today I have my doubts. Who cares you are going to say? Nobody really. But I am just curious if this is the case if all of a sudden a brand new pen name will provide a fantastic new style or if it is a way to give another chance to the author or what? I mean, if I like an author, chances are that 1. I will still like her/him no matter the pen name 2. I will recognize the style 3. The style will hardly change that I do not recognize the author. If an author is good, he/she will remain good. If an author is bad, he/she will hardly become a good author with a new pen name. I understand that it must be a matter of $$ somehow but honestly since most author do not hide who they are and give us all their pen names, I wonder if all this fuss pen names is really necessary. It does for Siren Publishing obviously since each week brings a new pen name! lol

Now. About the story. Obviously I liked it since I gave a 3.5 but it was not the best of Dixie Lynn Dwyer. I think her SWAT series is way better and more original. Here we have again the same cliché that Siren Publishing loves: virgin 20ish old girl, sweet and in need of protection, clueless of men but feisty in the end of the story, open minded for ménage and of course we have the Big bad ass one, the kinky one and the sweet one with a big taste for bondage but not over the top bondage but the usual light bondage that the authors are so fond of: spanking, anal, dual penetration, deep throat BJ… the usual as I said. Nothing alike heavy BDSM with andrew’s cross, public role play in a D/s club etc.

The publishers call that BDSM for sells but there is no sado-maso whatsoever, no real slave. I call that vanilla with benefits. Funny how people will romance a Dom and mix him with a macho dominant attitude. I am not of course an expert on this subject but I read enough to make some difference between a Dom who will breath and live his Dom lifestyle days and nights and not choose to be once in a while. Either you are one, either you are not. I do not see any compromise in the BDSM lifestyle in my opinion.

But I liked the story. It was nicely written, the plot was present enough that mixed well with the romance. Of course we have this “credibility” problem. How possible is it that a virgin girl who supported the alcoholism of her father for years by working double shifts, who was beaten and almost raped (she had broken ribs, bruises all over, cuts)… how come that it took 3 weeks (let me spell it: W.E.E.K.S.) to recover physically and emotionally… mmm… really?

I understand that this is a romance, a fiction, an erotica book with a sure thing of a happy ever ending and that is what the readers want and buy. I do. Honest! I am one of them! But is it really necessary to forget that in real life, no way a woman would open up physically and emotionally that quick?

The heroine, Anna, is a very petite woman. The 3 guys are over 6 feet, macho and very demanding. Yeah. I totally get it that 3 weeks (let me spell it again: 5 letters W.E.E.K.S.) is enough to move on. Oh yes. I forgot. She has nightmares and I guess this is enough for the author to make it credible.

Overall, I thought it was still a sweet story. I did not skip any pages which is a good sign. I was happy that the villains were killed. I was happy that Cinderella found her princes in the end 😉

note: is it really possible to pay cash a plane ticket without ID or passport and fly covered in blood and bruises saying it was a car accident… totally credible… yeah right…

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Word Count: 56,304

Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M

“Take care of your father Anna, it’s all I ask,” was her mother’s dying wish. Anna tried her hardest, working double shifts and getting little rest, plus her dad is an abusive alcoholic. One night, Anna is accosted in her home. Her father really did it this time, and two loan sharks are intent on collecting a debt. They threaten Anna’s life, wanting to prostitute her out to make back the money her father owes.

Her father shows up drunk, and Anna realizes she has to save herself. Despite her injuries, she escapes. Her friend Stacy lives in Pearl, along with two men Max and Eric Cantrell. When Anna arrives on the ranch battered and beaten, an authoritative Sheriff, an ex-Marine and one sexy cowboy become intent on showing her what real love is.

But Anna is an innocent, and trust will not come easy. But these three dominant, stubborn men will do anything for the love of Anna.MaryMenageWhispers-color-3

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